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60 Trauma-Informed Assessment and Treatment Interventions Across the Lifespan

Christina Reese

Simply, attachment is the way that we connect to each other. Without attachment, people feel alone to deal with challenges they face, which leads to distress, dysfunction and mental health disorders. It is possible to repair dysfunctional attachment, but first it is necessary to recognize attachment style, unhealthy relationship patterns, and the impact they are having.
Improve your client's relationships by teaching them strategies to feel more connected, reestablish trust, and restore positive emotions. This well qualified author has created a comprehensive guide that explains attachment over a lifetime, and offers trauma-informed approaches to treat attachment at any age.
Clinical examples, handouts and worksheets to use with clients of all ages
Recognize attachment styles
Identify key symptoms of attachment difficulties and their inception
Interventions that repair attachment traumas to heal stress, shame, and anxiety
Techniques to help clients improve their relationships (children, parents, friends, and significant others)

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Attachment Connection

Parenting a Secure & Confident Child Using the Science of Attachment Theory

Ruth Newton

Studies in the 1950s revealed that young children hospitalized without their parents respond first by crying for them, then by showing signs of despair, and finally by emotionally detaching from the parents and acting indifferent to their absence. This detachment is hard to repair and highly detrimental to a child's development-most children who feel they cannot rely on their parents grow up to become more emotionally insecure and less self-assured than their peers. This book sorts out the facts from the fiction about parent-child attachment and shows how paying attention to the emotional needs of your child, particularly during the first five years of development, can help him or her grow up happy, secure, and confident. You'll discover how your child's brain is developing at each stage of growth and learn to use reasonable, easy-to-implement guidelines based on sound science to foster secure attachment, healthy social skills, and emotional regulation in your child.

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Attachment in Middle Childhood

Kathryn Kerns, Rhonda Richardson, eds

While much has been written on parent-child relationships in infancy, early childhood, and adolescence, the significant years between 6 and 12 have been relatively neglected. The book describes effective ways to conceptualize and measure attachment in children who are increasingly independent yet still rely on parents for care. Presented are longitudinal data that illuminate whether the quality of attachment in middle childhood can be predicted by assessments earlier in life, and what variables may explain change over time. Also examined are the implications of attachment for children's social and emotional functioning, their academic development, and the later emergence of adolescent problems. We have one in stock at this price. New stock will cost in the order of $78.00

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Attachment Processes in Couple and Family Therapy

Susan M Johnson & Valerie E Whiffen, eds

This integrative work presents cutting-edge approaches to couple and family therapy that use attachment theory as the basis for new clinical understandings. Fresh and provocative insights are provided on the nature of interactions between adult partners and among parents and chidren; the role of attachment in distressed and satisfying relationships; and the ways attachment-oriented interventions cn address individual problems as well as marital conflict and difficult family transitions. From leading clinicians and researchers, the volume offers both general stategies and specific techniques for helping clients build stronger, more supportive relational bonds.

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Attachment-Focused Family Therapy

Danial Hughes

Bringing ideas of attachment and intersubjectivity into the realm of family therapy. Attachment theory, while a hot topic in psychotherapy, has primarily been limited to the treatment of individuals. Daniel A. Hughes, a leading practitioner in the field, equips clinicians with the knowledge and tools to apply ideas of attachment, intersubjectivity, and affect regulation in the context of family therapy.

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Developing Mind

How Relationships and the Brain interact to shape who we are

Daniel J Siegel

This book goes beyond the nature-nurture divisions that traditionally have constrained much of our thinking about development, exploring the role of interpersonal relationships in forging key connections in the brain. Daniel J. Siegel presents a groundbreaking new way of thinking about the emergence of the human mind - the process by which each of us becomes a feeling, thinking, remembering individual. Illuminating how and why neurobiology matters, this book is essential reading for clinicians, educators, researchers, and students interested in human experience and development across the life span.

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Disorganized Attachment & Caregiving

Judith Solomon, Carol George

From leading authorities, this volume provides a state-of-the-art examination of disorganized attachment: what it is, how it can be identified, and its links to behavioural problems and psychological difficulties in childhood and beyond. The editors offer a fresh perspective on disorganized attachment, not as a characteristic of the infant or child but as the product of a dysregulated and disorganized parent - child relationship. They present cutting-edge research and exemplary treatment approaches. With attention to the subjective experiences of both mothers and children, the book shows how focusing on the caregiving system can advance research and clinical practice.
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Facilitating Developmental Attachment

The road to emotional recovery and behavioral change in foster and adopted children.

Daniel Hughes

For professionals and parent, takes the mysterious child and teaches us how to reah him/her, and hopefully, bring the child into a meaningful interaction with us and others. Countless new insights and concrete examples of how to be successful when treating attachment-disordered children.

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Invisible String

Patrice Karst, illus Geoff Stevenson

Mums and Dads feel the tug whenever kids give it a pull. Kids feel the tug that comes back to them. This story is a very simple approach to overcoming the fear of loneliness or separation from parents, with an imaginative flair that children can easily identify with and remember. Here is a warm and delightful lesson teaching young and old that we arenít ever really alone.

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Practical Guide to Caring for Children and Teenagers with Attachment Difficulties

Chris Taylor

It explains what attachment is, what different patterns of attachment look like in children and young people, how early attachment experiences affect their lives, and how this understanding can help childcare workers to develop therapeutic ways of caring. By understanding these issues, childcare workers are better equipped to help and support the troubled children they care for. This book shows how to promote recovery through secure base experiences in a therapeutic environment and provides solutions and methods to tackle challenging and problem behaviour, anger and the effects of trauma in children with attachment problems.

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Secure Base

John Bowlby

For many people today, giving time and attention to children means sacrificing other interests and activities. Yet a healthy parent-child bond is not only vital for well-being, but an essential part of what it means to be human. Secure children are confident, using a parent as a "secure base" while they explore the world. Bowlby's work showed that the early interactions between infant and caregiver have a profound impact on an infant's social, emotional, and intellectual growth. Controversial yet powerfully influential to this day, this classic collection of Bowlby's lectures offers important guidelines for child rearing based on the crucial role of early relationships.

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Short Introduction to Attachment and Attachment Disorder

Colby Pearce (Aust)

A short and accessible introduction to what 'attachment' means and how to recognise attachment disorders in children, this book explains how complex problems in childhood may stem from the parent-child relationship during a child's early formative years, and later from the child's engagement with the broader social world. It explores the mindset of difficult and traumatised children and the motivations behind their apparently antisocial and defensive tendencies. Includes case vignettes to illustrate examples, and offers a comprehensive set of tried-and-tested practical strategies for parents, carers and practitioners in supportive roles caring for children.

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Helping Parents and Children Build Better Relationships Through Attachment-Based Play (3RD ed.)

Phyllis B Booth, Ann M Jernberg

Theraplaya pioneering application of attachment theory to clinical work--helps parents learn and practice how to provide the playful engagement, empathic responsiveness, and clear guidance that lead to secure attachment and lifelong mental health in their children. This third edition of the groundbreaking book "Theraplay" shows how to use play to engage children in interactions that lead to competence, self-regulation, self-esteem, and trust. Theraplay's relationship-based approach is uniquely designed to help families facing today's busy and often chaotic lifestyle challenges form joyful, loving relationships.

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