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Co-Parenting Survival Guide

Letting go of conflict after a difficult divorce

Thayer & Zimmerman

Learn to navigate hot spots of hostility and conflict around communication, visitation, extraxurricular activities, holidays, and new partners.

23x15cm  190 pages  $34.00  

Joint Custody with a Jerk

Raising a Child with an Uncooperative Ex, a Hands On, Practical Guide to Coping with Custody Issues That Arise with an (4TH ed.)

Julie Ross & Judy Corcoran

Parenting is difficult enough in a family where the two parents love and respect each other. In divorce, where the respect has diminished and the love has often turned into intense dislike, co-parenting cane drive on or both parents to the brink of insanity. "Joint Custody with a Jerk "offers many proven communication techniques that will help you deal with your difficult ex-husband or ex-wife by describing examples of common problems and teaching you to examine your role in these sticky situations. These strategies for effective mediation are easy to apply, down-to-earth, and innovative.

22x16cm  256 pages  $30.00  

Parenting After Separation

Making the most of family changes.


A guide to parenting successfully from two households. Aussie author.

13x22cm  198 pages  $26.95  

Shared Parenting

Raising your children cooperatively after separation

Jill Burrett and Miichael Green

Shows how shared parenting can work after separation and how both parents can maintain meaningful relationships with their children.
The authors provide sample parenting plans - both complex and simple - for various types of separated families. The practical tools they offer work in every party's best interests - especially the children's. With legislation in many jurisdictions now enshrining shared parental responsibility and parenting time, the authors show separated parents how to make this work. They cite supporting research which indicates how important it is for children to continue meaningful relationships after family breakdown. Myths and misconceptions are dealt with, together with practical advice on how parents can get past their hurt and anger and focus on approaches that will benefit their children. The authors also tackle the nuts and bolts of weekly routines and include useful suggestions on timetabling and communication between households. Once a good shared parenting arrangement is in place, the emotional benefits reveal themselves: mums becoming more comfortable with sharing the children; dads learning to truly be with the children; and children being happier in shared care arrangements, and so benefiting their parent. (Aust)

14x22cm  192 pages  $24.95