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1-2-3 Magic

Effective Discipline for Children 2-12 (3rd ed.)

Thomas W Phelan

Offers parents simple and effective discipline methods for children ages 2-12. A proven bestseller, the book addresses the difficult task of child discipline with humor, keen insight and proven experience. Highly recommended by many professionals who work with children.

22x16cm  212 pages  $30.00  

1-2-3 Magic for Kids

Helping Your Children Understand the New Rules

Thomas W Phelan & Tracy M Lewis

Presents the popular 1-2-3 Magic parenting program from a child's point of view, providing kids with a thorough understanding of the disciplinary system - from the counting and time-out methods parents will be using to how better behavior benefits the entire family and leaves more time for play. Storytelling portions are coupled with copious illustrations to help describe the basic tenets of 1-2-3 Magic.

22x16cm  97 pages  $14.95  

Attachment Connection

Parenting a Secure & Confident Child Using the Science of Attachment Theory

Ruth Newton

Studies in the 1950s revealed that young children hospitalized without their parents respond first by crying for them, then by showing signs of despair, and finally by emotionally detaching from the parents and acting indifferent to their absence. This detachment is hard to repair and highly detrimental to a child's development-most children who feel they cannot rely on their parents grow up to become more emotionally insecure and less self-assured than their peers. This book sorts out the facts from the fiction about parent-child attachment and shows how paying attention to the emotional needs of your child, particularly during the first five years of development, can help him or her grow up happy, secure, and confident. You'll discover how your child's brain is developing at each stage of growth and learn to use reasonable, easy-to-implement guidelines based on sound science to foster secure attachment, healthy social skills, and emotional regulation in your child.

22x15cm  223 pages  $40.00  

Baby on Board

Understanding what your baby needs

Howard Chilton

Provides essential advice and explanations for parents, from the day of birth through the first months of babyhood. Includes reassuring medical information, a discussion of important issues that require parents' decisions, and a fascinating description of the evolutionary background to the needs of babies.
Debunks common myths - explores significant issues such as breastfeeding, circumcision, colic, immunisation, SIDS, postnatal depression and sleeping with your baby provides insights into a baby's senses and what they can perceive - explains how babies lead their parents into becoming willing personal slaves - outlines a timetable of development for baby's first year - shows how everyone can get enough sleep! AUSTRALIAN

23x16cm  224 pages  $22.95  

Birth Order Book

Why You Are the Way You Are

Kevin Leman

Birth order powerfully influences who you are, who you marry, the job you choose, and the kind of parent you are. With insight and wit, this classic book will help you understand yourself, get along better with others, overcome ingrained tendencies you never thought you could get rid of, and be more successful in the workplace.

22x14cm  362 pages  $34.00  

Boys of Few Words

Raising Our Sons to Communicate and Connect

Adam J. Cox

When parents feel separated from their sons by a curtain of silence or a wall of resistance, they're right to be concerned. Boys of few words--the ones who limit their expression to a timid shrug or an indifferent grunt--need our help. Whether the problem is rooted in "nature" or "nurture," boys who grow up unable to talk about their thoughts and feelings find it hard to connect with others at school, home, and eventually in business and personal relationships. Psychologist Adam J. Cox helps parents understand all the factors that may be limiting their son's ability or willingness to communicate--from social pressures to brain differences, from personality traits to a simple lack of vocabulary. Based on these insights, parents can choose specific strategies to help their son improve the language and social skills needed to express himself.


Bubble Wrap Queen

Julia Cook, Allison Valentine

Pairing up bubble wrap with personal safety rules: Who would have thought? Injury prevention with children has taken a whole new twist! The Bubble Wrap Queen uses the BASICS (Be Aware and Safe in Common Situations) to creatively address playground safety, poison control, automobile safety, bicycle safety and more.

20x22cm  32 pages  $19.95  

Building Resilience in Children and Teens

Giving Kids Roots and Wings (4th ed.)

Kenneth Ginsburg, Martha Jablow

This invaluable guide offers coping strategies to help children and teens deal with stress due to academic pressure, high achievement standards, media messages, peer pressure, and family tension. Recommendations guide parents to help kids from the age of 18 months to 18 years build the seven crucial C's competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control needed to bounce back from life's challenges.
This book provides a wide range of tactics, including building on natural strengths, fostering hope and optimism, avoiding risky behaviours, and taking care of oneself physically and emotionally. This edition includes new chapters on the topic of grit, stress and how how one's perception of stress affects what stress really is, toxic stress, and the protective role of nurturing adults. It also addresses the issue of adolescents responding to stress by either indulging in unhealthy behaviours or giving up completely, and the suggested solutions are aimed at strengthening resilience.

23x15cm  357 pages  $35.00  

Challenging Child

Understanding, Raising, and Enjoying the Five "Difficult" Types of Children

Stanley I Greenspan

Helps parents dealing with all types of difficult children. Reveals the parenting patterns to avoid and helps adults tailor their approach to a child's particular needs.

24x15cm  336 pages  $38.00  

Child is Born

4th ed

Lennart Nilsson, Lars Hamberger

First published nearly 40 years ago, "A Child Is Born" broke astonishing new ground, offering an unprecedented glimpse of life inside the womb. Now this completely revised edition of the beloved international classic brings revolutionary photographic photography and artistry to a landmark work.

25x19cm  240 pages  $33.00  

Childhood Unbound

The Powerful New Parenting Approach That Gives Our 21st Century Kids the Authority, Love, and Listening They Need to Thrive

Ron Taffel

Dr Ron Taffel, highly regarded child-rearing expert, draws on decades of counseling experience and extensive conversations with parents to offer an original and inspiring analysis of the distinctive challenges parents face in raising children today. He also introduces a breakthrough approach for guiding kids from children to teens in ways that bring out the best in both kids AND parents in these twenty-first-century times.
With warmth and clarity, Taffel, who is himself a parent struggling with these issues, helps us to understand our sons and daughters in an entirely new way: as a distinctive free-est generation, born to the first generation of post-baby boomer parents and the products of a decades-long cultural sea change that intensified in the nineties.
As a result, kids of all ages are now a bundle of contradictions: they exude entitlement, back talk shockingly, negotiate endlessly, worship celebrity, do ten things at once, conduct independent lives online, and engage in high-risk behavior at younger ages. Yet, they are also far more open with their parents and each other than kids in prior generations, are strikingly generous and empathetic, and care deeply about ethical issues. In addition, their high-speed multitasking is preparing them for the demands of the future.
The key question, then, is how to encourage the "good" while steering them away from the "bad." Taffel believes today's parents, having lived through the beginning phases of the same social changes, are uniquely qualified to bring out kids' best and he shows you how. Using a wealth of examples, he walks parents through innovative methods to get children's and teens' attention, to set limits they will respect, and to engage them in meaningful conversation to provide the guidance they need. He also instructs on how to rebuild supportive community around us. His inspiring analysis and expert guidance will be embraced as the authoritative new approach to raising their kids that parents have been searching for.

22x14cm  317 pages  $25.00  

Dad Factor

How father-baby bonding helps a child for life

Richard Fletcher

Fathering studies and family issues affirm the positive valuing of fathering. New research into child development is producing some surprising findings. One is that in the first hours after birth a baby can be looking for its father. Another is that when fathers create a bond with their child from the earliest days this boosts the way their child's brain develops.
This book provides the hard evidence and practical guidance for fathering that builds children's brains and capabilities. Fathers are told that they should be 'involved' with their baby but not how to go about building the connection. This book provides the nuts and bolts of bonding, showing how the effect of a dad simply 'playing around' with his child can alter the pathways formed by the neurons in the brain of that growing infant. (So fathers playing 'peek-a-boo' are not wasting time but doing the real stuff of parenting!) Also addresses - How do fathers encourage development through rough and tumble play? How is father-bonding different to mother-bonding? Should fathers treat boys and girls the same? In his view, socialisation does not explain differences between the sexes, particularly between male and female brains. Without diminishing the importance of mothers Richard offers practical strategies for fathers to bond with their baby and child and shows the crucial role that fathers play in children's risk taking, motivation and social development.

21x15cm  211 pages  $29.95  

Do Parents Know They Matter?

Raising Achievement Through Parental Engagement

Alma Harris, Kirstie Andrew-Power, Janet Goodall

A powerful resource for teachers about the benefits of parental engagement along with methods foster and develop good practice.

23x16cm  123 pages  $46.00  

Enneagram of Parenting

The 9 Types of Children and How to Raise Them Successfully

Elizabeth Wagele

Using her expertise in presenting the Enneagram in an accessible way, Wagele presents an encouraging and fun look at how the Enneagram can help parents work with children's personality traits and behavioral patterns in a more effective and creative manner.

23x19cm  165 pages  $36.00  

Explosive Child

A New Approach for Understanding and Parenting Easily Frustrated, Chronically Inflexible Children 5TH ED

Ross Greene

A groundbreaking approach to understanding and parenting children who frequently exhibit severe fits of temper and other intractable behaviours, this book has recently been updated to include the most recent research.
Almost everyone knows an explosive child, one whose frequent, severe fits of temper leave his or her parents standing helpless in their fear, frustration, and guilt. Most of these parents have tried everything � � reasoning, behaviour modification, therapy, medication � but to no avail. Greene shows explosive children suffer from a physiological deficiency in frustration tolerance and flexibility. He demonstrates why traditional treatments don't work and offers a new conceptual framework for understanding their behaviour, along with new language to describe it. He explains the latest neuroscience findings about the importance of flexibility, and, most important, he shows parents specific, practical ways they can recognize the signs of an impending explosion, defuse tension, and reduce frustration levels for the entire family.

21x16cm  298 pages  $32.00  

Gentle Art of Communicating with Kids

Suzette Haden Elgin

Based on her proven techniques, Elgin gives parents, teachers, youth workers, law enforcement personnel, and anyone who needs to talk effectively with kids of all ages a revolutionary system of language behavior to make life easier. Easy-to-use instructions are clearly laid out for dealing with day-to-day issues.

23x15cm  208 pages  $24.95  

Girls Will Be Girls

Raising Confident and Courageous Daughters

Joann Deak

Mary Pipher told about the problems girls face in "Reviving Ophelia"; now in "Girls Will Be Girls, " Deak gives readers the solutions. Deak looks past the "scare" stories to those that enlighten parents and enable them to empower girls.

20x12cm  287 pages  $28.95  

Good Enough Child

How to Have an Imperfect Family and Be Perfectly Satisfied

Brad Sachs

A respected author and acclaimed psychologist helps parents come to terms with their unrealistic expectations for their children.

20x13cm  352 pages  $31.00  

Helping Your Anxious Child

A Step-By-Step Guide for Parents (2ND ed.)

Ronald Rapee and others

This expanded and updated version of a bestselling classic guides parents through the process of helping a child overcome anxiety and fears. It describes in detail strategies and techniques they can combine into a comprehensive self-help program for a child's particular needs.

22x15cm  283 pages  $38.00  

How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk

Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish

Looking for the parenting book we sell most of? This is it! Now in its 30th anniversary edition.
The down-to-earth, respectful approach outlined makes relationships with children of all ages less stressful and more rewarding. Full of practical, innovative ways to solve common problems and build foundations for lasting relationships.

22x14cm  345 pages  $34.00  

Kids Skills

Ben Furman

Primary and Pre-School Teachers, Early Childhood Workers, Psychologists and Parents: here are solution-focused approaches adapted especially for children. This radical book is based on the notion that practically all problems can be seen as skills that need to be developed. The book is buzzing with ideas, stories and suggestions to inspire adults and invite children to become active participants in skill-building and solution-finding.

24x16cm  245 pages  $31.95  

Kids, Parents and Power Struggles

Mary Sheedy Kurkinka

Effective strategies that will help you stay connected with your child, bring down the intensity, understand why your child is misbehaving, stop the tantrums, and, win for a lifetime!

20x13cm  317 pages  $26.00  

Last Bedtime Story

That we read each night

Carol Gray

This book is designed to keep your child comfortable and in bed after lights out. It is also to the answer to the request for, "Just one more story, please?" Here's how it works. Each evening, you and your child select any number, kind, or sequence of bedtime stories. Whatever you choose, "The Last Bedtime Story" is always added to the pile and read last. In the sixty seconds that it takes to read it, this story closes each day with the same rhythmic and patient words, "It happens the same almost every night..." There are many children's bedtime stories. Some of them describe the basic steps involved in getting ready for bed - for example, taking a bath, brushing teeth, and putting on pyjamas. This story breaks new ground. It describes what happens in the critical moments between a child's bedtime and that of the rest of the family, with a reassuring format developed to keep a child calm, tucked in, and on the way to a good night's rest.
This story was written several years prior to publication. In that time, several parents and caregivers have been surprised by its positive and immediate impact. There is no claim that this story will send every child seamlessly off to sleep. However, it may work for you and your child as it has for others. The theory behind the informal success of this story is simple. We all learn from stories; this one contains information that may be the difference between a child's repeated attempts to reunite with those who are still awake or resting among favourite stuffed animals and blankets...and falling asleep.

22x25cm  25 pages  $22.00  

Lessons From My Child

Parents' experiences of life with a disabled child

Cindy Dowling, Neil Nicoll, & Bernadette Thomas

A collection of stories gathered from parents of special-needs children from around the world. In their own words, these parents speak openly and honestly about raising a child with intellectual or physical disabilities - the sleepless nights, the long periods of sadness, the tiny triumphs and the ongoing battle to ensure that their child assumes his or her rightful place in the world. The stories are grouped into chapters that reflect the main stages of many parents' journeys as they move from grief, denial and anger to a point where they can accept their situation, and perhaps see their child's disability as embodying a profound life lesson. Each chapter begins with an expert psychological commentary on what parents may be experiencing at that stage.

22x15cm  216 pages  $24.95  

Mindful Child

How to help your kid manage stress and become happie, kinder, and more compassionate

Susan Kaiser Greenland

This book shows parents how to teach the transformative practice of mindful awareness to their children.
Mindful awareness works by enabling you to pay closer attention to what is happening within you - your thoughts, feelings, and emotions - so you can better understand what is happening to you. This book extends the vast benefits of mindfulness training to children from 4 - 18 years old with age-appropriate exercises, songs, games, and fables that the author has developed over more than a decade of teaching mindful awareness to kids.
These fun and friendly techniques build kids' inner and outer awareness and attention, which positively affects their academic performance as well as their social and emotional skills, such as making friends, being compassionate and kind to others, and playing sports, while also providing tools to manage stress and to overcome specific challenges like insomnia, overeating, ADHD, hyper-perfectionism, anxiety, and chronic pain.

21x16cm  219 pages  $32.00  

No More Misbehavin'

38 Difficult Behaviors and How to Stop Them

Michele Borba

In this much-needed book child-rearing expert Dr. Borba identifies the top 38 bad behaviors in children and shows how to change them. In a simple-to-use format, she reveals how to confront and solve these behaviors step-by-step.

22x14cm  352 pages  $32.00  

No Two Alike

Human Nature and Human Individuality

Judith Rich Harris

Why do people - even identical twins reared in the same home - differ so much in personality? Armed with an inquiring mind and insights from evolutionary psychology, Harris sets out to solve the mystery of human individuality. She questions the fundamental assumption that nurture would influence personality, doing so in a very personal, human fashion, with as much reference to the way traditional crime fictions works as to scientific research.

21x14cm  329 pages  $25.00  

Parenting by Heart

How to Stay Connected to Your Child in a Disconnected World. Rev ed

Ron Taffel with Melinda Blau

Showing what actually works rather than what theoretically "should" work, here are hundreds of step-by-step, tested solutions that will help make parents feel more confident about how to instill values, be in charge, and stay connected with today's kids in these modern and often difficult times.

20x14cm  302 pages  $32.00  

Parenting for Character

Equipping your child for life

Andrew Mullins

Argues that parents need to help build character: it does not just evolve. Explores how to encourage young people to think independently and make choices that are good for themselves and others. Young people are damaged by too readily accepting their peer group's values or messages from the media. They are able to take control of their lives once they acquire well-developed habits of thinking, decision-making and acting. The advice is clear and simple: lead by example, ensure that good habits are encouraged repeatedly, nurture the spiritual dimension in your life, and show love and affection to your partner and children.
The book draws on parenting principles from classical times to the present and offers advice from many sources including Plato, Aristotle, Plutarch, Confucius, Cicero, Goethe, Winston Churchill and John Paul II.

22x15cm  192 pages  $24.95  

Parenting from the Inside Out

Daniel J Seigel

Drawing upon stunning new findings in neurobiology and attachment research, Siegel and Hartzell explore the extent to which our childhood experiences shape the way we parent.

23x15cm  272 pages  $30.00  

Parenting Toolkit

Simple Steps to Happy and Confident Children

Caroline Penny, Kate Kajducka, illus

A unique and valuable resource for parents and guardians who wish to give their children the best start in life, and is especially relevant today, when families are under so much societal pressure. The author has drawn on her years of experience facilitating parenting groups and working as a family therapist to present these techniques clearly, illustrated by a wealth of real-life examples. She explains how to help your child become confident, capable, caring, and able to reach their full potential. She gives parents and guardians simple skills for developing healthier relationships with their children of all ages. These include: acknowledging feelings, clear communication, descriptive praise, assertiveness, child-led play, describing behaviour instead of labelling the child, problem solving, and discipline strategies. She also has advice on how to manage parents’/guardians’ own stress and ensure they are getting the self-care that they need.

25x20cm  198 pages  $45.00  

Parenting with Love and Logic

Teaching Children Responsibility

Foster Cline & Jim Fay

advice to help parents raise kids who are self-confident, motivated, and ready for the world by teaching them responsibility and the logic of life, thereby giving them the opportunity to solve their own problems from the earliest possible age.

24x16cm  271 pages  $45.00  

Raising a Left-Brain Child in a Right-Brain World

Strategies for Helping Bright, Quirky, Socially Awkward Children to Thrive at Home and at School

Katharine Beals

Does your child:

- Have impressive intellectual abilities but seem puzzled by ordinary interactions with other children?
- Prefer to spend time with adults or alone rather than with other kids?
- Have deep, all-absorbing interests or seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of certain subjects?
- Seem uncomfortable with unstructured play or social engagements?

If you answered "yes" to some or all of these questions, you may be raising a left-brain child. Bright, eccentric, and socially awkward, these are children whose talents and inclinations lean heavily toward the logical, linear, analytical, and introverted side of the human psyche--what is commonly referred to as the "left brain"--as opposed to the "right brain" which is our emotional, holistic, intuitive, and extroverted side. Left-brain kids are often found on the margins of the classroom and the playground, the ones who tend not to fit in with their peers but have rich interior and intellectual lives.
This book offers a new understanding of left-brain kids and practical strategies for nurturing and supporting them, both at school and at home.

23x15cm  232 pages  $40.00  

Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

John Gottman

Gottman draws on his studies of more than 120 families to zero in on the parenting techniques that ensure a child's emotional health. He then translates his methods into an easy, five-step "emotional coaching" program designed to help parents enrich the bond between themselves and their children.

21x14cm  240 pages  $33.00  

Raising an Optimistic Child

A Proven Plan for Depression-Proofing Young Children--For Life

Bob Murray, Alicia Fortinberry

Protect your child from depression for life - without medication
The most precious gift you can give your child is the resiliency and unwavering sense of optimism that allow a person to thrive no matter what challenges life sends their way. Yet researchers are finding that increasing numbers of very young children are at risk of depression. Now, in "Raising an Optimistic Child," you'll learn how to bring about lifelong happiness in your child - even as young as infants - and protect him or her from the pain and damage of depression.
Inspired by the authors' two decades of pioneering work as well as recent findings in psychology, neurobiology, and genetics, this book offers a seven-step, relationship-based program for alleviating or preventing childhood - and adult - depression that has proven more effective than controversial drug therapies and standard psychotherapeutic approaches. With the benefit of real-life stories of families who have experienced firsthand the results of their work, the authors provide the tools you need to: Understand most common causes of childhood - and lifelong - depression; Spot the early signs of depression - even in very young children; Prevent your own depression from infecting your child; Enhance your child's learning and coping skills; Foster good body image and avoid eating disorders in your child; Deal with ADD/ADHD and difficult behaviours without drugs.

22x14cm  239 pages  $40.00  

Raising Boys

Why boys are different - and how to help them become happy and well-balanced men, 2nd edition

Steve Biddulph

In Raising Boys, Steve Biddulph looks at the most important issues in boys' development from birth to manhood - and discusses the warm, strong parenting and guidance that boys need.
This updated edition features new information on boys and hearing, and includes a section on choosing a school that is a good one for boys. In Raising Boys, Steve Biddulph helps parents better understand what makes boys tick, and how to help them be happy, loving and capable. He brings his humour, honesty and practical knowledge of families to the vital task of raising our sons - and discusses: The three stages of boyhood, and how to make them go smoothly. How boys' brains are different. Understanding boys' vulnerabilities and how to overcome them. Testosterone! How it changes behaviour and what to do about it. How mothers teach boys about life and love. The five essentials that fathers provide (and what to do if you're a single mum). Common diseases of boys, such as 'kitchen blindness' and 'dyslaundria'. How to help boys learn a caring attitude to sex. How we can teach boys to be happy, confident and kind. Eight major changes schools must make to be good places for boys. Sport - encouraging the right values in boys. How adult communities can help boys become fine men.

23x16cm  220 pages  $26.95  

Raising Resilient Children

Fostering Strength, Hope, and Optimism in Your Child

Robert Brooks, Sam Goldstein

The perfect book for parents who want their children to readily handle life's difficulties and see the world with an optimistic outlook. An excellent chapter on the school-parent-child partnership. These highly regarded authors discuss seeing strengths and solutions rather than focusing on deficits and hegatives. Excellent book!

16x23cm  336 pages  $37.95  

Resiliency Toolkit

A Busy Parent's Guide to Raising Happy, Confident, Successful Children

Calvert Cazier, Anne Evans-Cazier

This book of stories and practical advice is meant to entertain and teach you effective strategies to help your child succeed. With no academic jargon, no complicated plans to squeeze into your hectic life, this book helps you instill change and make a positive difference in your child's life in only 10 minutes a day. Whether it's helping you set successful goals or communicate more effectively, it illustrates how, with a little resiliency, your child can connect better with the world and enjoy a lifetime of success.
In just 10 minutes a day, you could help your child to become stronger and more confident, experience more hope, fun, and happiness, be more respectful and cooperative, make small changes that foster big changes, and master life skills that can last a lifetime
The motivational stories create a fun, easygoing reading experience while teaching you better techniques for raising stronger, happier children.

22x15cm  298 pages  $38.00  

Rewards for Kids!

Ready-To-Use Charts and Activities for Positive Parenting

Virginia M Shiller

With positive advice and guidance, this book provides parents with a variety of exercises and activities to improve their parenting skills, along with a selection of ready-to-use charts.

28x22cm  176 pages  $39.95  

Setting Limits with your Strong-Willed Child

Eliminating Conflict by Establishing Clear, Firm, and Respectful Boundaries (Revised, Expanded) (2ND ed.)

Robert MacKenzie

In this fully revised and expanded second edition, there are even more time-proven methods for dealing with misbehaviour and creating positive, respectful, and rewarding relationships with children prone to acting out and disobedience.
Disruptive misbehaviour, constant power struggles, manipulative or aggressive behaviour - the challenges facing parents and teachers of strong-willed children can seem overwhelming at times. That's why thousands of parents and educators have turned to the solutions in "Setting Limits With Your Strong-Willed Child." This revised and expanded second edition offers the most up-to-date alternatives to punishment and permissiveness -moving beyond traditional methods that wear you down and get you nowhere, and zeroing in on what really works so parents can use their energy in more efficient and productive ways. With fully updated guidelines on parenting tools like "logical consequences," and examples drawn directly from the modern world that children deal with each day, this is an invaluable resource for anyone wondering how to effectively motivate strong-willed children and instil proper conduct.

21x14cm  329 pages  $27.00  

Seven Common Sins of Parenting an Only Child

A Guide for Parents and Families

Carolyn White

As the parent of an only child, are you frustrated because you find yourself overindulging and overcompensating? Do you treat your child like an adult, overpraise, or overprotect him? Have you expected perfection from your child yet failed to make rules and implement them consistently? If you are not a perfect parent of an only child, you are not alone. Based on the real-life experiences of Carolyn White--editor of "Only Child," parent, and educator--and hundreds of interviews with only children and parents of only children, "The Seven Common Sins of Parenting an Only Child" celebrates the special rewards and opportunities of the single-child family and offers a practical (and often humorous) guide for overcoming the most common errors parents can make when rearing an only child.

22x15cm  190 pages  $42.95  

Smart Parenting for Smart Kids

Nurturing Your Child's True Potential

Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Mark Lowenthal

"My kid is smart, but..." It takes more than school smarts to build a fulfilling life. In fact, many bright children face special challenges: Some are driven by perfectionism Some are afraid of effort, because they're used to instant success Some routinely butt heads with authority figures Some struggle to get along with their peers Some are outwardly successful but just don't feel good about themselves.
This warm and practical book explains why and offers parents do-able strategies for raising capable, confident, and caring children. With wisdom and compassion, psychologists Eileen Kennedy-Moore and Mark S. Lowenthal describe specific approaches parents can use to guide children toward developing inner strength and outward empathy. Drawing from research as well as the authors' clinical experience, this book provides strategies for helping children learn to cope with feelings, build relationships, and embrace learning. It focuses on the essential skills children need to make the most of their abilities and find personal satisfaction

23x15cm  306 pages  $22.95  

Things I love about Family

Trace Moroney

Celebrates the everyday situations that form the basis of our children's experiences. Spending time with your children, giving them love and care, helps them to celebrate who they are, building resilience and self-esteem.

32 pages  $14.95  

Towards Parenthood

Preparing for the Changes and Challenges of a New Baby

Jeannette Milgrom and others

This guidebook aims to assist parents manage the complex demands of parenting. An additional aim is to strengthen the couple relationship and the relationship between parents and infants. Skills in coping, problem-solving, enhancing self-esteem, assertive communication, bonding with your baby and understanding your baby's cues are presented.
The program has been extensively piloted with Australian families. Focus groups have been conducted and the program has been revised to incorporate their feedback. Overall, parents who were involved in the program told us they both enjoyed and gained from it.
Prof. Jeannette Milgrom, Jennifer Ericksen, Dr Brownyn Leigh, Yolanda Romeo, Elizabeth Loughlin, Bella Saunders and Rachael McCarthy are current and past members of the ParentInfant Research Institute (PIRI) team at Austin Health, Victoria.

30x22cm  144 pages  $34.95  

Trauma-Proofing Your Kids

A Parents' Guide for Instilling Confidence, Joy and Resilience

Peter Levine

The number of anxious, depressed, hyperactive, and withdrawn children is staggering--and still growing. "Trauma-Proofing Your Kids" sends a lifeline to parents who wonder how they can help their worried and troubled children. This work offers simple but powerful tools to keep children safe.

22x15cm  235 pages  $32.00  

Try and Make Me!

Simple strategies that turn off the tantrums and create cooperation

Ray Levy, Bill O'Hanlon

The authors present a seven-step program with a commonsense approach that empowers parents to stop defiant behavior and motivates kids to behave.

23x15cm  240 pages  $25.00  

Understanding Sibling Rivalry

The Brazelton Way

T Berry Brazelton & Joshua Sparrow

In this absolutely indispensable addition to the Brazelton Way series, the authors show how parents can defuse much of children's bickering, while helping to strengthen warm sibling relationships.

17x13cm  161 pages  $17.95  

Way of Boys

Promoting the Social and Emotional Development of Young Boys

Anthony Rao

Boys will be boys . . . It's time we stopped trying to "fix" them.
Boys today are being bombarded with a slew of diagnoses--ADHD, Asperger's, bipolar disorder--at an alarming rate and at younger ages. "The Way of Boys" urges parents, educators, pediatricians, psychologists, and other developmental experts to reevaluate and significantly change how we deal with our youngest boys. When parents understand the wide spectrum for "normal boy development," they can successfully communicate with their son--and everyone in their son's life--and help him grow into a healthy and smart young man.
Dr Rao challenges some of the potentially harmful assumptions, attitudes, and behaviors we've developed toward young boyhood over the last few decades. "The Way of Boys" is a celebration of natural, constructive boyhood development and an expert, definitive handbook on what to look for and expect in normal growth.

20x16cm  291 pages  $27.95  

What Your Explosive Child Is Trying to Tell You

Discovering the Pathway from SYMPTOMS to SOLUTIONS

Douglas Riley

Riley ("The Defiant Child" and "The Depressed Child") offers answers as to why some children are especially prone to violent meltdowns, paired with techniques that train a child to avoid such outbreaks. According to Riley, a clinical psychologist, there are several reasons a child may explode: a kid with road map issues may become unglued when confronted with anything unexpected, while a child with unknown allergies can be adversely affected by certain foods. A child may be defiant and in need of discipline, or suffering from ADHD and in need of special handling. Once parents determine why a little one explodes, the book offers appropriate solutions for modifying the behaviour. Riley's approach for dealing with explosive children is sympathetic without being overindulgent. A certain amount of hard work is required by the parents, who will generally have to change the way they respond to their offspring's outbursts. This is sensible, well-structured, age-appropriate advice that may be able to help many frustrated parents.

21x14cm  251 pages  $24.00  

When Parents Hurt

Compassionate strategies when you and your grown child don\\\'t get along

Joshua Coleman

A unique book for parents whose relationships with their adolescent or adult children have not turned out as they expected that helps them deal with their pain and sense of loss, and take steps toward healing.

20x13cm  312 pages  $24.00  

Whole-Brain Child

Revolutionary strategies to nurture your childs developing mind

Daniel J Siegel, Tina Payne Bryson

In this pioneering, practical book for parents, neuroscientist Daniel J. Siegel and parenting expert Tina Payne Bryson explain the new science of how a child's brain is wired and how it matures. Different parts of a child's brain develop at different speeds and understanding these differences can help you turn any outburst, argument, or fear into a chance to integrate your child's brain and raise calmer, happier children. Featuring clear explanations, age-appropriate strategies and illustrations that will help you explain these concepts to your child, this book will help your children lead balanced, meaningful, and connected lives using twelve key strategies, including:Name It to Tame It: Corral raging right-brain behavior through left-brain storytelling, appealing to the left brain's affinity for words and reasoning to calm emotional storms and bodily tension.Engage, Don't Enrage: Keep your child thinking and listening, instead of purely reacting.Move It or Lose It: Use physical activities to shift your child's emotional state.Let the Clouds of Emotion Roll By: Guide your children when they are stuck on a negative emotion, and help them understand that feelings come and go.SIFT: Help children pay attention to the Sensations, Images, Feelings, and Thoughts within them so that they can make better decisions and be more flexible.Connect Through Conflict: Use discord to encourage empathy and greater social success.

21x14cm  176 pages  $24.95  

Whole-Brain Child Workbook

Practical exercises, worksheets and activities to nurture developing minds

Daniel Siegel, Tina Payne Bryson

This book is a parent-friendly approach to brain science, demystifying how a child's brain is wired and offers strategies for addressing outbursts, meltdowns and tantrums. It has a unique, interactive approach that allows readers not only to think more deeply about how the ideas fit their own parenting approach, but also develop specific and practical ways to implement the concepts - and bring them to life for themselves and for their children. Dozens of clear, practical and age specific exercises and activities. Applications for clinicians, parents, educators, grandparents and care-givers.
The authors declare this workbook free of rules, obligations, or guilt - it's simply a tool for parents and caregivers t find more help and support, move towards a deeper understanding of and connection with their children, and gain a fuller understanding of themselves as parents.

28x22cm  136 pages  $49.95  

Why are they so weird? Now $12.00

What's really going on in a teenager's brain

Barbara Strauch

This is a book that explains what really happens inside our children's brains when they become adolescents. Hormones play their part, it's true, but new studies of ordinary teenagers from around the world who that far from stopping growing at seven or eleven, the brain of the typical teenager - particularly the frontal cortex, the part of the brain that governs logic and helps to control our emotions - undergoes substantial re-wiring during these years.

241 pages  $29.95  

Why Do I Have To?

A Book for Children Who Find Themselves Frustrated by Everyday Rules

Laurie Leventhal-Belfer

Why do I have to? looks at a set of everyday situations that provide challenges for children at home, with their friends and at school. Empathizes with children's wish to do things their way, explaining clearly why their way does not work and provides a list of practical suggestions for how to cope with these challenges and avoid feelings of frustration. This is the ideal book for children who have difficulty coping with the expectations of daily living, as well as for their parents and the professionals who work with them.

25x17cm  78 pages  $17.00