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Activities for Teaching Positive Psychology

A Guide for Instructors

Jeffrey Froh, Acacia Parks, eds

This book presents a comprehensive set of fun, interactive classroom activities devised by contributors who are experienced teachers as well as leading scholars in their areas. Chapters cover all the topics typically included in existing positive psychology textbooks, emphasizing the hands-on experience that makes positive psychology courses so powerful. Extensive reading lists point interested readers towards a fuller understanding of the topics. The book is a rich source of ideas for all teachers of psychology, from novice to experienced instructors and is published by the American Psychological Association.

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Authentic Happiness

Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment

Martin Seligman

"Authentic Happiness" launched the revolutionary new science of Positive Psychology and sparked a coast-to-coast debate on the nature of real happiness. According to esteemed psychologist and bestselling author Martin Seligman, happiness is not the result of good genes or luck. Real, lasting happiness comes from focusing on one s personal strengths rather than weaknesses and working with them to improve all aspects of one s life. Using practical exercises, brief tests, and a dynamic website program, Seligman shows readers how to identify their highest virtues and use them in ways they haven t yet considered. Accessible and proven, "Authentic Happiness" is the most powerful work of popular psychology in years."

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Big Book of Therapeutic Activity Ideas for Children and Teens

Inspiring arts-based activities and character education curricula

Lindsay Joiner

For difficult or challenging children and teenagers in therapeutic or school settings, creative activities can be an excellent way of increasing enjoyment and boosting motivation, making the sessions more rewarding and successful for everyone involved.
This resource provides over one hundred tried-and-tested fun and imaginative therapeutic activities and ideas to unleash the creativity of children and teenagers. Employing a variety of expressive arts including art, music, stories, poetry and film, the activities are designed to teach social skills development, anger control strategies, conflict resolution and thinking skills.
Also included are character education activities and ideas for conducting therapeutic day camps, including sample schedules and handouts. The activities can be used in many different settings with all ages, are flexible, and can be adapted for use with individuals or groups.
Brimming with imaginative ideas, this resource will be invaluable to anyone working with children and teenagers, including school counsellors, social workers, therapists, psychologists and teachers.

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Building Resilience in Children and Teens

Giving Kids Roots and Wings (4th ed.)

Kenneth Ginsburg, Martha Jablow

This invaluable guide offers coping strategies to help children and teens deal with stress due to academic pressure, high achievement standards, media messages, peer pressure, and family tension. Recommendations guide parents to help kids from the age of 18 months to 18 years build the seven crucial C's competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control needed to bounce back from life's challenges.
This book provides a wide range of tactics, including building on natural strengths, fostering hope and optimism, avoiding risky behaviours, and taking care of oneself physically and emotionally. This edition includes new chapters on the topic of grit, stress and how how one's perception of stress affects what stress really is, toxic stress, and the protective role of nurturing adults. It also addresses the issue of adolescents responding to stress by either indulging in unhealthy behaviours or giving up completely, and the suggested solutions are aimed at strengthening resilience.

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Even Superheroes have bad days

Shelly B\becker, illus Eda Kaban

What happens when superheroes have a terrible day? They could go on destructive sprees and wreak havoc, but these caped crusaders of steel harness their energies and direct them in constructive ways. Superheroes could use laser vision to burn down forests and weather powers to freeze beachgoers. They could ignore crime sprees and toss vehicles across state lines. These hypothetical violent spectacles are softened by the cartoonish stylizations and juxtaposed with pages filled with heroic, "true" efforts such as rounding up criminals and providing fun at an amusement park. The illustrations are energetic and feature multicultural heroes. The vigorous illustrations make this a read for older children, as the busyness could overwhelm very little ones.

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A Visionary New Understanding of Happiness and Well-being

Martin Seligman

This book builds on Dr. Seligman's game-changing work on optimism, motivation, and character, to show how to get the most out of life, unveiling an electrifying new theory of what makes a good life - for individuals, for communities, and for nations. In a fascinating evolution of thought and practice, "Flourish" refines what Positive Psychology is all about.
While certainly a "part" of well-being, happiness alone "doesn't give life meaning." Seligman now asks, What is it that enables you to cultivate your talents, to build deep, lasting relationships with others, to feel pleasure, and to contribute meaningfully to the world? In a word, what is it that allows you to "flourish"? "Well-being" takes the stage front and center, and Happiness (or Positive Emotion) becomes one of the five pillars of Positive Psychology, along with Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment--or PERMA, the permanent building blocks for a life of profound fulfillment.
Thought-provoking in its implications for education, economics, therapy, medicine, and public policy - the very fabric of society - "Flourish "tells inspiring stories of Positive Psychology in action, including how the entire U.S. Army is now trained in emotional resilience; how innovative schools can educate for fulfillment in life and not just for workplace success; and how corporations can improve performance at the same time as they raise employee well-being.
With interactive exercises to help readers explore their own attitudes and aims, "Flourish "is a watershed in the understanding of happiness as well as a tool for getting the most out of life.

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Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness

Three Rules for a Happier Life

Carol McCloud

Carol McCloud is taking the bucket filling message to the next level. Not only does she talk about new levels of bucket filling and bucket dipping, but this book goes into depth about how to put a lid on your bucket. There are examples of how important situations in life need a lid to protect our buckets from being empty.

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A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill

Matthieu Ricard

Makes a passionate case for happiness as a goal that deserves at least as much as any other in our lives. Wealth? Fitness? Career success? How cab we possibly place these above true and lasting well-being??

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Happiness Trap

Russ Harris

A growing body of scientific research suggests that we are all caught in a powerful psychological trap: a vicious cycle, whereby the more we strive for happiness, the more we suffer. This book provides an escape from "the happiness trap", via a revolutionary new development in human psychology: a powerful model for change, known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). ACT helps people to create a rich, full and meaningful life, whilst effectively handling the pain that inevitably comes with it. It has been clinically proven to be highly effective in a wide range of psychological disorders, ranging from depression and anxiety to drug addiction and schizophrenia. This book shows you how to apply ACT in your own life to increase self-awareness, develop emotional intelligence, enhance relationships, create a sense of meaning and purpose, access a transcendent sense of self, and fundamentally transform painful thoughts and feelings so they have much less impact and influence over your life.

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Laws of Lifetime Growth

Always make your future bigger than your past

Dan Sullivan & Catherine Nomura

Through vivid real-life stories, the authors illustrate each of the ten laws and show how with just a slight shift of thinking - regardless of your age, income, or position - you can put them into action in your own life.

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Learned Optimism

How to Change Your Mind and Your Life

Martin Seligman

This book shows us how to stop automatically assuming guilt; how to get out of the habit of seeing the direst possible implications in every setback; how to be optimistic. Seligman documents the effects of optimism on the quality of life, provides tests to determine the degree of our negative and positive orientation, and offers a program of specific exercises to help break the habit of pessimism and learn the habit of optimism for both ourselves and our children.

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Man's Search for Meaning

Viktor Frankl

"Man's Search for Meaning" is the story of a man who became a number who became a person. Today Frankl is one of the most famous and gifted of all psychiatrists. Frankl developed his ideas now generally known as the Third School of Viennese Psychiatry -- the school of logotherapy. The incredible attempts to dehumanize man at the concentration camps of Auschwitz and Dachau led Frankl to commence the humanization of psychiatry through logotherapy. Frankl is a professional who possesses the rare ability to write in a layman's language.

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Mind-Body Workbook for Stress

Effective Tools for Lifelong Stress Reduction & Crisis Management

Stanley Block, Carolyn Bryant Block, Andrea Peters

Chronic stress is a huge problem that has only gotten worse in recent years. The good news is that new research is emerging to help treat stress in more effective ways than ever before. Mind-body bridging is one of these new modalities. Shown to be effective in both clinical and research settings, the easy-to-use mind-body bridging system helps readers dramatically reduce their stress in one to three weeks.
Mind-Body Workbook for Stress helps readers learn and practice exercises for detaching from painful thoughts and feelings and helping their bodies relax and let go of unconscious tension. In this resting state, body and mind can let go of stress and heal naturally. Readers also learn fast-acting mindfulness skills for dissolving stress whenever desired without needing to maintain a long-term meditative practice. The one-page assessments, worksheets, and activities in this book make it easy for anyone to develop their capacity to withstand and relax under stress.

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Peace Book

Todd Parr

With child-like smiling stick figures, bold, brilliant colour and upbeat text, this book offers different definitions of peace: offering a hug to a friend, keeping the streets clean, and so on. The closing message peace is being who you are is illustrated with Parr's usual multicultural mix of blue, green, brown, yellow and purple faces.Parr's quirky artwork and eternally optimistic books are truly irresistible, for both grown-ups and kids.

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Personal Well-Being Lessons for Secondary Schools

Positive Psychology in Action for 11 to 14 Year Olds

Ilona Boniwell, Lucy Ryan

This book offers practitioners working with 11 to 14 year olds a highly practical education resource for running personal well-being lessons, backed up by scientific research from the field of positive psychology.
The book is divided into six subject headings, with six lessons offered per subject area. This will allow you to run a programme with between 6 to 36 lessons. The six core concepts are: Positive Self, Positive body, Positive Emotions Positive Mindsets, Positive Direction and Positive Relationships. The lessons are easy to understand, to lead ad to manage and each lesson has a suggested 60 minute outline, a "how to" run the lesson, suggested homework where appropriate and academic references and resources.

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Positive Psychology and Family Therapy

Creative Techniques and Practical Tools for Guiding Change and Enhancing Growth

Collie W Conoley & Jane Close Conoley

Integrated, practical approach which allows family therapists to utilize positive psychology principles into their interventions right away, without additional training. Positive psychology is one of the hottest trends in therapy, but very little is available on how to actually put it into practice.

24x15cm  175 pages  $54.95  

Quality of Life Therapy (inc. CD-Rom)

Applying a life satisfaction approach to positive psychology and cognitive therapy

Michael B. Frisch

"Quality of Life Therapy" shows clinicians how to expand their practice to "pure" positive psychology cases and professional groups who do not suffer from clinical or DSM disorders but who nevertheless want to be happier and more successful in life. The book includes 44 positive psychology growth exercises on CD-Rom, and 148 happiness prescriptions based on the latest research for use in all areas of life that clients may care about, including life Goals-and-Values, Spiritual Life, Self-Esteem, Health, Relationships, Work, Play, Helping, Learning, Creativity, Money, Surroundings— Home, Neighborhood, Community— and relapse prevention.

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Raising an Optimistic Child

A Proven Plan for Depression-Proofing Young Children--For Life

Bob Murray, Alicia Fortinberry

Protect your child from depression for life - without medication
The most precious gift you can give your child is the resiliency and unwavering sense of optimism that allow a person to thrive no matter what challenges life sends their way. Yet researchers are finding that increasing numbers of very young children are at risk of depression. Now, in "Raising an Optimistic Child," you'll learn how to bring about lifelong happiness in your child - even as young as infants - and protect him or her from the pain and damage of depression.
Inspired by the authors' two decades of pioneering work as well as recent findings in psychology, neurobiology, and genetics, this book offers a seven-step, relationship-based program for alleviating or preventing childhood - and adult - depression that has proven more effective than controversial drug therapies and standard psychotherapeutic approaches. With the benefit of real-life stories of families who have experienced firsthand the results of their work, the authors provide the tools you need to: Understand most common causes of childhood - and lifelong - depression; Spot the early signs of depression - even in very young children; Prevent your own depression from infecting your child; Enhance your child's learning and coping skills; Foster good body image and avoid eating disorders in your child; Deal with ADD/ADHD and difficult behaviours without drugs.

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Smile! Starring Sunny McCloud

Leigh Hodgkinson

Smiles have a funny habit of disappearing. Sunny's is no exception. She tells that Mum says that most lost things in our house can be found: under the sofa, in my pockets, in Mr Honeycomb's basket. I don't know about that, but I do know I NEED my smile back where it belongs ... on MY face.

30x24cm  32 pages  $17.00  

Transforming Negative Self-Talk

Practical, Effective Exercises

Steve Andreas

Hearing critical internal voices is a common mental health complaint, and not necessarily indicative of a serious problem. Annoying internal chatter can result from any number of issues—such as depression, phobias, trauma, obsessive-compulsive disorder, etc.—or simply be a result of an active, ruminating mind. This concise paperback is chock full of exercises and strategies for helping to quiet them. Rather than focusing on changing the words themselves, this method emphasizes changing how the words are spoken.
Each chapter is devoted to a specific, easy-to-implement technique, like changing the location of the voice, its tempo, tone, or volume, imagining the words are spoken to music, etc. The book walks readers through exercises for viewing these voices as useful and productive indicators of emotions, and not as something to fight against. The author demonstrates how to take control of the self-talk and transform it in a beneficial and meaningful way.

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What to Do When Mistakes Make You Quake

A Kid's Guide to Accepting Imperfection
What-to-Do Guides for Kids series

Clare Freeland, Jacqueline Toner

Explorers investigate places they have never been before. These explorers might take a while to make their discoveries. They might have trouble understanding their maps. They might make wrong turns. They might need to start their expedition all over again!
If explorers could not accept their mistakes and keep going, they might never make any discoveries! Does this sound like you? If you have trouble accepting mistakes, if you try to be right all the time, or if you worry about being less than the best, this book is for you!
What to Do When Mistakes Make You Quake guides children and their parents through the emotions underlying a fear of making mistakes using strategies and techniques based on cognitive-behavioural principles. This interactive self-help book is the complete resource for educating, motivating, and empowering children to cope with mistakes � so they can explore new territory without fear!

28x22cm  96 pages  $35.00  

What to Do When You Grumble Too Much

Too Much: A Kid's Guide to Overcoming Negativity
What-to-Do Guides for Kids series

Dawn Huebner

Did you know that life is like an obstacle course? It's exciting and fun, but full of tricky spots to get through. If you're a kid who feels so frustrated by those tricky spots that it's hard to enjoy the good things in life, this book is for you.
What to Do When You Grumble Too Much guides children and their parents through the cognitive-behavioral techniques used to treat negative thinking. Lively metaphors and illustrations help kids see life's hurdles in a new way, while drawing and writing activities help them master skills to get over those hurdles. And step-by-step instructions point the way toward becoming happier, more positive kids. This interactive self-help book is the complete resource for educating, motivating, and empowering children to work toward change.
Includes a Note to Parents and Caregivers

27x21cm  80 pages  $35.00