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Anatomy of Anorexia


Invaluable to clinicians, parents, teenagers, and adults who are struggling with anorexia, Levenkron writes in an easy to read style and is always thorough in his covereage of relevant new scientific information as well as giving a broad perspective on the many causative influences underlying this condition.

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Banish Your Body Image Thief

A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Workbook on Building Positive Body Image for Young People

Kate Collins-Donnelly

The body image thief is a sneaky character – if you're not careful, he'll steal away all your positive feelings about your body from your Body Image Vault, leaving only the negative ones behind. How can you banish him? Fortify your vault with positive self-beliefs so he can't break in!
This imaginative workbook contains activities and strategies to help you build up positive thoughts, feelings and beliefs about your body. Based on cognitive behavioural therapy principles and techniques, the activities will help you understand what body image means, what can influence your body image, how negative thoughts can affect it, and how to build self-esteem and positive beliefs. It’s packed with the stories of other young people so you know you’re not alone, as well as with loads of activities, tips and techniques that will help you fortify your Body Image Vault and banish the thief for good!
Suitable for young people aged 10+ to work through on their own or with the help of parent or practitioner, this is an ideal resource to help young people understand and build positive body image.

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Biting Anorexia

A first-hand account of an internal war

Lucy Howard-Taylor

‘My name is Lucy. I am in recovery from anorexia nervosa and major depression, each of which almost killed me.’

So begins this extraordinary depiction by an 18-year-old woman of her descent into the tortured existence of anorexia and her arduous and remarkable recovery from it.
Anorexia nervosa is the most fatal of all psychiatric illnesses, and over 90 per cent of eating disorder victims are young women. While anorexia is often portrayed in the media as a phase that some young girls obsessed by their appearance go through, the realities of the illness prove that nothing could be further from the truth. As Lucy states in her powerful depiction: ‘This isn’t about weight, or a diet or a figure. Somewhere along the line I’ve come to equate fat with failure and weakness. Weight loss is merely symptomatic of the greater psychological problem.’

It's most unusual to find 'first-hand accounts' in our collection, however this one seems to call out for inclusion, perhaps because other girls of this age or under the eating disorders cloud might find it useful.

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Body Image Workbook for Teens

Activities to Help Girls Develop a Healthy Body Image in an Image-Obsessed World
Instant Help Series

Julia Taylor

In this book you'll find practical exercises and tips that address the most common factors that can lead to negative body image, including: comparison, negative self-talk, unrealistic media images, societal and family pressures, perfectionism, toxic friendships, and a fear of disappointing others. You'll also learn powerful coping strategies to deal with the daily, intense pressures of being a teenage girl.
Being a teen girl in today's world is hard, and no one knows that more than you. But if you are ready to stop comparing yourself to others, silence your inner critic, and build authentic, lasting self-confidence-this book is your go-to guide. Authors

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Community Treatment of Eating Disorders

Paul H. Robinson

The book is intended as a practical guide to setting up, staffing and running eating disorders services. The guidance and advice given is based on the experience of the eating disorder service at the Royal Free, which does not have specialised beds, but which is nevertheless considered to offer one of the best services in the UK. Each element of the service will be considered from referral, inpatient and outpatient treatment, service evaluation and multi-disciplinary teamworking. The book also discuss’ s innovative approaches in treatment, including an evaluation of Email Bulimia Therapy. Ties in with NICE guidelines, which highlight the need for local services for treating eating disorders Offers practical guidance on setting up a community model of treatment and on working within a multi-disciplinary team Based on the Royal Free experience – their Eating Disorders Service has twice been a finalist in the Hospital Doctor Team of the Year awards

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Eating Disorders

The Facts

Suzanne Abraham & Derek Llewellyn-Jones

This comprehensive guide considers why eating disorders occur, and then looks at each in turn, describing the eating behaviours, diagnosis, and treatments available. This new edition has been fully revised and updated. Included is a new chapter explaining and providing advice on the problems someone with an eating disorder may face while pregnant, and after giving birth. An additional chapter looks at the problems that the family or friends of someone with an eating disorder may face, accepting that there is a problem, the feeling that somehow they are responsible, helplessness, and how they can cope and provide support and help for the sufferer Sympathetically and clearly written, the book provides an authoritative resource on eating disorders and how to treat them, one that will prove valuable for sufferers and their families.

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Eating Disorders - rev ed

A Parents'Guide

Rachel Bryant-Waugh & Bryan Lask

Combining an accessible and straightforward introduction to eating disorders with practical advice, this book represents the first step towards diagnosis and treatment. Case-studies are used to help parents to understand their children's experiences of this complex and challenging subject and sensitive advice is offered on a range of issues.
Whatever aspect of your child's eating behaviour is causing you concern, this book will help you understand some of the more common reasons why problems arise, and will give you advice on what you and others can do to manage the situation.

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Feeling Good About the Way You Look

A Program for overcoming body image problems

Sabine Wilhelm

If a blemish or "bad hair" can ruin your day and you are ashamed of your body, this compassionate book offers a program, based on cognitive behaviour therapy, that helps you fight the urge to spend hours "fixing" yourself. Once you understand the negative thoughts and feelings that distort your self-image, you'll be able to overcoming the embarrassment that keeps you from enjoying your life.

18x25cm  212 pages  $29.95  

Help Your Teenager Beat an Eating Disorder

James Lock and Daniel Le Grange

Always harmful and potentially deadly, eating disorders can wreak havoc on families. This powerful and controversial book by top researchers argues that parents are not the culprits but the key to their teen's recovery.
Learn why you need to act now, find out what the research says about which treatment works, take charge of changes in eating habits and exercise and put up a united family front to prevent relapse.

23x16cm  296 pages  $37.95  

I'm, Like, So Fat!

Helping Your Teen make Healthy Choices about Eating and Exercise in a Weight-obsessed World

Dianne Neumark-Sztainer

Hit the gym for a workout--but sit for hours at your computer. Supersize your value meals--but downsize your waistline. Today's media-saturated teenagers are bombarded with mixed messages that distort their self-image and lead many to overeat and others to starve themselves. Dr. Dianne Neumark-Sztainer shows parents how to strike the difficult balance between bolstering self-esteem and offering constructive advice. Drawing on her landmark study, Project EAT (Eating Among Teens), and her experience as a mother of four, she offers a wealth of science-based, practical ideas for instilling healthy eating and exercise habits, educating teens about nutrition and portion size, and talking about body image.

24x15cm  316 pages  $34.95  

If Not Dieting, Then What?

Rick Kausman

Dr Rick Kausman is recognised as the Australian pioneer of the non-dieting approach to healthy weight management. In this book he explains how you can learn to enjoy food without feeling guilty, increase your eating awareness, improve how you feel about yourself, fit some sort of activity into your day, and achieve and maintain a healthy, comfortable weight for you, without being deprived of food or quality of life.

21x14cm  224 pages  $29.95  

If Your Adolescent has an Eating Disorder

An essential resource for parents

B Timothy Walsh & V L Cameron

This is an authoritative guide to understanding and helping a teenager with anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa. It is designed for parents of teens who have recently been diagnosed with an eating disorder, or who are at risk of developing one, and for other adults, such as teachers and guidance counselors, who are regularly in contact with at-risk adolescents. The book combines the latest scientific expertiseavailable--including the newest treatments and most up-to-date research findings on eating disorders--with the practical wisdom of parents who have raised teenagers with anorexia or bulimia.

21x14cm  182 pages  $19.95  

Interventions for Body Image and Eating Disorders

Evidence and Practice

Edited by Susan J Paxton and Phillipa J Hay

Few texts draw together the wide range of evidence-based interventions in this field in a manner that can assist the health professional to choose and implement the treatment that is most likely to be effective. The aim of this edited text is to present practical information about evidence-based therapeutic approaches to facilitate appropriate intervention selection and implementation.
Each chapter provides a theoretical rationale for an intervention approach, which is followed by a description of the evidence base for that approach. Each chapter then outlines issues in the implementation of the particular approach, highlighting its positive aspects but also dilemmas and challenges that may arise. Drawing on case material or clinical experiences, authors have highlighted practical issues that need to be considered, and additional practical clinical resources are provided.
The book reflects notable advances in treatments for body image and eating disorders over the past ten years, including advances in prevention, psychological treatment techniques, pharmacotherapy, and treatment delivery approaches, and provides up-to-date guidance and tools for practitioners of all disciplines who work in the field.

24x17cm  380 pages  $75.00  

Just a Little Too Thin

How to pull your chid back from the brink of an eating disorder

Michael Strober & Meg Schneider

At a time when 81 percent of ten-year-old girls say they are afraid of being fat, early dieting is clearly a widespread problem. However, the difference between being "just a little too thin" and having a full-blown eating disorder can be hard for even the most involved parent to distinguish. Dr. Michael Storber and meg Schneider's Just a Little Too Thin shows parents how to approach this problem proactively. First, it helps parents determine the severity of a child's weight issues by outlining the three stages of this slippery slope and the behavioral signs associated with each. The book then gives expert guidance on talking about weight and eating in ways that help a daughter cope with the emotional issues that feed her obsession. No matter where a girl rests on the continuum of eating behaviors, Just a Little Too Thin is an invaluable aid for parents intent on keeping their children emotionally and physically healthy in a world of unprecedented pressures.

21x14cm  235 pages  $34.00  

Life Without Ed

How one woman declared independence from her Eating Disorder and how you can too

Jenni Schaefer with Thom Rutledge

Jenni had been in an abusive relationship with Ed for far too long. Then she met psychotherapist and author Thom Rutledge who taught her how to treat her eating disorder as a relationship, not a condition. By thinking of her eating disorder as a unique personality separate from her own, Jenni was able to break up with Ed once and for all.
We don't usually stock "first person accounts" however this one tackles the topic from such an interesting perspective and is written in such an interesting format and besides that we've been told it is a very useful book.

14x21cm  188 pages  $24.95  

My Kid Is Back

Empowering Parents to Beat Anorexia Nervosa

June Alexander, Daniel Le Grange

Empowering families to heal their loved ones who are suffering from anorexia nervosa, this informative book offers the Maudsley Approach as a successful treatment. Encouraging parents to play an active and positive role in their child's journey toward health, this account presents 10 case studies--as well as the author's own struggles with the disorder--that provide insight into the illness itself and illustrate the promising, evidence-based results.

320 pages  $33.00  

One Life

Hope, Healing and Inspiration on the Path to Recovery from Eating Disorders

Naomi Feigenbaum

Many people with an eating disorder also suffer from low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. Eating disorders such an Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia are maladaptive coping mechanisms, and recovery requires the learning of new, healthy coping skills. One Life is a positive and inspirational first person account of one girl's path to recovery. The book boldly details her eleven-week stay in a residential eating disorder clinic - showing her progress from near-death on admission to a full recovery on departure. Each of the 11 chapters of the book deals with a week of her stay there, and opens with a positive coping strategy, and advice as to how and when to use it. Encouraging readers that a setback is nothing more than a challenge to be overcome, this inspirational book will help people at all stages of recovery from an eating disorder, as well as their families, and the psychologists, psychotherapists, counselors, social workers and other health professionals who work with them.

23x15cm  176 pages  $33.95  

Over It

A Teen's Guide to Getting Beyond Obsessions with Food and Weight

Carol Normandi, Laurel Roark

Every year, desperate parents try to save their daughters from starving themselves to death. Yet every year, more girls eat less to look like their favourite supermodels. With this sobering fact in mind, the authors developed this book based on their ongoing workshops and the feedback of hundreds of young women. They look at the behaviours that may lead to eating disorders and the cultural, emotional, and physical reasons girls obsess about weight and eating. They go on to offer girls and their parents a map and a method for finding a realistic and liveable balance. Stories and quotations from girls who have struggled with eating disorders give the book immediacy, and exercises and writing suggestions steer girls toward a healthy self-image and wholesome eating patterns.

22x14cm  187 pages  $36.95  

Parent's Guide to Defeating Eating Disorders

Spotting the Stealth Bomber and Other Symbolic Approaches

Ahmed Boachie

Building a supportive and open relationship with young people suffering from eating disorders is key to assisting the recovery process. This book is packed with analogies, metaphors, diagrams, illustrations and stories that will allow parents and caregivers to ally themselves with treatment of the situation rather than the eating disorder, and take positive steps with their child towards a full and lasting recovery.

190 pages  $32.00  

Secret Language of Eating Disorders

How you can understand and work to cure anorexia and bulimia

Peggy Claude-Pierre

Peggy Claude-Pierre has created a paradigm shift in the way we view and treat anorexia. By shifting the focus of care from that of controlling the symptoms of disordered eating to healing the negativity that would otherwise plague the individual for the rest of her life she has reached a new explanation of the condition, and subsequently a new treatment that is proving to be successful.

14x21cm  288 pages  $24.95  

Talking to Eating Disorders

Simple Ways to Support Someone with Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating, or Bodyimage Issues

Jeanne Albronda Heaton

This guide tackles the tough topics of body image, media messages, physical touch, diets, exercise, professional help, and how to handle emergencies--and has a special section on talking to children. As with previous guides Talking to Anxiety, Talking to Depression, and Talking to Alzheimer's, the emphasis is on concrete, specific advice--what to say and what not to say--to help and support someone who's suffering.

14x21cm  256 pages  $26.00  

What Every Therapist Needs To Know About Treating Eating And Weight Issues

Karen R Koenig

Helping therapists treat clients whose eating issues aren't extreme or "disordered." Many books deal with obesity, anorexia, or bulimia. Yet, until now, no book has addressed those who have mild eating issues that do not fall into extreme categories of starvation or gluttony. Here, Koenig explores the ways in which people express emotions through food, and how to balance nutrition with enjoyment and lifestyle.

23x15cm  240 pages  $42.95  

What's Eating You?

A Workbook for Teens with Anorexia, Bulimia, and other Eating Disorders
Instant Help Series

Tammy Nelson

Living in a culture obsessed with body size and shape, it can be hard to feel good about the way you look. But eating disorders caused by unrealistic body image ideals create much larger problems-diminished self-confidence, unhealthy eating and exercising habits, and an inability to see yourself as a person rather than a number on the scale.
This workbook takes aim at the motivations behind your relationship with food and helps you to better understand how your need to control what you eat can end up controlling you. As you complete the worksheets in What's Eating You, you'll learn more about the beliefs and experiences that contribute to your disorder. Each worksheet includes questions and exercises targeting the cultural myths, perfectionism, stress, and lack of self-confidence that are often at the heart of a dysfunctional relationship with food. Once these issues are addressed, you'll be able to gather the strength you need to make peace with your body, exude confidence, and live a healthy life.

25x20cm  128 pages  $33.95  

When Eating is Everything

How to overcome your eating problems and change your life

Jillian Ball

Your eating problems are influence by your relationship and how you feel about yourself.
Deals with mid eating problems as well as anorexia nervosa, bulimia and compulsive eating. By Aussie authors, this book shows how you can change your life.

14x22cm  238 pages  $27.95