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ACT Deck - Cards

55 Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Practices to Build Connection, Find Focus and Reduce Stress
For use in therapy, classrooms or at home, these cards ask tough questions, encourage meaningful action and provide new perspectives to help you let go of negative thoughts and live in the present moment.
Using mindfulness and acceptance strategies, this highly practical deck can help anyone suffering from stress, anxiety and depression, chronic pain, relationship problems, focus and attention issues as well as painful memories & feelings.

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Card Set

The strengths of everyday kindness

Angels is a set of 52 exquisitely-illustrated, heart-warming cards featuring ‘everyday’ angels. Each card represents an important quality or skill that we may want to celebrate or invite into our family, workplace, classroom and community, such as contentment, peace, assertiveness, clarity, openness, balance or adventure.
Counsellors, social workers, teachers, trainers, managers and motivators can use these cards to build conversations, encourage storytelling, and help people of all ages think differently about who they are, what is important, and how to navigate life’s ups and downs.
Includes a 32 page booklet of suggestions for using the cards.
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Card Set

Anxiety Solutions for Kids
50 Ways to Ride the Wave

Anxiety Solutions for Kids is a set of 50 cards with simple, practical, creative and fun activities for children who experience worry or anxiety from time to time.
For most people, flashes of worry, nervousness or apprehension happen every now and then. Such experiences serve us very well—they are part of a healthy warning system that develops as we learn from experience. However, sometimes worry can become an unwanted habit and cause all kinds of discomfort. This is when it tips over into anxiety and can become an excruciating and debilitating experience—wreaking havoc in mind, body and soul.
Many children experience anxiety. Whether it is anxiety caused by a particularly challenging circumstance, or generalised, free-floating worry for no apparent reason, this experience can be excruciating.
These cards are based on solution-focussed, strengths-based techniques used by experienced clinical psychologist, Selina Byrne, to help children with worry and anxiety, and to build their wellbeing and resilience. The techniques arise out of solution-focussed, strengths-based approaches, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), brain research, optimism theory, mindfulness practices, interpersonal therapy and behaviour models.
Combined with the delightful illustrations of Katie Jardine, these cards are perfect for 3 -14 year-olds.

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Card Set

Anxiety Solutions
50 ways to calm your mind and soothe your body

From a few worrying thoughts to full-blown anxiety, we humans are really good at worrying. Sometimes our worries can get the better of us. They can turn into free-floating anxiety with seemingly no cause at all.
Anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. It’s handy to have some simple, fun and effective strategies to calm your mind and soothe your body—anywhere, anytime.
Based on clinically-proven techniques used for many years by consulting psychologist and clinical nutritionist, Selina Byrne M.A.P.S., including:
Mindfulness, Brain Research, Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution-focused Brief Therapy.
Use these cards at home, at work or in professional therapeutic settings.

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Card Set

Art of Conversation

300 fascinating conversation starters for all ages. These 100 cards with 3 questions each provide opportunities for conversations ranging from getting to know you to a deeper understanding, all based on personal life experience. Apart from being just a great game for families and groups to play, these cards can be used in therapy, counselling, education, language and speech pathology. Use the different game rules, or make up your own. There're hours of fun and conversation opportunities in this little box. The cards are half the size of the box size, 9 x 5.5 cms.

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Card Set

Art of Conversation - Kids
Talk, Listen, Learn - for Children

200 brilliant conversation builders for young people, and above. Apart from being just a great game for kids and families to play, these cards can be used in therapy, counselling, education, language and speech pathology. Use the different game rules, or make up your own. There are hours of fun and conversation opportunities in this little box. The cards are half the size of the box size, 9 x 5.5 cms.

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Card Set

Art Therapy Card Deck for Children and Adolescents

Sometimes words aren't enough. Art therapy allows for processing and externalization of emotions, exploration of choices, and reflection on conflicts. This deck can help children and adolescents to develop a growth mindset, increase their frustration tolerance, and strengthen their communication skills to reach their goals.

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Card Set

Art Therapy Cards for Children

These 22 colorful cards provide creative ideas for art therapy with children aged 4-11. Each card gives a different prompt - from "draw yourself as a superhero" to "paint freely with your fingers" - and is brightly illustrated to help stimulate the child's imagination. Applicable for a wide range of group and individual therapeutic settings, the activities are grouped into four themes: feelings, relationships, the body, and imagination. They can help children to express themselves, gain confidence, understand and transform their behavior and emotions, and connect with their bodies.
An accompanying booklet explains each prompt, its aims, the materials needed and potential benefits. It also flags activities that can be used to address specific issues, such as anxiety, trauma, and low self-esteem.
22 full colour cards and full colour 88pp booklet, illustrated throughout

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Card Set

Be Mindful Card Deck for Teens

This deck offers 50 ways to be present to your life as it is actually taking place. They help you to be in the here and now with less thinking about the past or worrying about the future. You can use these daily mindfulness tools when you are feeling anxious, moody, angry, or just need to relax.

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Card Set

Bears, The - New Edition

From kindergartens to universities, from school classrooms to prisons, from family therapy to community development, from counselling to management, The Bears have brought conversations about feelings alive for over two decades.
The capacity to talk about feelings is a cornerstone of emotional literacy. The Bears encourage conversations about feelings - our own and those of others.
This new edition consists of 48 full-colour cards featuring a whole new troupe of bears, bursting with personality, plus a booklet of suggestions. Open a pack and let these happy, sad, surprised, angry, puzzled and joyful characters do the talking. They help us to think about how we relate to different people, how we get along with different personalities and how we all change. The Bears express their feelings without words so they can be used with young people and across cultures. An Innovative Resources product.

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Card Set

Bears, The - New Edition (stickers)

Double the fun - 480 stickers are included in this pack - 10 sets of the 48 New Edition Bear cards, on A4 sized sheets. The stickers each measure 29 x 41 mm.

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Card Set

Bears, The - Tactile Characters

Hardly a card set, but where else to put these delightful tactile bears?
Sometimes it can be hard to recognise and talk about our feelings. Yet therapists, counsellors, social workers, teachers, and parents—especially those who work therapeutically with others—know how important feelings and body signals are.
Fall in love with these five adorable tactile characters from The Bears and use them to explore many more than five emotions. Stand them up, pick them up, and talk about what they—and YOU–are feeling.
They are made from polyurethane, and have a little give to make them even more appealing.

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Card Set

Body Signals
Butterflies? Goosebumps? Beating heart?

Our body signals let us know when we're feeling stressed or unsafe, often before our conscious mind has time to think. That's why body signals are sometimes called 'early warning signs', and they're crucial for staying safe, navigating feelings and recovering from trauma.
This marvellous mob of meerkat characters will delight children, young people and adults alike with their expressions, gestures and antics. No one does hyper-alertness like meerkats, but wait 'til you see them with goose bumps, pounding hearts, knocking knees - and loads of other body signals associated with fight, flight, freeze or flop.
Displayed cards show - frozen - can't breath, hyperventilating -goosebumps hair standing up - butterflies - hollow empty - holding breath - running away fleeing - wide-eyed staring. 40 laminated cards.

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Card Set

Can-Do Dinosaurs

Begin nurturing life skills and building self-esteem early. These engaging, easy-to-use skill-building cards are aimed at 3 to 7-year-olds. The bright, quirky cartoons will inspire great conversations and an "I can..." attitude. Minimal text builds literacy without excluding pre-literate children. Adults will love these quirky dinosaur characters too!
24 full-colour laminated cards, 210 x 148mm, full-colour polypropylene box, fold-out wall frieze with suggested uses 840 x 148mm.
Ideal for Early Childhood/Preschool Teachers, Counsellors, Therapists, Primary Teachers, Social Workers and Parents.

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Card Set

Cars 'R' Us

Cars 'R' Us is built around a fleet of very human-looking cars demonstrating a range of emotions in everyday situations. Bursting with personality and fun, this resource is based on the idea that cars can reflect our nature - complete with our idiosyncrasies, foibles and predicaments. These delightfully humourous, full-colour car characters provide rich metaphors for what it is to be human; to have good days and bad days, to make mistakes, celebrate successes and, above all, to be actively making choices.
The Cars 'R' Us kit suggests many great questions we can use to ensure we are in the driver's seat of our own car, with a tank full of fuel, a well-tuned engine, an effective map of our journey, and a safe set of tyres. Based on Glasser's Choice Theory these cards can be used quite simply with younger children, or in more involved ways with older age-groups. An Innovative Resources product.

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Card Set

Choosing Strengths

Everyone has strengths! Sometimes they are hidden and sometimes they shine like blazing lights. And sometimes, especially when things get tough, we may wonder where our strengths have gone!
We may think of strengths as qualities we inherit (such as patience, resilience or kindness), resources we gather (such as a house, a computer or a car) or skills we learn as we journey through life (such as a profession or other skills and talents such as fixing an engine, growing a garden or casting a fishing line). But we can also think of our strengths as choices we make.
We can choose to see ourselves as a victim or a survivor. We can choose to see the glass half-full or half-empty. We can choose to see ourselves as possessing hopes, dreams and untapped potential or as filled with deficits and problems. We can choose to focus on and practise a particular strength from a huge array of potential strengths. Choosing Strengths is a set of 36 beautifully presented cards.

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Card Set

Cope Cards for Little Kids

Bob Bellhouse, Adrian Osborne
Being able to solve problems and cope with difficulties are key developmental skills. They are fundamental to developing resilience and autonomy. When children are in their early years, they need the support of adults to develop these skills. Through kindergarten, transition to school and the early years, the sorts of social issues many children are grappling with include:
Learning basic social skills like; manners, smiling, welcoming, asking, appreciating
Learning about cooperative play; being aware of self and others, sharing and taking turns
Learning about fairness and being considerate
Learning to follow rules Learning how to be assertive; asking others to stop and how to join in.
The Cope Cards for Little Kids have been developed to help scaffold the teaching and learning process. They use soft friendly colours and a friendly 'monkey' character to engage children. They are intended to aid learning by providing a vocabulary; acting as a prompt; and providing a scaffold for thinking. The cards cover both helpful and unhelpful strategies and come with a comprehensive set of simple activities for use.

Card Set

Coping Skills for Trauma Deck

Living with trauma is hard. Let this deck be a companion on your journey. Inside this deck you'll find 54 exercises to develop the skills needed to cope in the face of trauma, PTSD, and stress. Filled with innovative practices from attachment theory, compassion, acceptance, mindfulness, and CBT"€"this deck will help you learn how to practice relaxation, build healthier relationships, and find a more balanced lifestyle.

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Card Set

Daily Meditations for Healing & Happiness - Card deck

Transform your life with meditations for healing and happiness. This unique card deck gives you 52 simple meditations to connect you to the present moment, cultivate happiness, take loving care of your emotion, enhance your wellbeing, and develop gratitude. Select a card each day for a relaxing and renewing meditation.

13x8cm   $32.00  
Card Set

Deep Speak
The World According To You

Deep Speak is a set of 120 cards (9x11cms) each with its own question presented in an edgy, dynamic, font-based design, with a 24 page booklet of suggestions. The cards are colour-coded into six broad themes - openers, identity, beliefs, emotions, values and relationships - so that facilitators can more easily make a selection of cards, if they wish.
While Deep Speak is designed to appeal to adolescents, adults also respond warmly to the mix of questions. Teachers, counsellors, therapists, social workers, chaplains, youth workers, workshop facilitators and parents can use these cards to build rich discussions about some of life's big questions. An Innovative Resources product.

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Card Set

Feelings Cards for the Early Years
Big Cards for Little Kids

Inyahead Press
This set of 24 cards focuses on 12 feelings. Each is illustrated on 2 levels of intensity - happy, very happy. This signifies that feelings occur in degrees. The feelings are happy, sad, angry, worried, calm, excited, kind, tired, surprised, giggly, sorry and proud. They represent 12 feelings relating to diverse and identifiable physiological states. Children use their emotional knowledge as a foundation for other skills like empathy, motivation, self control, conflict resolution and perseverence.
The cards come with information, and activities using the cards. The simplicity and size of the cards (A4) make them ideal for wall posters or as an inter-active teaching tool. There is also a poster, I Feel ... that can be purchased to support this Inyahead product.

30x21cm   $55.00  
Card Set

Feelings Flashcards

Todd Parr
Todd Parr makes understanding feelings fun with these 20 sturdy flash cards featuring 40 different emotions. Each card shows two opposite feelings, one on each side, rendered in words and lively pictures. Kids will learn what it means to feel silly and serious, calm and nervous, brave and scared, and more.
This is a beautiful set if cards for the early years, and excellent value for the price.

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Card Set

Funky Fish Feelings

These are fish with attitude, and some might bear an uncanny resemblance to people you know! Which one are you today? The flummoxed flounder? The cranky crab? What about the despondent dolphin or the shy shark?
These 48 quirky critters of the deep can be used in similar ways to The Bears and Stones …have feelings too! But each card also features a cute little seahorse named Farr Lapp, who plays the role of observer. Having an observer as a witness creates different ways of building conversations, and can turn a two-person dialogue into a ‘trialogue’.
What do you think the seahorse is seeing? Do you think the seahorse could have a different perspective from yours? If the seahorse knows the fish really well, might this change his response to the emotion displayed? Funky Fish Feelings will find many creative uses in the hands of teachers and human service workers, and the cards are ideal for icebreakers, storytelling, family sculpting exercises and therapeutic conversations. So whether you’re sailing on the high seas or paddling in the shallows, take a dip below the foam and say hello to these fabulous aquatic personalities!

Card Set

Growing Happy Card Deck

Created by Chris Willard & Mitch Abblett
Teaching and incorporating positive psychology into your home, classroom and therapy session is easy with the Growing Happy card deck. Grounded in the modern scientific findings of positive psychology, the card deck features 50 unique positive practices that will leave you feeling happier, present and resilient. Perfect for teens and adults.

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Card Set

Growing Well

Growing Well cards are built around key statements that research has shown are important indicators of mental health and balance. Accompanying each statement is a 'scale' using simple illustrations of a seed growing into a tree. A user checks the box that is relevant to them - every day or perhaps every week, . In this way the scale can be used to notice change and describe growth--even when words seem inadequate.
50 laminated, full-colour, Write-on/Wipe-off cards, 150 x 150mm, 32-page booklet.

Card Set

Heart Masters Coping Strategies for Young People

Inyahead Press
This 30 card set and A4 booklet with blackline masters may be used in games, lessons, or when talking with young people about health, positive behaviour, classroom management, emotional intelligence and social skills. They are based on the research of the late Dr Chris Madden. An Inyahead product.

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Card Set

Heart Masters Resilience Cards - All of the Three Sets Below

Inyahead Press
The purpose of these three cards sets appears below this entry. Buy all three for the special price and save... Inyahead products.

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Card Set

Heart Masters Resilience Cards - Behaviours

Inyahead Press
For teachers, counsellors and welfare co-ordinators to use with young people. The Resilience Cards are attractive and colourful. The �Ghost� character exhibits many behaviours, some helpful, some not-so-helpful. Just like most people really. They may be used as teaching aids in class or as discussion starters in counselling situations. The accompanying booklet provides many ideas that cover topics including; resilience; coping; emotions; teamwork; friendship; supportive relationships; bullying and problem solving. No doubt the cards will be adapted for many other uses with young people, staff and families. An Inyahead product.

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Card Set

Heart Masters Resilience Cards - Feelings

Inyahead Press
Developing an awareness and understanding of our own feelings, moods and personality helps us to understand ourselves. This set of 54 plastic coated cards provide a stimulus to discussions about emotions. Used one on one or in group work the cards enable users to explore their own feelings, hidden feelings, favourite feelings, difficult feelings, those of others and to develop a language of emotional literacy. An Inyahead product.

11x15cm   $46.50  
Card Set

Heart Masters Resilience Cards - Values and Attributes

Inyahead Press
Central to building resilience is the development of a sense of purpose and protective behaviours. these 52 plastic coated cards are intended to foster discussion among young people, one on one, or in groups. Topics may include sharing values, classroom values and attributes, working in teams, friendship, family values and attributes, ethical dilemmas, personal histories, stories and learning. The cards are accompanied by a booklet filled with ideas. An Inyahead product.

11x15cm   $46.50  
Card Set

InsideOut: Journalling Kit

These cards are designed to open up pathways to deeper understanding, resolution and celebration of our lives through journalling. The cards are gate folded so they will stand upright of a flat surface. Cards prompt reflection on words such as Blunders, Body Image, Myths, Memories, Patterns, Red Herrings, Silhouette, Wisdom ... Though designed for individual reflection and writing, they also work well as a basis for small group reflection and discussion. An Innovative Resources Product.

7x30cm   $44.50  
Card Set

Koala Company Therapy Ball

Learning to recognise our feelings and communicate them effectively to others are key aspects of building emotional intelligence.
These 30 koala characters are not just calm, cute and cuddly; they’re also happy, sad, surprised, disgusted, bored, excited, scared, angry, proud, cheeky—and any other emotion a child or adult may be feeling! Therapists, social workers, teachers and parents know how important talking about feelings can be.
Soft and easy to catch, this Therapy Ball will help get a ‘feelings conversation’ rolling!
Soft, squeezable, multi-coloured ball made from PVC synthetic leather, lightly stuffed, 12.5 cm in diameter, with hand-stitched, pentagon-shaped patches, featuring 30 expressive koala characters (head and shoulders) depicting a wide range of emotions.

12x12cm   $22.50  
Card Set

Life Tweaking: Questions for Coaching, Mentoring and Inviting Change

When it comes to creating change in our lives, sometimes a Grand Plan is a very useful thing. But sometimes, thinking about grand plans and wholesale change can seem overwhelming and daunting. Sometimes it is the tiny tweaks to a situation that make all the difference in the end!
A small tweak or a very simple next step can feel graspable, manageable, do-able and even inviting. And a series of tiny tweaks can join forces to create big, life-changing patterns.
Life Tweaking belongs in the tool kit of anyone who works with others to bring about change. This set of 50 cards had been specially developed to prompt questions, conversation, storytelling and reflection to help people identify their key strengths, values, priorities and next steps.
Each card features: a key word or value (such as Confidence, Finances, Purpose, Risks, Trust) and two questions to prompt the conversation or reflection.
The topics and questions on these unique and powerful cards have been carefully interrogated over a period of years to ensure they provide a sturdy foundation for coaching, mentoring and counselling conversations in a wide variety of settings.
Designed to generate curiosity, gently challenge and build a picture of a preferred future, this highly original card set can be used in:
coaching and mentoring ~ counselling and therapy ~ team building and supervision ~ social work and education ~ couples and group work ~ planning and evaluation ~ personal reflection and journalling ~ job interviews and workplace development.

12x11cm   $49.50  
Card Set

Mates Traits

A set of 32 colourful, light-hearted cards that describe some of the characteristics of real friendships. Using delightful cartoon characters of Australian birds and animals the cards attempt to unlock the complexities of making friends. A great way to facilitate conversations about relationships, social skills, communication, personalities and interests. WITH A COLOURING BOOK. An Innovative Resources product.

12x12cm   $49.50  
Card Set

Melt Worry & Relax Card Deck

56 CBT & Mindfulness Strategies to Release Anxiety
Do you worry too much? Feel anxious, stressed, or tired? Based in cognitive therapy, mindfulness, relaxation and behavioral therapy, each card will help you melt worry and anxiety quickly and easily.

13x8cm   $30.00  
Card Set

Mindful Reminders Card Deck - for Teens and Adults

52 Powerful Practices for Teens & Adults
Live your life more fully, reduce stress and remove distractions with this card deck. These simple, yet powerful practices will help you build skills of awareness, compassion and presence for what matters in your daily life.
Whether you are new to mindfulness practice or whether you've been meditating for years, this deck offers fun, accessible reminders for bringing more mindfulness into your life.

13x8cm   $32.00  
Card Set

Mindfulness on the Go

Includes 52 Cards and a 64-Page Illustrated Book, All in a Flip-Top Box with an Easel to Display Your Mindfulness Cards

Discover how to be mindful wherever you are - at home or work, on your daily commute or while travelling.
It is often challenging to weave mindfulness into our day as we get caught up in the busyness of life. It can feel overwhelming sometimes to know what to do and how to start doing something different and having to decide stops us doing anything at all. Mindfulness on the Go is designed to address this problem. The illustrated book introduces the essential pillars of mindfulness and how to cultivate it and the 52 cards offer a day-by-day invitation to put it into practice. There are two types of card: practice cards are mini meditations to do while you are out and about, and activity cards focus more on becoming aware of your habitual patterns of behaviour, as well as ways that mindfulness can help you to cultivate new one. You can deliberately choose an activity or practice card, or leave it up to chance. Picking a card randomly removes the decision-making and encourages a willingness to try what is suggested regardless of personal preference, thereby gently encouraging you to move out of your comfort zone. By focusing on just one thing per day, it makes it easier to remember rather than just feeling you should be mindful all the time. As you become familiar with the type of practices, you will find that you begin to do them without the card prompts, and mindfulness will become part of your daily life.

14x17cm   $36.00  
Card Set

My Calm Place Card Deck

This card deck combines yoga, meditation, mindfulness and guided imagery activities to calm emotions and promote self-regulation in children. Fun, and easy to use, these 50 exercises are perfect for the classroom, clinic, or at home.

13x8cm   $30.00  
Card Set

Next Steps

The power and purpose behind simple, immediate steps: a mental health tool for everyone!

Ever felt stuck and wondered what the next step might be? Beginning with one or two simple, practical steps is often the best way to gather momentum. Perhaps our task today is simply to get out of bed or open the curtains or have a shower? Perhaps it is to call a friend or make an appointment or go for a walk? Using full-colour photographs of everyday objects and activities, these cards present an accessible way for anyone to identify one or more achievable steps they can take this afternoon, tomorrow or next week. These cards are invaluable in settings such as mental health, family services, counselling and emergency support.
Spread the cards out:
* Is there a next step you would like to take first? What would come next?
* Can you choose one or more cards that represent things you find easy or pleasant to do? Which ones show things that have helped in the past? Would you like to try one of them again?
Imagine you woke up tomorrow and your best hopes were realised. Can you see a card that represents the next step you would take?
Pull out the four time-frame cards (Now, Today, Tomorrow and This Week) and match each one with a next step you would like to take.

15x11cm   $49.50  
Card Set

Notes to Self

What do I really want? What are my choices?
What’s one step I will take today?

Right questions at the right time are powerful catalysts for change—and we all need these reminders to be the best we can be.
Drawing on the wisdom of Choice Theory, Note to Self is a set of 24 cards designed to promote self-responsibility. They are reminders which can help us gain effective control over ourselves and our lives by focusing on that which we have direct control over: our thoughts and actions.
Note to Self is divided into six suits: Power, Perspective, Potential, Purpose, Preservation and Practice.
Each suit offers four statements and a set of questions to help us focus on the choices we can make.
Use these cards for conversations that aim to: clarify needs and wants, identify strengths and exceptions, awaken hope, acknowledge thoughts and feelings, identify patterns or themes in our lives, and explore beliefs and values find ways forward. Featuring muted colours and the subtle motif of a dandelion, Note for Self provides simple but profound affirmations and, importantly, asks us to identify how we will action these affirmations in our daily lives.
This resource can be used in a variety of ways with groups and individuals, and is ideal for counsellors and therapists, life coaches, psychologists, social workers, managers and supervisors, teachers and trainers, facilitators and team leaders, and Choice Theory practitioners.

14x14cm   $44.50  
Card Set

Optimism Boosters

Now in a new edition.
The right question at the right time can stop your negative thoughts in their tracks and set you free. Written by consulting psychologist and clinical nutritionist Selina Byrne M.A.P.S., these 30 cards create powerful windows into change by asking questions about goals, possibilities and strategies. Drawing on cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focussed, narrative and strengths-based questioning styles, these cards are for: counsellors, teachers, team-builders, parents—anyone wanting an optimistic boost.
Pick a question at random, pick a different one every day, pick one that is so unexpected it makes you smile and … TRANSFORM DEPRESSIVE THINKING INTO OPTIMISTIC POSSIBILITIES!

Card Set

Picture This

A set of 75 full-colour, original photographs capturing different aspects of our journey through life: the mundane, the whimsical, the soulful, the playful, the challenging, the imaginative, the chilling and the joyful. Thes powerful pictures give us a slice of both urban and rural landscapes and are an evocative invitation to the observer to make meaning. The comprehensive booklet has suggested uses and questions for getting conversations started. An Innovative Resources product.

14x19cm   $59.50  
Card Set

Positive Parenting

The Positive Parenting cards will be a wonderful tool for opening up conversations and storytelling with parents about their experiences, struggles, ideas, and hopes for their children and for themselves as parents.
Each card features an original line drawing by artist Anna Marrone, of an everyday object that can be found in many family homes, such as a toaster, a ball, a shoe, a pet’s bowl, a sandwich, a toothbrush or a garden spade. Accompanying the line drawing is a sentence starter to get the conversation rolling, for example: • I was proud of my children when … • Something I find difficult as a parent is … • As a parent, I was really surprised when … • A good thing about my family is … We hope that this set of cards will be at home around the kitchen table, in meetings, in parenting workshops, out-of-home care reviews and in any family skill building event, no matter how diverse the make-up and style of families may be.

14x13cm   $49.50  
Card Set

Real Conversations - A Tool for Talking with Teens

This set of cards was designed with young people in mind. Adolescents face a barrage of emotions and issues as they progress through the teen years.
A set of 34 stunning, full-colour cards for anyone who works with youth. Now with two additional cards, enhanced design and images throughout, Reflexions provides the right visual edge for adolescents, right now. Using key words and montages of photographs and fonts, these cards will continue to lead the way in encouraging young people to talk about feelings, goals and identity. Real conversations—about the hard stuff, the painful stuff, as well as the good stuff, and the changes a young person may want to make. Who am I? What am I feeling? What’s important to me? What choices and changes do I want? Where am at and where am I heading? Each card features a key word and layers of images that build different meaning and nuances of interpretation for rich, authentic conversations with young people.

16x21cm   $49.50  
Card Set

Restorative Practices Prompt Cards

Inyahead Press
A Set of 35 Cards that feature the 4 key rules and most commonly used questions in the restorative process. One of the most common reasons that an intervention fails occurs when the facilitator gets lost in the process. Students become confused and can quickly lose trust.
The Restorative Practices Prompt Cards may be used to - Help facilitators to plan the process, Ensure that the process stays on track, Empower students, Act as a prompt. Help students to stay on task, and Consult with students about the important questions.

Card Set

RETHINK Mindful Conversation Starters

56 Questions to Encourage Compassion, Shift Perspective & Build Connection
Whether you're at home, in the classroom, or running a clinical practice, these conversation cards are meant to get people thinking and talking about who they are, what they like, and how they interact with the world around them. Each question targets different skills and areas of life, but all of the questions have one primary purpose: to get you discussing the important fundamentals of an emotionally balanced, mindful and compassionate way of living.
The deck is divided into four categories - CONNECT - eg. What inspired you today? - GRATITUDE - eg. What situations make you feel thankful - COMPASSION - eg. Where can you help people more? - INSIGHT - eg. Share one social issue that matters to you and why.

13x8cm   $32.00  
Card Set

Self Care
For Home and Work

For social workers, counsellors, health professionals, teachers, managers, carers and parents—self-care is critical. Despite our resilience, working with others who are facing significant difficulties can take a toll. Unless human service organisations actively support self-care, then sick days and staff turnover can escalate. With 50 beautifully-illustrated cards and 100 thought-provoking questions, this resource is designed to put self-care on the agenda in supervision, teams, planning, policies and procedures at work, and in our personal lives at home.

14x14cm   $54.50  
Card Set

Self-Calming Cards

Use these engaging cards to make learning self-calming strategies fun. Children who have self-calming skills
- recover from emotional upset more quickly
- get along better with friends, siblings and classmates
- switch from one activity to another more easily
- Think more clearly and calmly in emergencies.
Each of the 24 illustrated cards describes how you can soothe yourself with a different methodphysical, auditory/verbal, visual, creative, self-nurturer and humor.
Another 16 cards provide step-by-step instructions for games and activities to use with the calming cards. Each calming method includes suggested activities for a range of ages 2-10.

9x15cm   $28.00  
Card Set

Self-Compassion Card Deck

50 Mindfulness-Based Practices
Commit to these easy, yet meaningful exercises in kindheartedness and gain a deeper appreciation for yourself and your life. The practice of self-compassion has been proven to
* improve well-being
* regulate emotions
reduce depression and anxiety.

13x8cm   $32.00  
Card Set

Shadows and Deeper Shadows

Shadows and Deeper Shadows is a new and expanded set of evocative A5 watercolour cards. This resource acknowledges that pain and suffering (such as grief, depression, loss and violence) often need to be storied before pathways to resolution can be found. The cards invite the viewer to reflect on their experience - to identify and explore the meaning of shadows in their lives. The paintings have subtle suggestions for light and hope. An Innovative Resources product.

15x10cm   $59.50  
Card Set


This set of 48 cards is based on origianal photographs and is designed for building conversations about meaning, spirituality, priorities and transformation. It explores ways to reflect on life's purpose and to convert values into actions. It is not based on a particular theology or philosophy. An Innovative Resources product.

14x14cm   $49.50  
Card Set

Stones Have Feelings Too

Knowing and understanding our feelings is important for healthy relationships. Being able to communicate feelings, and to 'reframe' them is at the heart of emotional literacy. In this pack of cards are 52 quirky, engaging, happy, sad, afraid, joyful and simply outrageous 'stone' characters who can help increase our understanding and recognition of feelings. These 'stoney' characters are brimming with emotions and their facial expressions and body language convey how they feel. There are no words on the front of the card, just the stones in all their 'feeling' glory. Flip the card over and there are three possible words for the feeling. Hopefully these words will help build a broader vocabulary of feelings and help show the often fine differences between degrees of feeling. An Innovative Resources product.

15x10cm   $49.50  
Card Set

Stones Have Feelings Too (stickers)

Double the fun - 520 stickers - 10 sets of the Stones...Have Feelings Too! cards, each measures 50x30mm - on A4 backing sheets.

5x3cm   $18.90  
Card Set


A set of 80 full-colour cards that provide storytelling prompts for people of all ages. They can be used wherever people come together - from school classrooms to creative writing programs, as a game for families or a therapeutic tool for anyone who works with people. An Innovative Resources product.

12x17cm   $49.50  
Card Set

Strength Cards

Used by thousands of family workers, teachers, counsellors, trainers and parents worldwide, the original set of Strength Cards, which has for over two decades played a vital self-esteem building roles has been totally revised. Now there are 54 cards with the important message, "everyone has strengths", complete with new full-colour illustrations, new words, and a booklet with even more suggestions for use. An Innovative Resources product.

Card Set

Strength Cards (stickers)

Double the fun - 540 stickers are included in this pack - 10 sets of the 54 New Edition Strength Cards on A4 sized sheets. The stickers each measure 50 x 38 mm.

5x4cm   $18.90  
Card Set

Strength Cards for Kids (stickers)

Double the fun - now 400 Stickers - 10 sets that name and illustrate important strengths kids can discover or identify with. Each sticker 56mm x 41mm

6x4cm   $18.90  
Card Set

Strength Cards for Kids - 3rd edition

This set of 40 cards with delightful animal characters and a fantastic collection of strengths for children comes with the simple message that: all children deserve to be recognised and celebrated for their strengths. Strengths help children learn, grow and become the best they can be. Children thrive with encouragement: they blossom when their strengths and efforts are noticed.
An Innovative Resources product.Comes with a 24 page booklet. Cards are A5 sized.

15x21cm   $49.50  
Card Set


Linda Espie
Symbols is a box of 100 evocative images that work as poems for the soul. A symbol is a metaphor--something that means something else. Metaphors and symbols work as short cuts--cosmic 'worm holes' to understanding and feelings. Symbols is a set of simple, free-hand line drawings of everyday objects that can suggest layers of meaning to the observer. Therapists who work with those struggling with grief and loss suggested this particular set of symbols. They have resonance with people grappling with the big questions in life.
100 laminated, full-colour cards 105mm x 105mm. Full colour tin, 48 page booklet.

11x11cm   $49.50  
Card Set

Talking Up Our Strengths

22 full-colour photomontage images of strengths and resilience in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.
Visually breathtaking these cards are a catalyst for inspiring conversations and storytelling in schools, communities, groups, social work settings, board rooms, and family gatherings.
Whether they are spread out across the kitchen bench or on the tables of policy makers and politicians, these cards can be used as tools for reconcilation, social justice, pride in cultural diversity, as well as just a better understanding of aboriginal culture as it is today.

14x16cm   $42.50  
Card Set

Tell a Trusted Adult

Includes 35 cards and a booklet full of ideas for having conversations with children about safety.
With a strong focus on body signals, this colourful resource is designed to help children build their social and emotional literacy. This is a great tool to guide children through transitions, help them identify their circle of trusted adults and build their confidence.
Consisting of 13 paired cards (showing two flip sides of a scenario) and 9 activity cards, such as Question Time, Art Time, Circle Time, Game Time, Number Time, Spelling Time, Safety Time, Talk Time, and Writing Time. This resource is perfect for use with children aged 3-10+, in classrooms, groups or one-on-one conversations.
For teachers, counsellors, social workers, psychologists, parents, or anyone wanting to help children manage feelings and respond to challenging situations.
Also available as a kit with 10 lesson plans and 6 posters.

19x13cm   $54.50  
Card Set

Thinking Cards - Mind Masters

The 30 Thinking Cards are visual prompts to assist students to become aware of their thinking patterns and processes. They are a great way to encourage all of us to 'think about thinking'. The cards can be used to help us learn about our personal thinking styles, and compare our thoughts to others. The booklet that accompanies the cards outlines a number of ways to use the cards. An Inyahead product.

15x10cm   $46.50  
Card Set

Third Act

Metaphors Ink
Imagine life as a play in 3 acts. As we commence Act 3 what do we see looking back and looking forward?
What have been the turning points in our life?
Who are the important characters in our story? What wisdom have we gathered along the way?
What are our greatest joys, disappointments, fears and hopes?
Are there challenges we are facing?
How do we want to be remembered?
Who knows our story?
The Third Act is a set of 60 conversation building cards that will surprise with their ability to bring alive our unique stories. Questions to consider are based on themes such as Health, Relationships, Change, Meaning, Wellbeing, Knowhow, Independence, Doing Things, and Security.

14x10cm   $55.00  
Card Set

Two Worlds

When a couple separates, one world becomes two.
Two Worlds is a unique resource for building healing conversations with children or adults experiencing separation and divorce or any significant transitions and life changes.
The 48 cards of Two Worlds use gentle water-colour illustrations to help prompt discussions about feelings and realities that arise when separation, of some sort or another, is being faced.

15x15cm   $49.50  
Card Set

Ups and Downs

A text-free tool that uses evocative, vivid, thought-provoking images. Talk about feelings. Talk about strengths. Talk about life's joys and struggles. Ideal for men and boys: great for everyone--from age 4 to 100.
54 full-colour, laminated cards 96mm x 135mm in full-colour two-piece tin.

13x9cm   $49.50  
Card Set

Vision for Supervision

Do you provide supervision? Or receive supervision from others?
Supervision plays a pivotal role in the professional development of social workers, psychologists, counsellors, managers, health practitioners, life coaches and other human service professionals. At its best, supervision can be a powerful crucible of discovery and learning for both supervisor and practitionerwith the benefits also flowing on to clients.
A Vision for Supervision is a new way of encapsulating good practice in human services work. Blending ideas from the complementary worlds of solution-focused and strengths-based practice, this unique resource invites both supervisors and practitioners to stretch their reflection and conversation. A Vision for Supervision consists of 40 cards arranged in 5 colour-coded suits:
Beginning: Establishing a relationship
Contexting: Identifying our accountability
Sharpening the Focus: Making each session count
Widening the Lens: Mapping our professional development
Ending: Celebrating the journey
Each card explores a different topic, such as Hopes and plans, Present situation, What worked? and Noticing success. Together, the 40 cards provide 160 strengths-based, reflective questions for building your supervision conversations from start to finish.
Use these cards to explore expectations of supervision, roles and responsibilities, or to introduce a touch of novelty into an existing supervisory relationship. A Vision for Supervision is ideal for supervisors and practitioners to use for reflection between supervision sessions, or as a reminder of the salient themes to explore during supervision sessions.

12x12cm   $69.50  
Card Set

Walking the Boundaries
Exploring everyday ethics in human services

Every human service profession, organisation and business is governed by the laws of the land. Most are held accountable to codes of conduct created from within their organisation or profession as well. But many practitioners—including social workers, counsellors, teachers and carers—face dozens of everyday ethical decisions regarding both clients and colleagues that may not be clear cut. What do you do when decisions call for actions that are not defined by the law or enshrined within a code of conduct? When there is no absolute right or wrong answer, where do you draw the boundaries? Walking the Boundaries offers 80 probing, surprising, challenging—even confronting—questions that reflect the ambiguities and complexities of professional practice. Designed by social workers for all human service practitioners.
Walking the Boundaries is not just about ‘doing no harm’ to clients, examining codes of conduct, or protecting practitioners from liability or litigation. This powerful, provocative set of cards is designed to help build the skills, knowledge, self-awareness and professional transparency that lie at the heart of respectful practice.

10x12cm   $49.50  
Card Set

What Did You Say? What Did You Mean?

Jude Welton
Metaphors are particularly challenging for children with Asperger Syndrome (AS), because they tend to be literal thinkers. These cards can enable children with Asperger Syndrome to enjoy metaphorical language too. Using metaphors may also help children with AS to be more flexible and creative in the way they understand and use language. Presents 60 common sayings in a fun, illustrated format, encouraging children to understand and play with metaphorical language. Although designed with children with Asperger Syndrome in mind, the cards are useful for all children. The cards are divided into two types: What Did You Say? cards which feature the metaphor and a fun illustration of its literal meaning, and corresponding What Do You Mean? cards which show the actual meaning of the saying. The accompanying booklet contains information and ideas for games and activities. Enjoyable and educational, these cards are great for teachers or parents to use in groups or in one-to-one sessions.

19x13cm   $48.00