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Achieving Excellence in Your Coaching Practice

How to run a highly successful coaching business

Gladeana McMahon, Stephen Palmer & Christine Wilding

Achieving Excellence in "Your Coaching Practice provides a practical and accessible guide to the business skills needed to succeed as a self-employed coach. It focuses on every aspect of setting up and developing a professional and successful coaching practice, including discussion of how to: market your business, manage your resources, assess risk, and promote a professional image.

20x13cm  238 pages  $45.00  

Art of Facilitation

The essentials for leading great meetings and creating group synergy

Dale Hunter

This substantially revised edition includes all the latest findings and research on facilitation and group dynamics and also features a training programme that can be used by aspiring facilitators. If you're responsible for effective group and interpersonal dynamics, this is your guidebook.

24x15cm  349 pages  $35.00  

Blended Coaching

Skills and Strategies to Support Principal Development

Gary Bloom, Claire Castagna, Ellen Moir, Betsy Warren

Research shows conclusively that principals and other school leaders are essential to school improvement, and that these individuals benefit from the intensive, contextualized support that a coach or mentor can provide. But how does a coach support a school leader in mastering the professional and emotional challenges of school leadership for a meaningful and positive impact on students?
This book, grounded in research and theory, provides readers with practical skills and strategies for leadership coaching explicitly tied to the needs of principals and other school leaders. It makes sense of the often contradictory literature on coaching by promoting a new approach, that of "Blended Coaching." This model-based on more than 15 years of fieldwork at the renowned New Teacher Center, University of California, Santa Cruz-recognizes that effective coaches move between facilitative and instructional approaches in their practice, and has made a meaningful difference in dozens of school districts nationwide.
Designed for individuals and institutions charged with improving principal retention, teacher satisfaction, and student achievement, this indispensable resource features:
Real-life examples to enforce key concepts Reflective prompts to enhance assimilation
Insightful exercises for coaches, principals, and colleagues
Comprehensive resources, including worksheets, sample forms, and assessments

23x16cm  168 pages  $63.00  

Coaching for the Future

How smart companies use coaching and mentoring

Janice Caplan

Coaching for the Future is the essential handbook for all HR professionals and line managers. It sets out different ways that coaching can be used within the organisation, as well as how it can help individuals with their personal and career development.

18x25cm  177 pages  $49.50  

Coaching in Depth

The organizational role analysis approach

John Newton, Susan Long & Burkard Sievers

This book introduces the reader to the management consultancy technique of Organizational Role Analysis (ORA)--a technique with the immensely practical purpose of helping managers to stay "in role and on task." As such, it provides a coherent, superbly illustrated framework for in-depth coaching. The ORA method is grounded in a process of consultation that derives from the conjunction of open systems theory, and psychodynamic understandings of human behavior. It enables the collaborative resolution of the mental and emotional tensions represented in the client's work role as he/she strives to manage the dynamics between the organization-in-the-mind and the organization-in-reality.

15x23cm  197 pages  $62.00  

Coaching Skills

A guide for supervisors

Robert W. Lucas

Coaching can play a significant role in maximizing employee performance. It can also be instrumental in improving your management performance. Now, with this practical guide, you'll discover the essentials of coaching, including how to do it, when to do it, and why it is necessary in today's business environment. This book also addresses ways to coach employees with special needs, including underachievers, overachievers, and those with disabilities.

19x23cm  100 pages  $30.95  

Complete Guide to Coaching at Work

Perry Zeus & Suzanne Skiffington

"THE COMPETE GUIDE TO COACHING AT WORK" is a timely and important book for people looking to step into the dynamic and progressive area of coaching. This comprehensive, unique reference explains the basic principles and key concepts behind this increasingly well recognised, effective method of achieving change and development in organisations. Coaching follows a well defined, systematic logic which produces results that can be powerful.

16x23cm  184 pages  $29.95  

Dealing with Difficult People

24 Lessons for Bringing Out the Best in Everyone

Dr Rick Brinkman, Dr Rick Kirschner

These quick reads, based on McGraw-Hill bestsellers, are designed to meet the needs of busy people. Titles in the series focus on each book's main themes and action ideas, reduced to a manageable page count for on-the-go readers.

Specific strategies for understanding the 10 types of problem people and influencing them to adopt positive behaviors.

22x16cm  48 pages  $21.95  

Evidence Based Coaching Handbook

Putting best practices to work for your clients

Dianne R. Stober & Anthony M. Grant, eds

This handbook applies recent behavioral science research to executive and personal coaching, bringing multiple disciplines to bear on why and how coaching works.

24x16cm  398 pages  $64.95  

Executive Coaching

The Essential guide for mental health professionals

Len Sperry

Executive coaching continues to increase in popularity among mental health professionals who are seeking alternatives to managed care practice. This ultimate insider's guide to the unique experiences, pressures, needs, and goals of executives can help you to apply your training and skills to an area that is ripe with opportunity for qualified professionals.

15x24cm  204 pages  $67.00  

Executive Coaching

A Guide for the HR Professional

Anna Marie Valerio, Robert Lee

Step by step, the book defines what coaching is, who uses it, when, and why. In this comprehensive resource the authors outline the entire coaching process, include key points on the readiness for coaching, and clients' first-hand accounts of their coaching experiences. Valerio and Lee describe the roles of the HR professional, the client, the boss, and the coach and how all work together in order to achieve a successful coaching engagement.

23x15cm  222 pages  $66.95  

Executive Coaching

Systems-Psychodynamic Perspective

Halina Brunning

This title is relevant for everyone at work today, for those who wish to become coaches and for those who need to be coached. This is the first book to explore in depth the field of coaching from a psychodynamic perspective.

15x23cm  269 pages  $65.00  

Facilitating Empowerment

A Handbook for Facilitators Trainers and Individuals

Christine Hogan

This thought-provoking book demystifies power and challenges the narrow ways in which it has been described in the past. Empowerment is about choice and this well-researched book is packed with proven techniques and numerous exercises that will enable adult learners to analyze their past experiences, change accepted definitions of power and empowerment and develop strategies to address problems and projects in a more ‘empowered’ way.
The author encourages facilitators, trainers and individuals to adopt and adapt the wide variety of tools included in this book.

24x19cm  258 pages  $59.95  

Facilitating Multicultural Groups

A Practical Guide

Christine Hogan

Provides a practical approach for facilitators needing to enhance their skills when working with people from a diverse range of multicultural backgrounds. Based on research and facilitator experiences it takes the facilitator step-by-step through ideas, processes, models and frameworks that are designed to assist with the preparation, facilitation and evaluation of workshops. It advises how to adapt learning materials to suit specific situations and offers techniques to deal with conflict.
Complete with additional resources available on a dedicated website including: Cultural value cards pack; Cultural behaviors card pack; Medical insurance advice; Glossary of key terms; Useful networks; Country by country background information, this is essential reading for anyone facilitating multicultural groups.

23x16cm  342 pages  $84.95  

Facilitation Made Easy

Practical Tips to Improve Meetings and Workshops

Esther Cameron

This book provides a practical introduction to the essential skills needed and will help readers develop a facilitation style that is unbiased and enables control without being overpowering.
With detailed examples, proven tips for success, checklists and a self assessment guide to help readers test their own personal approach to facilitation, the book will help readers to:
• Understand the facilitator’s role
• Develop the ideal structure for workshops and meetings
• Control agendas and help to focus the outcome of meetings
• Deal with difficulties.
This third edition also includes a new chapter on facilitating virtual meetings, explaining the mechanics of virtual teams, the pros and cons of virtual meetings, use of technology and tips on setting up, facilitating and participating in virtual meetings.

23x15cm  166 pages  $59.95  

Good Business

Leaderhip, flow, and the making of meaning

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

With "Good Business," Csikszentmihalyi applies the proven principles of "Flow" to the business world, revealing the specific values that have served visionary leaders who have succeeded in running businesses that are both successful and humane.

20x13cm  256 pages  $30.00  

How People Tick

A Guide to Over 50 Types of Difficult People and How to Handle Them (2ND ed.)

Mike Leibling

The new edition of "How People Tick" is a practical guide to over 50 types of difficult people such as Angry People, Blamers, Impatient People, Workaholics and Gossips. Mike Leibling describes each difficult situation, analyzes how it arises, and suggests strategies for dealing with the problem. Disruptive behavior patterns can be addressed once and for all, instead of handling them as one-off events. Personalities addressed in the new edition include: Disrespectful People, Gossips, Must-Have-the-Last-Word People, Plodders, and U-Turners. "How People Tick" is full of tips for handling "difficult" people in "difficult" situations, based on a real understanding of their behavior.

21x14cm  206 pages  $29.95  

How to Be a Great Coach

24 lessons for turning on the productivity of every employee

Marshall J. Cook

This book provides guidelines, best practices, and state-of-the-art approaches for working with, instead of against, your employees, in the process boosting their motivation, performance, and productivity.

15x23cm  48 pages  $15.95  

Magic of Metaphor

77 Stories for Teachers, Trainers and Thinkers

Nick Owen

Presents a collection of stories designed to engage, inspire and transform the listener and the reader. Some of the stories motivate, some are spiritual, and some provide strategies for excellence. All promote positive feelings, encouraging confidence, direction and vision.

The stories focus on values, responsibility, and leadership in all its forms. They have been specially selected to promote change in people's ideas, attitudes, beliefs, visions and behaviors. These stories act as reframes, challenging and disturbing our existing frames of reference, recharting our accustomed maps of the world, and shifting us away from our limited thinking towards new learning and discovery through the use of effective metaphor. As a result, we are encouraged to understand our world from a new perspective, and are provided with powerful ways to generate greater choice in our lives.

Containing sixteen suggestions (or tips) for effective storytelling, advice on organisation, style and storytelling skills, and a selection of stories that can be adapted and developed, The Magic of Metaphor is an inspirational sourcebook for counsellors, health workers, psychologists, professional speakers, managers, leaders and NLP practitioners, as well as for teachers, trainers, therapists. Providing tools that assist people in making beneficial changes in their lives, the stories contained in this book will bring pleasure and power to all those that listen to or read them.

23x15cm  220 pages  $45.95  

Solutions Focus

Making Coaching and Change Simple (2ND ed.)

Paul Z Jackson, Mark McKergow

Proven in many fields, The Solutions Focus provides a simple and direct route to progress in your organization. It focuses on -
Solutions not problems
In between - the action is in the interaction
Make Use of what's there
Possibilities - past, present and future
Language - Simply said
Every case is different
The trouble with traditional approaches to people problems is that they assume a straightforward relationship between cause and effect, between a problem and its solution. A solutions-focused approach sidesteps the search for the causes of a problem and heads straight for the solution, showing you how to envisage your preferred future and quickly takes steps forward. The authors present a set of practical techniques, including specific forms of questioning that lead to immediate action and results. They show how to identify what is working in your organization and amplify it to make useful changes; to focus on what is possible rather than what is intractable and how to be solution focused.

23x15cm  266 pages  $49.95  

Ugly Duckling Goes to Work

Wisdom for the Workplace from the Classic Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

Mette Norgaard

The Ugly Duckling Goes to work draws on Hans Christian Andersen's classic stories to help people become more authentic and alive in their work--in short, to have a genuine work life. Timed to coincide with the global celebration of Andersen's 200th birthday, this charming and incisive book presents new translations of classic fairy tales, and examines the themes and folk wisdom that can be applied to today's workplace. "The Emperor's New Clothes" cautions what can happen when fitting in is taken too far; while "The Ugly Duckling" describes the beauty of finding the company of "fellow swans" and working with people who bring out the best in ourselves. Lighthearted yet practical, The Ugly Duckling Goes to Work helps readers think about their professional lives in a way that will bring greater purpose to their busy work lives.

15x20cm  193 pages  $27.95