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1001 Solution-Focused Questions

Handbook for Solution-Focused Interviewing (Revised) (2ND ed.)

Fredrike Bannink

An invaluable resource for conducting successful solution-focused therapy

23x16cm  272 pages  $35.95  

Do One Thing Different

Ten Simple Ways to Change Your Life.


Simply “changing the viewing” or "changing the doing" of the problem using ten “solution keys” will put you back in control of your emotions and your life - even enabling you to single-handedly change your relationships.

22x13cm  209 pages  $24.95  

Doing What Works in Brief Therapy

A Strategic Solution Focused Approach (Practical Resources for the Mental Health Professional

Ellen Quick

This book is both a set of procedures for the therapist and a philosophy- one that is shared with clients and one that guides the work of the therapist. This second edition continues its excellence in offering clinicians a guide to doing what works in brief therapy- for whom, and when and how to use it. Psychotherapy that follows these guidelines validates the client's most important concerns - and it often turns out to be surprisingly brief. Author, Ellen Quick integrates strategic and solution focused therapy and includes guidelines for tailoring technique and interventions to client characteristics and preferences. With clinically rich examples throughout, this book offers applications for couples, including indications for individual or conjoint sessions. NEW TO THIS EDITION: * Chapter summaries highlighting key points * Presents ways of eliciting what clients most want to remember * Describes the "Doing What Works Group," including outcome research findings and all materials needed to run the group * Addresses the relationship between the positive psychology movement and this approach and the potential for collaboration * Emphasizes an acceptance-based stance and how acceptance often leads to change * Proposes that "doing what works and changing what doesn't" can provide a transtheoretical perspective for therapists of any orientation

22x15cm  310 pages  $75.00  

Guide to Possibility Land, A

Fifty-one Methods for doing brief, respectful therapy.

O'Hanlon & Beadle

Possibility therapy is about acknowledging and validating client's felt experience and ideas about their lives while ensuring that possibilities for change are discovered and amplified.

23x15cm  86 pages  $22.95  

In Search of Solutions

A New Direction in Psychotherapy (Revised)

Bill Ohanlon

A revised second edition of this classic book in solution-oriented therapy. LEADERS IN SOLUTION-ORIENTED THERAPY, O'Hanlon and Weiner-Davis have revised their classic text. The book outlines the approach, provides guidelines for implementing solution-oriented language, and explains how to avoid dead ends. New material brings the reader up-to-date on advances in this field since the book's original publication in 1989

21x14cm  208 pages  $29.95  

Interviewing for Solutions

Peter De Jong and Insoo Kim Berg

Clear and applied, presents an interviewing skills text with a unique solution-focused approach. This unique approach views clients as competent, helps them to visualize the changes they want, and builds on what they are already doing that works. Throughout the book, the authors present models for solution-focused work, illustrated by examples and supported by research.

24x16cm  394 pages  $87.95  

Kids Skills

Ben Furman

Primary and Pre-School Teachers, Early Childhood Workers, Psychologists and Parents: here are solution-focused approaches adapted especially for children. This radical book is based on the notion that practically all problems can be seen as skills that need to be developed. The book is buzzing with ideas, stories and suggestions to inspire adults and invite children to become active participants in skill-building and solution-finding.

24x16cm  245 pages  $31.95  

Miracle Question

Answer it and change your life

Linda Metcalf

Metcalf offers a step-by-step approach for people who feel stuck and overwhelmed by their life, and provides methods for tapping into sources and resources they already have in order to change whats happening in their lives.

23x16cm  147 pages  $34.95  

Solution Focused Group Therapy

Ideas for groups in private practice, schools, agencies, and treatment programs

Linda Metcalf

In our managed care era, group therapy, long the domain of traditional psychodynamically oriented therapists, has emerged as the best option for millions of Americans. However, the process can be frustratingly slow, and studies show that patients actually feel worse after months of group treatment than when they began. Can and should "the group" speed a person's progress? Now, in this "must have" book, marriage and family therapist Linda Metcalf persuasively argues that the collaborative nature of group therapy actually lends itself to time-limited treatment. She combines the best elements of group work and the popular solution focused brief therapy approach to create new opportunities for practitioners and patients alike.

242 pages  $40.00  

Tales of Solutions

A Collection of Hope-Inspiring Stories.

Berg & Dolan

Recounts stories collected from therapists around the world, al of whom use a solution-focused brief therapy approach. Commentary by the authors elucidates the most recent advances in the field making this book a treasure trove of information and insight.

15x22cm  185 pages  $39.95