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Child's View of Grief

A Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Counselors

Alan Wolfelt

Parents, teachers, and other adults can learn through this concise and caring guide to how children and adolescents grieve after someone they love dies. Exploring the six reconciliation needs of mourning, this helpful resource recognizes that grieving children are especially deserving of an emotional environment of love and acceptance. Including a historical perspective on children and death, this handbook helps adults recognize the importance of empathy toward a grieving child, and provides guidelines for involving children in funeral services. These suggestions can help anyone who wants to help young people better cope with grief so that they can go on to become emotionally healthy adults themselves

14x22cm  52 pages  $14.00  

Gift of Tears

A Practical Approach to Loss and Bereavement Counselling 2ND ed.

Susan Lendrum

Candid and readable discussions on how to understand reactions of anger and guilt, attachment patterns, historical changes in attitudes to bereavement and understanding death as a particular form of loss. "Gift of Tears" is intended for anyone who finds they have to cope with the grief of others. It will prove invaluable to counselors, therapists, mental health professionals and all those helping the bereaved.

23x15cm  272 pages  $49.95  

Healing Your Grieving Body

100 Physical Practices for Mourners

Alan Wolfelt, Kirby Duvall

Acknowledging the unique set of symptoms that accompanies a period of mourning, this guide is the ideal companion to weathering the storm of physical distress. From muscle aches and pains to problems with eating and sleeping, this handbook addresses how the body responds to the impact of profound loss.

22x16cm  128 pages  $24.00  

Healing Your Grieving Heart for Kids

100 Practical Ideas (Healing Your Grieving Heart )

Alan Wolfelt

A little book that has proved to be a positive influence in the lives of many children who are experience grief. This book has things to do that are comforting and reassuring.

22x14cm  84 pages  $24.00  

Healing your Grieving Heart for Teens

100 Practical Ideas
(Healing Your Grieving Heart)

Alan Wolfelt

What can we DO when someone we love dies. Grief can be all absorbing, especially in the teen years when emotions are such a predominant factor. Here are practical things to do, and they can help deal with grief.

23x16cm  84 pages  $24.00  

How to Help Children Through a Parents Serious Illness

2nd ed

Kathleen McCue

Offering supportive, practical advice from a leading child-life specialist, this book includes information such as what to tell a child about the illness, how to recognize early-warning signs in a child's drawings, sleep patterns, schoolwork and eating habits, and when and where to get professional help.

20x14cm  240 pages  $32.00  

How to Survive the Loss of a Love

Harold Bloomfield, Melba Colgrove, Peter McWilliams

One of the most directly helpful books on the subject of loss ever written, the first edition of this comforting and inspiring book, published in 1976, sold nearly two million copies. This completely revised and expanded edition encompasses not only the medical and psychological advances in the treatment of loss, but also the authors' own experiences.

17x11cm  212 pages  $18.00  

Seeds of Hope Bereavement and Loss Activity Book

Helping Children and Young People Cope with Change Through Nature

Caroline Jay

Uses nature to help children understand death, loss and change in a gentle and honest way. Full of creative activities, such as choosing an insect or plant and using it to draw a life cycle, or making a paper memory tree of happy and sad memories, it helps children learn about loss and death, the cycle of life and how to cope with and express feelings of sadness and grief.
This book is ideal for parents and carers, teachers, therapists and counsellors to use with children aged 5+ who have suffered any type of loss or are dealing with change, or who are bereaved.

28x22cm  79 pages  $35.00  

Talking with Children and Young People about Death and Dying

2nd ed

Mary Turner & Bob Thomas

Explains the various aspects and stages of bereavement and offers useful insights into the concerns of children experiencing grief or facing an imminent bereavement. Addresses children's common fears and worries, dreams and nightmares, and acknowledges the effect of trauma on the grief process. This second edition includes a new section for adults on understanding the distress of a bereaved child and also a list of useful contacts. It is a fully photocopiable workbook that enables adults to deal with these issues sensitively and explains, for example, how to choose appropriate words to support the child. It will empower and equip adults working with bereaved children to encourage them to communicate their pain and understand the often contradictory emotions aroused by the death of someone close to them.

30x21cm  160 pages  $45.00  

Time to Grieve

Meditations for Healing After the Death of a Loved One

Carol Staudacher

For those mourning the death of a loved one, this collection presents down-to-earth thoughts and meditations that truly comfort a grieving heart. Filled with compassion and wisdom, A Time To Grieve helps people work through the gamut of emotions they experience while grieving.

19x13cm  256 pages  $32.00  

Under the Rose Bush

Jane Fry

This little picture story book is about a relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter, and how it changes when the grandmother develops Alzheimer's Disease. It also deals with grief issues of losing a loved one, through physical or mental causes. It's written by an Australian author who has had personal experience of this issue.

32 pages  $12.00