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Collaborating with Parents for Early School Success

The Achieving-Behaving-Caring Program (Guilford Practical Intervention in the Schools )

Stephanie McConaughy

The Achieving-Behaving-Caring (ABC) Program is an evidence-based approach to addressing the needs of elementary students at risk for emotional and behavioral difficulties and promoting successful home-school collaboration. This practical guide demonstrates how classroom teachers and parents can work together to boost individual children's strengths, reduce problems that interfere with learning, and provide classwide social skills training. The use of trained parent liaisons is a special feature of the program. Detailed, step-by-step instructions for implementing ABC are accompanied by many useful case illustrations and tips. The book includes more than two dozen reproducible handouts and forms, in a convenient large-size format with lay-flat binding.

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Do Parents Know They Matter?

Raising Achievement Through Parental Engagement

Alma Harris, Kirstie Andrew-Power, Janet Goodall

A powerful resource for teachers about the benefits of parental engagement along with methods foster and develop good practice.

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Help Your Child With Literacy Ages 7-11

Caroline Coxon

A resource to instill confidence in all parents of 7-11 year olds who wish to support their children with their literacy skills but are unsure about their own abilities - Give you advice on how to encourage an older child to practice reading and writing at home
- Show you what schools are trying to do
- Bring you up to speed with today’s jargon and methods
- Tell you about common difficulties and how to tackle them
- Give you ideas for activities

This colourful and user-friendly guide will demystify what children are being taught in school and will show you that there are many ways that you can help your child with their reading and writing at home. They still need your help, even if they are a little older! Most of all, it will show you that you are the very best person for the job, and give you the incentive to spend quality time with your child so that you can learn together and improve your child’s chances to do well and be happy at school. Not only that: it gives you the opportunity to have lots of fun along the way! to do so

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Leader in Me

How Schools and Parents Around the World Are Inspiring Greatness, One Child at a Time

Stephen Covey

When teachers and administrators began teaching practical, principle-based leadership skills in a US elementary school they had remarkable results. In a short time, the number of students passing end-of-grade tests vaulted from 84 to 97 percent. Simultaneously, the school began reporting significant increases in students' self-confidence, dramatic drops in discipline problems, and striking increases in teacher and administrator job satisfaction. Parents, meanwhile, reported equivalent improvements in their children's attitudes and behavior at home. As news of the school's success spread, schools around the world began adopting the mantra to "develop leaders, one child at a time." Business and civic leaders started partnering with schools in their communities to sponsor teacher training and student resources. Each school and family approached the principles differently, but the results were the same -- attentive, energized young people engaging in the world around them.
The best way to prepare the next generation for the future is to emphasize the value of communication, cooperation, initiative, and unique, individual talent -- for nothing undermines confidence more than comparison. Whether in the classroom or at home, it is never too early to start applying leadership skills to everyday life.
Drawing on the many techniques and examples that have already seen incredible success around the world, this book shows how easy it is to incorporate these skills into daily life.

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Leadership for Family and Community Involvement

Paul Houston, Alan Blankstein, Robert Cole, eds

Because schools are the heart and soul of a community, educational leaders have a responsibility to bring the community into the school, as well as to make the school a part of the surrounding community. This volume in the series The Soul of Educational Leadership examines the educators' pivotal role in leading family and community involvement in school success.
With articles written by leading authorities and practitioners in the filed, this book discusses how school leaders can build successful family and community partnerships that flourish even in trying circumstances and over time.

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School, Family, and Community Partnerships

Preparing Educators and Improving Schools (2ND ed.)

Joyce L Epstein

Updated and revised throughout, Joyce Epstein's classic book provides a framework for thinking about, talking about, and actually building comprehensive programs for school and family partnerships.

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School, Family, and Community Partnerships

Preparing Educators and Improving Schools

Joyce L Epstein

How can teachers and administrators be prepared to create partnerships with families and communities? Most teacher education, administrative training, and other education of school professionals omit topics of school, family, and community partnerships. Instead, educators are prepared in limited ways to "deal with parents" when problems occur. This volume, based on twenty years of original research, addresses the growing field of school, family, and community partnerships and offers an alternative approach. It is now possible to prepare teachers and administrators with a solid base of knowledge on partnerships. There are theoretical perspectives and results from research and development that should be shared with educators. As partners, parents and teachers share responsibility for the education and development of their children. Common messages and collaborative activities of home and school help to promote student success, prevent problems, or solve those that arise.

Chapters in this book provide a strong background to help educators in training and in schools "think about, talk about, " and then "act" to develop comprehensive programs of school, family, and community partnerships. Readers will be able to:
* Understand Epstein's theory of overlapping spheres of influence of families, schools, and communities to support children as students
* Study Epstein's framework of six types of involvement to create partnerships
* Review the research on the implementation and effects of partnerships
* Apply the theory, framework, and research in class projects and assignments
& Gather ideas for specific practices of partnership for use in elementary, middle, and high schools.

This offering is designed for use in courses of teacher education, preparation of school administrators, and other courses that prepare professionals to understand and to work in schools and with families and students. It is a definitive resource both in and out of the classroom with Comments, Questions to Discuss, Activities, and Field Experiences in each of the chapters.

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School, Family, and Community Partnerships [With CDROM]

Your Handbook for Action (3RD ed.)

Joyce L Epstein and others

This updated edition for building school-community partnerships to increase learning includes new examples, inventories defining leadership roles, and a workshop PowerPoint presentation on CD-ROM.

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Schools and Communities

Working together to transform children's lives

John West-Burnham, Maggie Farrar, George Otero

Combines theory, research and practice to offer an integrated approach to rethinking the relatinship between education and the community. Offers a detailed and systematic discussion of the relationship between schools and their communities, focusin on:
The increasing evidence of the importance of the social contaxt that schools work in as a critical determinant of educational success.
the nature and importance of social capital in developing educational strategies.
Detailed consideration of the contribution of families to educational success.
analysis of the increasing importance attached to co-operation and collaboration between the agencies that provide services for children and young people.
New thinking about leadership in the community, the importance of dialogue, and strategies to support innovation and change.

Though this book was published in London it seems relevant to an Australian context.

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