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101 Games and Activities for Children with Autism, Asperger's and Sensory Processing Disorders

Tara Delaney

One of the best ways for children with autism, Asperger's, and sensory processing disorders to learn is through play. Children improve their motor skills, language skills, and social skills by moving their bodies and interacting with their environment. Yet the biggest challenges parents, teachers, and loved ones face with children on the autism spectrum or with sensory processing disorders is how to successfully engage them in play.

The interactive games in this book are quick to learn but will provide hours of fun and learning for your child. And many of the games can be played indoors or outdoors, so your child can enjoy them at home, outside, or on field trips. More than one hundred games that help your child: make eye-contact, stay focused, and strengthen his or her motor skills associate words with objects and improve language and numerical skills learn how to interact with others, how to take turns, and other social skills needed for attending preschool and school.

22x17cm  227 pages  $37.95  

ASD and Me Picture Book

A Visual Guide to Understanding Challenges and Strengths for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Joel Shaul

Children with ASDs often find it difficult to identify the things they find difficult and, more importantly, to recognize the things they are good at.
This colorful book provides simple self-exploration tools to help children identify their strengths and begin to tackle the things they find harder. The book explores a range of common difficulties, including communication, emotional and sensory regulation, and executive functioning, encouraging children to explore their personal challenges and abilities in an engaging and positive way.
Illustrated with hundreds of cartoon-style graphics and containing a wealth of fun tools, games, activities and photocopiable worksheets, this book is ideal for children with ASDs aged 7-14, and will be equally useful at home or in the classroom.
To be published in mid March 2017 (not a picture story book)

96 pages  $41.00  


Scientific truth about preventing, diagnosing, and treating Autism Spectrum Disorders - and What Parents Can Do Now

Robert Melillo

In this candid, research-based, practical book, Dr Melillo presents the latest scientific explanation for how we have arrived at the point where autism rates are exploding and what we can do about that as a society, and individually, how we can help our children. It includes proven, drug-free strategies that parents can employ to help prevent, detect, and address the autism epidemic for themselves and their families. Explores the latest scientific research, telling us about the role of genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors, dispelling myths and replacing them with facts. In addition he presents early warning signs, a prevention pa for parents-to-be, and n intervention program for babies and young children. A most interesting read.

22x15cm  322 pages  $32.00  

Autism Every Day

Over 150 Strategies Lived and Learned by a Professional Autism Consultant with 3 Sons on the Spectrum

Alyson Beytien

Stemming from a wealth of both professional and personal experience, Autism consultant Alyson Beytien outlines over 150 tried-and-true techniques for the home, school, and community in Autism Everyday.
By combining real-life stories of challenges and successes with practical ideas for handling autism, Alyson has discovered what helps, and what doesn't.
Alyson's three boys cover the whole spectrum of autism -Asperger's syndrome, high-functioning autism, and classic autism. She understands the wide range of needs these children have and has discovered what can be done to help, and what can hinder.
Covering a full range of issues - from picky-eating and echolalia to IEPs, Alyson's ideas and interventions will inspire and inform all those who are connected to a person with autism.
Alyson believes that each day brings more opportunities to learn, problem-solve, and celebrate the joys that children with autism bring to our world. Her family's motto will soon become your everyday mantra: "Improvise and Overcome!"

22x15cm  286 pages  $26.95  

Autism Life Skills

10 Essential Abilities Every Child Needs and Deserves to Learn

Chantal Sicile-Kira

This book presents a positive and empowering "bill of rights" for every person with autism, regardless of impairment level. With advice and reflections from autistic adults across the spectrum, as well as Sicile-Kira's own experience as an advocate and parent of an autistic teen, the book covers these ten essential life skills:
Making Sense of the World * Communication * Safety * Self-Esteem * Pursuing Interests * Self-Regulation * Independence * Social Relationships * Self- Advocacy *Earning a Living Award-winning autism expert Chantal Sicile-Kira presents a positive and empowering ?bill of rights? for every person with autism. From an award-winning author and advocate, "Autism Life Skills" presents a positive and empowering "bill of rights" for every person with autism, regardless of impairment level. With advice and reflections from autistic adults across the spectrum, as well as Sicile-Kira's own experience as an advocate and parent of an autistic teen, the book covers these ten essential life skills: Making Sense of the World * Communication * Safety * Self-Esteem * Pursuing Interests * Self-Regulation * Independence * Social Relationships * Self- Advocacy *Earning a Living Whether your child or student has Asperger's or is on the more severely impaired end of the autism spectrum, this action-oriented guide will provide hope and help -- so that every child has a chance to reach his or her full potential.
Whether your child or student has Asperger's or is on the more severely impaired end of the autism spectrum, this action-oriented guide will provide hope and help - so that every child has a chance to reach his or her full potential.

23x15cm  198 pages  $26.95  

Autism spectrum Disorders

What Every Parent Needs to Know

Alan Rosenblatt, Paul Carbone

Autism Spectrum Disorders: What Every Parent Needs to Know is an invaluable resource for parents and caregivers of children who have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Prepared under the editorial direction of 2 distinguished pediatricians who are autism experts - one of whom is also the parent of an autistic son - this book helps you understand how ASDs are defined and diagnosed and provides you with information on the most current types of behavioural and developmental therapies.

23x18cm  319 pages  $28.00  

Autistic? How Silly Is That!

I don't need any labels at all

Lynda Farrington Wilson

from the author - This book is my advocacy, to help the world see the exceptional brilliance in our children with autism. There isn't a day that goes by that I am not in awe of my son's mind and how he approaches the world in a way unlike mine, but better in so many ways. I've often thought that perhaps the pureness of mind and spirit that people on the autism spectrum bring to us may be an evolution that is meant to heal our broken world and even our hearts. I am mindful that my son's success will be built upon opportunity, not a restrictive label that may bring fear, prejudice, and alienation. I hope you enjoy A-U-T-I-S-T-I-C? How Silly Is That!, my poignant yet lighthearted approach to educating people of all ages about how autism is just a small part of a whole person.

20 pages  $25.00  

Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom

See a Behavior - Look it Up

Beth Aune, Beth Burt, Peter Gennaro

WHY won't he stay in his seat? WHY does she flap her hands? And WHAT should I do? As inclusion becomes the norm in general education, teachers are faced with behaviours they have never seen before. Special needs educators may recognize the telltale symptom of a sensory need or a textbook-case of an avoidance behaviour, but this is all new territory for the general-ed crowd!
This book illuminates possible causes of those mysterious behaviours, and more importantly, provides solutions! Teachers can quickly look up an in-the-moment solution and learn about what the child is communicating, and why. The authors collaboratively address problem behaviours such as: Out-of-Seat Behaviors, Fidgeting, Hand-flapping, Covering Ears, Hiding or Running Away When Upset, Putting Head Down or "Shutting Down" Difficulty with Class Work and Homework, Losing Materials and Missing Assignments, Poor Handwriting, Not Following Directions, Saying Rude or Inappropriate Things, Clothing Issues, Difficulty Making Decisions, Excessive Talking, Laughing Excessively or Being Silly, Little or No Eye Contact,Temper Outburst,sAnd many others!
Teachers, it IS possible to accommodate learning differences and sustain a positive learning environment for ALL students. This book is a must-have for every inclusive classroom!

20x13cm  151 pages  $29.00  

Behavioural Intervention for Young Children with Autism

A Manual for Parents and Professionals

Catherine Maurice, ed. and others

A growing body of research shows that many young children with autism and pervasive developmental disorders can derive significant, lasting, and sometimes dramatic benefits from early intervention based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis. This manual, inspired by that research, provides a wealth of practical information for parents, professionals, and others concerned with helping such children. Authors include parents whose children have been the beneficiaries of a science based approach to autism treatment, as well as many noted researchers and experienced clinicians. The manual gives the reader concrete information on how to evaluate treatment options and differentiate scientifically validated interventions from fads and miracle cures; assess children s skills, needs, and progress objectively and systematically; teach children a wide variety of important skills, ranging from basics such as listening and looking, to complex language and social skills; and determine who is competent to deliver and supervise behavioural intervention.

28x21cm  400 pages  $107.00  

Can I tell you about Autism?

A guide for friends, family and professionals

Jude Welton

Meet Tom - a young boy with autism. Tom invites readers to learn about autism from his perspective, helping them to understand what it is and explaining the challenges he faces with issues such as social communication, sensory overload and changes in his routine. Tom tells readers about all the ways he can be helped and supported by those around him.
This beautifully-illustrated book is ideally suited for readers aged 7 and upwards, and will be an excellent way to increase understanding about autism, in the classroom or at home. It also includes clear, useful information for parents and professionals.

22x14cm  64 pages  $22.95  

Captain Tommy

Abby Messner

This charming book is for younger children (grades 1-4), and illustrates the way one young boy reluctantly at first, but with increased interest becomes an important contributor to the life of a fellow student with autism.

27x21cm  28 pages  $20.00  

Disappointment Dragon

Learning to Cope With Disappointment (For All Children and Dragon Tamers, Including Those with Asperger Syndrome)

K I Al-Ghani

When things don't go our way, the Disappointment Dragon can come to visit and take us down to his home in the Valley of Despair...
The Disappointment Dragon sometimes comes to see us all and, if we let him, he can make us feel sad or angry. He visits Bobby when he is not picked for the school football team, he also finds Lucinda when she has to miss an exciting school trip because she has the Chicken Pox. He even tries to take the whole of Class Three down to the Valley of Despair when their favourite teacher moves away. Will the Dragon of Hope be able to chase away the Disappointment Dragon and help them see things more positively?
The fun characters in this charming, fully illustrated storybook will help children to cope with, and discuss openly, their feelings of disappointment. There are many creative suggestions on how to banish the Disappointment Dragon and an introduction for adults explaining disappointment in children and how they can help.

22x29cm  64 pages  $26.95  

Everybody Is Different

A Book for Young People Who Have Brothers or Sisters with Autism

Fiona Bleach

Full of helpful suggestions for making family life more comfortable for everyone concerned, this book is specially designed to give answers to the many questions of brothers and sisters of young people on the autistic spectrum.

20x15cm  60 pages  $25.00  

Everyday Activities to Help Your Child with Autism Live Life to the Full

Simple Exercises to Boost Functional Skills, Sensory Processing, Coordination and Self-caqre

Debra Jacobs, Dion Betts

Does your child struggle with brushing their teeth? Is it difficult to get them dressed and undressed each day? Do they struggle to understand their body's relationship to the world? This book is brimming with simple ideas, activities and exercises to address these daily challenges that young children with autism face. Easy to carry out and to fit into your routines, they will help improve a child's sense of body awareness, coordination and motor skills, and address key tasks such as eating meals and healthy sleep. There are also ideas for tackling social challenges, including playing with friends, going on holiday and staying calm at school. The final chapter of the book explains the different support professionals parents of a child with autism are likely to encounter and how each can help their child.
This jargon-free book shows how occupational therapy techniques can be used to help your young child with autism to live life to the full, and will be an essential tool for parents and carers.

22x15cm  144 pages  $33.95  

Everything Parent's Guide to Children with Autism

Expert, reassuring advice to help your child at home, at school, and at play

Adelle Jameson Tilton

Children with autism require special strategies, and parents must learn how to think "with" their child instead of against him.
This comprehensive guide offers practical advice, reassurances, and real-life scenarios to help families get through each day. You'll discover how to:

•Communicate effectively with their child
•Find a school that meets their child's needs
•Handle meltdowns in public or private
•Learn about assistive devices
•Find intervention and support groups
Full of useful information, expert advice, and positive techniques, this guide is the valuable tool you and your family need to make the most of every day--one interaction at a time!

22x14cm  289 pages  $23.00  

Finding Your Own Way to Grieve

A Creative activity workbook for kids and teens on the autism spectrum

Karla Helbert

Children and teenagers with autism can struggle to cope with the loss of a loved one, and the complicated and painful emotions of bereavement. This book explains death in concrete terms that the child with autism will understand, explores feelings that the child may encounter as a part of bereavement, and offers creative and expressive activities that facilitate healing.

25x17cm  179 pages  $28.95  

First Steps in Intervention with Your Child with Autism

Frameworks for Communication

Paul Christie, Elizabeth Newton, Wendy Prevezer, Susie Chandler

This book is perfect for parents looking to understand their child and, in turn, help improve their child's development and communication.

24x17cm  199 pages  $29.95  

Green-Eyed Goblin

K I Al-Ghani

Deep inside everyone, a little goblin lies sleeping. When it wakes up, its eyes turn green, its nose grows and it starts to breathe a smelly green mist.
This is the story of the wakening of a Green-Eyed Goblin. When Theo sees his sister getting lots of attention for her birthday, his sleeping goblin wakes and he can't seem to stop himself from saying all the horrid things the nasty goblin's green mist is making him think. Will Theo learn how to send his Green-Eyed Goblin back to sleep in time for the party?
This fun, illustrated storybook will help children aged 5-13 to understand and cope with jealousy and how it can sometimes make us feel not good enough. A helpful introduction for parents and carers explains jealousy in children, and a section at the back of the book provides strategies for overcoming it.

48 pages  $26.95  

Hands on Activities for Children with Autism & Sensory Disorders

Teresa Garland

Innovative, practical and fun activities for children with autism and sensory disorders. Following a step-by-step recipe format, 200 activities and interventions ae included to help children with their sensory needs. This highly detailed, illustrated and accessible guide is a rich resource for any therapist, teacher or parent.
Crafts, recipes, music and exercises for the clinic, classroom or home
A multi-sensory enrichment program for children with autism
Gradual exposure activities for children who can't tolerate sensory input
Sensory immersion activities to desensitize the child to touch, taste and sound
Reduce stress and anxiety with physical exercises and reframing strategies

28x22cm  195 pages  $56.00  

How to Live with Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Practical Strategies for Parents

Chris Williams, Barry Wright and Olive Young

In clear and simple language, with many illustrations, the authors tackle common problems experienced in everyday routines such as eating, sleeping and going to the toilet, as well as how to cope with aggression and tantrums, preoccupations and compulsions and how to enable better communication and socialising. Based on up-to-date research and using many case examples, the authors consider step-by-step why each problem may be happening and suggest a number of solutions.

24x16cm  336 pages  $37.95  

How to Teach Life Skills to Kids with Autism or Asperger's

Jennifer mcIlwee Myers

The author presents a no-nonsense guide to teaching children with Asperger's or autism the life skills they will need to function as an adult. Annotation: The co-author of "Asperger's and Girls" presents a no-nonsense guide to teaching children with Asperger's or autism the life skills they will need to function as an adult.

23x15cm  322 pages  $32.00  

I See Things Differently

A First Look at Autism

Pat Thomas

Aimed at siblings and classmates, I See Things Differently comments on how and why kids with autism see things differently and on behaviors that may seem puzzling. The story, like others in the series, presents a positive focus and questions appear throughout the book, encouraging discussion of different aspects.
This is one of a worthwhile series (A First Look At ...) of helpful picture books, which deal with a wide range of conditions, and are underpinned by a healthy respect for children. The author discusses the physical, mental, and emotional challenges in a straightforward, kindly manner.

21x23cm  32 pages  $15.00  

Ian's Walk

A Story about Autism

Laurie Lears, illus Karen Ritz

As Tara and Julie take lan along on their walk to the park, Julie describes how lan acts differently from most people. Admirably patient with lan, Julie nevertheless grows angry with his seemingly stubborn ways. Yet her close observations of her brother serve her well when he wanders away.
Through its simple plot, the story conveys a complex family relationship and demonstrates the ambivalent emotions Julie feels about her autistic brother. This natural mix of resentment, anger, isolation, loyalty, and love is explained in preliminary notes. This is such a sensitively written book, an accurate portrayal.

20x26cm  32 pages  $14.00  

Key to Autism

An Evidence-Based Workbook for Assessing and Treating Children & Adolescents

Cara Marker Daily

An invaluable and comprehensive resource for any professional assessing and treating autism in children and adolescents. Filled with dozens of case examples, exercises to understand how the brain with autism works, the latest tools for screening and assessment, and "how-to" sections for applied behavior analysis (ABA), this workbook is the key understanding the minds of children and adolescents with autism.
Over 25 downloadable worksheets and activities you can use immediately! -
The latest autism research and proven assessment methods

Evidence-based practical strategies for -
Social communication
Solving challenging behaviors
Improving organization
Creating a positive environment

27x21cm  147 pages  $45.00  

Multicoloured Mayhem

Parenting the Many Shades of Adolescents and Children with Autism, Asperger Syndrome and AD/HD

Jacquie Jackson

Jacqui Jackson has seven children. Luke (author of Freaks, Geeks and Asperger Syndrome) has Asperger Syndrome, Joe has ADHD, and Ben has autism. Life is anything but straightforward, but the chaos of the Jacksons' lives is threaded through with humor and common sense. Full of anecdotes and lively thinking, the book explains vividly what it is like to parent young people with such a range of conditions, and provides a wealth of helpful and creative advice for other parents and carers. Anyone who has wondered what life in such a family might be like will be fascinated.

23x16cm  256 pages  $37.95  

Mum, Is that a human being or an animal?

Hilde De Clercq

This beautifully written, informative book provides a mother's original process of understanding the autism characteristics of her son so that she could better understand and helpfully parent him.
She speaks of his attention to details and how his organization of these details impacts on his ability to process concepts and communicate as we do. His hypersensitivity and perfectionism also play a role. This book provides an incredibly incisive look at how autism can impact on life and learning.

23x16cm  99 pages  $44.95  

My Autism Book

A Child's Guide to Their Autism Spectrum Diagnosis

Gloria Dura-Vila, Tamar Levi

A beautifully illustrated picture book that helps parents to explain an autism diagnosis to their child in a sensitive, positive and accurate way. This book is designed to be read with the child as a simple introduction to their diagnosis. Written by a doctor and a children's author, the book is tailored precisely to the needs and experiences of the child with ASD aged 5 and up. It explains what an autism diagnosis means and encourages an exploration of the child's likely strengths and differences using clear language that speaks directly to the child. The colourful pictures throughout show how the world looks from the child's perspective and the book ends with a summary checklist to encourage the child to record and discuss how autism affects them.

22x22cm  47 pages  $24.95  

My Parent has a Autism Spectrum Disorder

A Workbook for children and teens

Barbara Lester

Growing up with a parent on the autism spectrum can be difficult, and children and teens may struggle to understand why their parent is different from others. It can be equally difficult for parents with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) to explain their unique set of strengths and challenges to their child in a sensitive and positive manner, and any adult faced with this situation will be in need of a helping hand. This supportive workbook has been designed with precisely this purpose in mind. In child-friendly language, the author describes the common characteristics of ASD, and encourages children to think about how the world might look from their parent's perspective. Topics covered include social and emotional difficulties, communication differences, sensory issues, body language, special interests, and how the child might go about explaining their parent's differences to other children, taking into account that some parents may not wish for their diagnosis to be known beyond the family. Each chapter concludes with a worksheet for the parent and child to complete together, helping them to understand each other better and to develop strategies together for dealing with particular areas of difficulty. This workbook is an essential tool for any family with a parent on the autism spectrum, and is suitable for children and teens of all ages, whether or not they are on the autism spectrum. It will also be a useful resource for professionals who work with such families.

24x17cm  108 pages  $26.00  


Managing Anxiety in Children Including Those with Asperger Syndrome

K I Al-Ghani

Have you ever felt a sense of dread and worry creeping over you? That might be the Panicosaurus coming out to play.
Sometimes the Panicosaurus tricks Mabel's brain into panicking about certain challenges, such as walking past a big dog on the street or when her favourite teacher is not at school. With the help of Smartosaurus, who lets her know there is really nothing to be afraid of, Mabel discovers different ways to manage Panicosaurus, and defeat the challenges he creates for her.
This fun, easy-to-read and fully illustrated storybook will inspire children who experience anxiety, and encourage them to banish their own Panicosauruses with help from Mabel's strategies. Parents and carers will like the helpful introduction, explaining anxiety in children, and the list of techniques for lessening anxiety at the end of the book.

29x23cm  56 pages  $28.00  

Parenting Girls on the Autism Spectrum

Overcoming the Challenges and Celebrating the Gifts

Eileen Riley-Hall

This book is a celebration of all the wonderful and unexpected gifts that having a daughter on the autism spectrum can bring to a family. Each chapter offers encouragement and guidance on issues such as school, friendships, meltdowns, special gifts, family relationships, therapies and interventions. Having daughters on the spectrum presents unique and rewarding challenges and this book is packed with friendly advice and real life examples from a mother who has experienced it all first hand.

23x15cm  240 pages  $35.95  

Parenting Your Child with Autism

Practical Solutions, Strategies, and Advice for Helping Your Family

Anjali Sastry, Blaise Aguirre

Amid a bewildering range of treatments that promise to alleviate or even cure autism, even the leading researchers can't predict what will work for your child. As a parent, you are in a unique position to become the practical expert on your child's needs and strengths. "Parenting Your Child with Autism" will equip you with family-tested and science-based approaches for meeting the challenges ahead.
You'll learn how to get a diagnosis and navigate the health care and educational systems, make sense of your child's treatment options, and tap into expert opinions and your own observations to find a treatment program that works. Perhaps most importantly, you will learn how to become your child's best advocate, and build a better life for your child. This book focuses on the processes and decisions parents of children with autism face every day. To help you build an everyday life that works for your child with autism and other family members, this book shares suggestions that range from practical and educational to philosophical, closing with some personal and professional advice for your journey ahead.

23x15cm  201 pages  $25.95  

Raising Resilient Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Strategies for Maximizing Their Strengths, Coping with Adversity, and Developing a Social Mindset

Sam Goldstein, Robert Brooks

Teaches the strategies and mindset necessary to help your child develop strength, hope, and optimism. This is the first approach for autism spectrum disorders based in the extremely popular field of positive psychology.
Offers practical tips for long-term solutions rather than just quick fixes. Featuring dozens of stories and an easy-to-follow, prescriptive narrative, Drs. Brooks and Goldstein demonstrate how to apply resilience to every parenting practice when raising a child with autism spectrum disorders, preparing him or her for the challenges of today s complicated, ever-changing world and helping your child develop essential social skills.
Learn how to: Empower your child to problem-solve on his or her own Teach your child to learn from mistakes rather than feel defeated by them Discipline your child while instilling self-worth Build an alliance with your child's school.

22x15cm  288 pages  $39.95  

Red Beast

Controlling Anger in Children with Asperger's Syndrome


Deep inside everyone, a red beast lies sleeping. When it is asleep, the red beast is quite small, but when it wakes up, it begins to grow and grow. This is the story of a red beast that was awakened. Rufus is in the school playground when his friend John kicks a ball that hit him in the stomach, and wakes up the sleeping red beast: `I hate you - I'm gonna sort you out!'. The red beast doesn't hear the teacher asking if he's okay. It doesn't see that John is sorry - how can Rufus tame the red beast? This vibrant fully illustrated children's storybook is written for children aged 5+, and is an accessible, fun way to talk about anger, with useful tips about how to 'tame the red beast' and guidance for parents on how anger affects children with Asperger's Syndrome

21x28cm  47 pages  $28.00  

Siblings of Children with Autism

A Guide for Families - 2nd edition

Sandra Harris, Beth Glasberg

Since 1994, SIBLINGS OF CHILDREN WITH AUTISM has been helping parents meet the needs of siblings in families of children with autism.
During many years in clinical practice, the authors have worked with hundreds of families and seen firsthand how siblings can become overshadowed by the intensive focus on a child with autism. This common occurrence is only one of the many sibling issues that parents and professionals should not only be sensitive to, but ready to address.
Now in a brand new and expanded edition the basics of sibling relationships and the complexities that surface in families of children with autism are explored. Chapters cover how to explain autism to siblings, how to get siblings to share their feelings and concerns, how to master the family balancing act, and how to foster play between siblings. New chapters have been added concerning what siblings actually believe or understand about autism at different ages and how autism continues to impact adult sibling relationships, careers, and caregiver roles.
Throughout the book, there are stories about individual families, giving readers points of comparison and helpful insights along the way. The direct challenges of raising a child with autism are well known to parents. But it is important for parents to also see autism through the eyes of their other children. For families looking for guidance on sibling issues and autism, the new edition addresses a multitude of their concerns and questions, and also offers advice on how to seek support from a family therapist or other professional when more intensive help is needed.

22x14cm  180 pages  $34.00  

Social Skills Training for Children with Asperger Syndrome and High-Functioning Autism

Susan Williams White

This book provides a guiding framework that can be easily adapted to any client's or student's needs. The author has integrated useful information on a variety of treatment approaches into a cutting-edge synthesis of the best available research and clinical practices. She addresses everything from how to understand and measure target behaviors to how to structure sessions for success, the type of content to cover, and specific strategies to employ. Many case examples make the information easy to understand, and handouts are provided that can be utilized in treatment or teaching. The end result is a book that is very comprehensive and easy to apply--a 'must read' for anyone doing social skills intervention with children with ASD.

23x16cm  182 pages  $49.95  

Sometimes My Brother

Helping Kids Understand Autism through a Sibling's Eyes

Angie Healy,

This picture book, illustrated with beautiful photographs, shows readers the challenges that children with autism face and the obstacles they overturn. It is lovingly written from the perspective of three-year-old Foster, who explains his experiences with his older brother, Gavin, five years, who has autism.
Vibrant photographs bring you right into their living room, school, and playground. Foster's innocent approach is perfect for teaching others what autism is all about, and for letting other siblings of children with autism know that they are not alone. Angie Healy, the boys' mother, provides a how-to section at the end so families can create their own personalised books.

28x22cm  52 pages  $25.95  

Success Strategies for Teaching Kids with Autism

Wendy Ashcroft, Sue Agiro, Joyce Keohane

The perfect handbook for any teacher looking for proven solutions for helping children with autism succeed, this book addresses the practical strategies in to build successful programs and services for kids with autism.
The authors, seasoned classroom teachers and consultants for a large public school autism support program, look at ways teachers can apply best practices for teaching special needs students on smaller budgets, tight schedules, and minimal materials. They offer more than 25 field-tested ideas for teachers to implement, covering topics such as managing difficult behaviors, teaching social skills, addressing language and communication difficulties, creating schedules, and organizing the classroom.
Including teacher-friendly overviews of the educational needs of students with autism and ideal teaching methods, the book also provides reproducible materials that teachers can copy and use immediately in their classrooms, along with photographs and detailed graphics that show their strategies in action. Features proven advice and strategies from experienced special educators Addresses the three main areas of need for students with autism: language, social skills, and behavior management Offers practical solutions to creating an autism-friendly classroom Provides a concise introduction to the educational needs of students with autism Includes guidance for both inclusion and self-contained classrooms.

25x18cm  242 pages  $38.00  

Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders

(And their parents)

Elizabeth Verdick, Elizabeth Reeve

This positive, straightforward book offers kids with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) their own comprehensive resource for both understanding their condition and finding tools to cope with the challenges they face every day. Some children with ASDs are gifted; others struggle academically. Some are more introverted, while others try to be social. Some get stuck on things, have limited interests, or experience repeated motor movements like flapping or pacing - stims. This book covers all of these areas, with an emphasis on helping children gain new self-understanding and self-acceptance. Meant to be read with a parent, the book addresses all sorts of questions and provides strategies for communicating, making and keeping friends, and succeeding in school. Body and brain basics highlight symptom management, exercise, diet, hygiene, relaxation, sleep, and toileting. Emphasis is placed on helping kids handle intense emotions and behaviors and get support from family and their team of helpers when needed. The book includes stories from real kids, fact boxes, helpful checklists, resources, and a glossary. Sections for parents offer more detailed information.

23x18cm  234 pages  $26.00  

Teach Me With Pictures

40 Fun Picture Scripts to Develop Play and Communication Skills in Children on the Autism Spectrum - with CD-ROM of Printable Scripts

Simone Griffiths, Ruth Harris, Linda Hodgdon

An easy-to-use resource for professionals and parents, this book provides fun and practical ideas to help motivate and extend communication and play skills in children with autism with the support of pictures.
The book describes how picture scripts can help facilitate play and learning and provides 40 photocopiable scripts across a range of different activities such as drawing, cooking, using construction toys, imaginative play, arts and crafts, and life skills. Tasks are presented in small manageable step-by-step picture sequences and support a range of skills including following instructions, increasing independence, comprehension, story-telling and choice-making. Readers can print copies of the scripts from the CD-ROM that accompanies the book.
Ideal for special education teachers, early years practitioners, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, and parents, this will be an excellent tool for any classroom, home or therapy setting.

28x22cm  167 pages  $44.95  

Teaching At Home

A New Approach to Tutoring Children with Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Olga Holland

Faced with the apparent inability of her autistic son Billy to learn and socialize with other children at school, Olga Holland decided to teach him at home. Where traditional educational approaches had produced limited results, the author's own method of teaching succeeded, over a period of two years, in enabling Billy to pass the test that allowed him to enter a class for gifted children. Teaching at Home explains the author's approach, focused on adapting to the demands of Billy's atypical mind and respecting his vivid imaginative world while attracting and retaining his attention. The author describes her use of sensory and memory techniques, social stories and humour, and gives useful advice on issues such as understanding body language, adapting the teaching environment, devising homework schedules and coping with distractions. This book offers inspiration and encouragement for parents of children with autism or Asperger Syndrome who are considering homeschooling their children.

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Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew

2nd ed

Ellen Notbohm

Every parent, teacher, social worker, therapist, and physician should have this succinct and informative book in their back pocket. Framed with both humor and compassion, the book lists the top ten characteristics that help illuminate -not define- children with autism. Ellen's personal experiences as a parent, an autism columnist, and a contributor to numerous parenting magazines coalesce to create a guide for all who come in contact with a child on the autism spectrum. Readers typically do not buy just one of this book - they buy one for everyone who interacts with their child! In this revised and expanded edition, new features like updated research, additional sections, and study guides will pave the way for its inclusion in book clubs, college curricula, and more!

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Ten Things Your Student with Autism Wishes You Knew

Ellen Notbohm

This book, for the teacher in all of us presents the unique perspective of a child's voice to help us understand the thinking patterns that guide their actions, shape an environment conducive to their learning style, and communicate with them in meaningful ways. This book affirms that autism imposes no inherent upper limits on achievement, that both teacher and child "can do it." It's the game plan every educator, parent, or family member needs to make the most of every "teaching moment" in the life of these children.

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Treatment Planning for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

An Individualized, problem-solving approach

Naomi Chedd, Karen Levine

This book provides a seven-step dynamic treatment planning process. It shows how a variety of current interventions and treatments can be incorporated into this process and includes applications of different approaches for tackling different problems. The nine illustrative case vignettes cover a wide variety of ages, developmental challenges, learning and social profiles, and school and family circumstances.

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Understanding Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome in Children

A Guide for Parents, Teachers and Other Professionals

Phil Christie et al

Pathological Demand Avoidance Syndrome (PDA) is a developmental disorder that is being increasingly recognised as part of the autism spectrum. The main characteristic is a continued resistance to the ordinary demands of life through strategies of social manipulation, which originates from an anxiety-driven need to be in control.
This straightforward guide is written collaboratively by professionals and parents to give a complete overview of PDA. Starting with an exploration into the syndrome, it goes on to answer the immediate questions triggered when a child is first diagnosed, and uses case examples throughout to illustrate the impact of the condition on different areas of the child's life. Early intervention options and workable strategies for managing PDA positively will make day-to-day life easier for the child, their family and peers. New problems faced in the teenage years and how to assist a successful transition from adolescence to adulthood are also tackled. The book concludes with a valuable resources list.

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When Autism Strikes

Families Cope with Childhood Disintegrative Disorder

Robert Catalano, ed

To lose a child is tragic; to lose a child who still lives is beyond comprehension. Yet this is the experience of the mothers and fathers who tell their very personal stories in this important book. Their children, born healthy and happy, lost their minds to a mysterious disorder with no known cause or cure: Childhood Disintegrative Disorder (CDD). Also called late-onset autism, this malady differs from typical autism in that it afflicts children after one or even two years of apparently normal development. In the long term, deterioration leads to still poorer behavioral and developmental functioning.
How do families respond to such ever-present loss? In When Autism Strikes, the parents of eight such children from around the world present their own stories, in their own words. They describe their first suspicions, their struggles to find a cause, and the means by which they cope, day to day. By turns heartbreaking and inspiring, this courageous document brings to light a scientific mystery and a human tragedy.

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