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201 Icebreakers

Group Mixers, Warm-Ups, Energizers, and Playful Activities

Edie West

Great for Trainers, Speakers, and Group FacilitatAnyone who works with groups will appreciate this 400-page cookbook of playful group mixers, warmups, and energizers which require little or no preparation and can be completed in less than five minutes.

424 pages  $80.00  

Big Book of Creativity Games

Group Mixers, warm-Ups, energizers, and playful activities

Edie West

Great for Trainers, Speakers and Group Facilitators.
Provides dozens of games and activities designed to stimulate creativity and generate innovation in the workplace.

424 pages  $34.95  

Big Book of Customer Service Training Games, The

Carlaw & Deming

Quick, fun activities for training customer servie reps, salespeople, and anyone else who deals with customers.

19x24cm  $34.95  

Big Book of Humorous Training Games

Tamblyn & Weiss

Dozens of games onpopular training topics, from creativity to management skills to dealing with change. Motivate any audience to learn.

19x24cm  279 pages  $36.00  

Big book of Icebreakers

Quick, Fun Activities for Energizing Meetings and Workshops

Edie West

Get meetings off to a great start! Icebreakers are a great way to warm up to large groups, encourage shy individuals to participate more fully, add color to boring staff meetings, and bring together people who are complete strangers. In fact, icebreakers are effective in just about any group situation. The trick is in knowing which ones are best for a given situation. That's where this book can help. It contains 65 proven and effective icebreakers that participants will enjoy and respond to, while at the same time matching each activity to the appropriate occassion.

19x24cm  227 pages  $34.95  

Big Book of Leadership Games

Quick, Fun Activities to Improve Communication, Increase Productivity, and Bring Out the Best in Employees

Vasudha Deming

Features 50 activities that can be used in the workplace during staff meetings, as a part of training sessions, or even in the course of daily work.

23x18cm  160 pages  $39.95  

Big Book of Motivation Games

Robert Epstein

Quick, fun activities for energizing people at work and at home. Motivate yourself or your team.

23x18cm  224 pages  $34.95  

Big book of Presentation Games

Wake-Em-Up Tricks, Ice Breakers, & Other Fun Stuff

Edward Scannell & John Newstrom

Don't let the audience snooze through any of your presentations! How do you keep an audience from becoming bored or restless during a presentation? Find out with "The Big Book of Presentation Games." Each game in "The Big Book of Presentation Games" is fast, fun, creative, and easy-to-read, and easy-to-lead, and costs little or nothing. Categories also include: great session-openers; icebreakers; climate-setting games; practical jokes and tricks; audience brainteasers; motivation activities; memorable closing activities; and much more!

23x18cm  212 pages  $50.00  

Effective Meeting Skills

A practical guide for more produtive meetings.

Marion E. Haynes

The difference between informaitonal and decision-making meetings How conflict can have constructive consequences The most productive ways to stimulate discussion Solutions to common meeting problems.

20x25cm  97 pages  $23.90  

Leadership Training Activity Book

50 exercises for building effective leaders

Lois B. Hart and Charlotte S. Waisman

This book provides trainers with a wide range of activities to help teach and apply the most critical leadership competencies participants need, enabling you to develop and liberate the leadership qualities learners already have within themselves. It is a unique collection of proven exercises that will elicit the best from those who wish to lead.

28x21cm  313 pages  $60.00  


An Incredible Way to Rev Up Your Workplace and Achieve Amazing Results

Paul Harry & Ross reck

Jump-start your passion and put yourself and your team on the road to real results: WIN THEM OVER: Release that reservoir of positive energy in people by listening to them and voicing your appreciation. When people know you care, they're excited about going the extra mile. BLOW THEM AWAY: Take that excitement to the next level by creatively recognizing and rewarding your people. They'll feel so good about going that extra mile, they'll look for every opportunity to do it again. KEEP THEM REVVED: Sustain that level of excitement indefinitely by consistently and sincerely maintaining positive, honest relationships with everyone you encounter. Once you put this program into practice, you'll learn two very important lessons about caring: how huge the returns can be and how quickly your life can change for the better. So get ready, get "REVVED!," and put your team on the road to high-speed success.

21x14cm  115 pages  $24.95  

Team Games for Trainers

High-Involvement games and training aids for developing these and other team skills

Carolyn Nilson

Information Sharing, Conflict Resolution, Cultural Assessment, role Fulfillment, Task/Process Evaluation, Group/Individual Empowerment
Contains 100 ready-to-use games, exercises and activities to build teams (through cultural assessment, organizational change readiness, personal skill building, and empowerment)... to help teams function (through work definition, role requirements, and evaluation)... and to maintain teams (through training for non-trainers, communication, conflict management, and problem solving). For further ease of use, each game is self-contained - with templates, answer sheets, and clear explanations of objectives and procedures.

28x22cm  322 pages  $62.00