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10 Simple Solutions to Worry

How to Calm Your Mind, Relax Your Body, and Reclaim Your Life

Kevin L. Gyoerkoe,Pamela S. Wiegartz

We all worry about things from time to time, but some of us just can’t seem to stop expecting the worst—even when our expectations are very unlikely to occur. This condition, chronic worry, is disruptive all by itself, and it can lead to other, more serious anxiety problems. This little book—the fifth in New Harbinger’s Ten Simple Solution series—offers a handful of easy and effective techniques for getting rid of worry once and for all.
Drawing on powerful psychotherapeutic techniques, 10 Simple Solutions to Worry is a succinct resource of cognitive-behavioral techniques for controlling worry and reducing stress. Exercises include self-assessments, motivation builders, relaxation training, and cognitive restructuring. After identifying and changing the negative thoughts that result in worry, you’ll learn to replace worry behaviors with other, more positive and constructive activities.

19x13cm  160 pages  $27.95  

Anger Management for Everyone

Seven Proven Ways to Control Anger and Live a Happier Life

Raymond Chip Tafrate, Howard Kassinove

From the authors of Anger Management: The Complete Treatment Guidebook for Practitioners, here at last is a comprehensive program for the rest of us! They bring their significant expertise and research-based understanding to everyone who is interested in learning to control their anger reactions.

Is your anger: • making others uncomfortable and creating distance in your relationships? • disrupting your ability to think clearly and make good decisions? • resulting in behaviors that you later regret or recall with embarrassment?

Anger Management for Everyone shows you “Seven Proven Ways” to cope with the adversity, unfairness, and disappointment that are part of everyone’s existence, so that you can successfully “put anger in its proper place and live a vital, happy, and upbeat life.”

23x15cm  240 pages  $33.95  

Anxiety Workbook for Girls

Erin A Munroe

This fun workbook helps girls identify the sources of their stress and anxiety and learn effective ways of coping. Sensitive exercises, written in easy-to-understand girl speak encourage readers to recognize and foster their own positive qualities in order to avoid negative self-talk, unhealthy perfectionism, toxic relationships, and other self-harming behaviors. Includes sensible information on how simple lifestyle changes (diet, sleep, exercise, and even video games) can help girls overcome anxiety.

25x20cm  208 pages  $34.00  

Authentic Happiness

Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment

Martin Seligman

"Authentic Happiness" launched the revolutionary new science of Positive Psychology and sparked a coast-to-coast debate on the nature of real happiness. According to esteemed psychologist and bestselling author Martin Seligman, happiness is not the result of good genes or luck. Real, lasting happiness comes from focusing on one s personal strengths rather than weaknesses and working with them to improve all aspects of one s life. Using practical exercises, brief tests, and a dynamic website program, Seligman shows readers how to identify their highest virtues and use them in ways they haven t yet considered. Accessible and proven, "Authentic Happiness" is the most powerful work of popular psychology in years."

21x14cm  321 pages  $34.00  

Bad-Tempered Ladybird

Eric Carle

The bad-tempered ladybird picks fights with every animal he meets, but soon learns the importance of friends and turns into a far nicer, happier bug.

26x26cm  40 pages  $17.00  

Because Amelia Smiled

David Ezra Stein

A series of kindly acts comes full circle in this heartwarming story. "Because Amelia smiled, coming down the street... Mrs. Higgins smiled, too. She thought of her grandson, Lionel, in Mexico and baked some cookies to send to him." Lionel's reaction to his grandmother's gift spurs one of his students to become a kickboxing instructor; her video makes its way to England, inspiring virtuous acts in Israel, Paris, Italy, and back around to Amelia in New York City. Even young children grasp the idea that good deeds and positivity result in more of the same.

28x26cm  32 pages  $28.00  

Book of Feelings

Amanda McCardie

A warm, gentle book for young children who sometimes struggle to express what they're feeling.A Book of Feelings stars a brother and sister, Sam and Kate, and their dog, Fuzzy Bean. Sam and Kate know what makes them happy: cuddling Mum, reading a story with Dad, swimming, running and dancing ... lots of things! But they don't feel happy all the time, and in the course of the book we see them feeling grumpy, embarrassed, shy, nervous, frightened, sad and jealous. This book shows the children in many different situations at home and at school, and show how they change over time, how emotions can escalate and how people can help each other.

48 pages  $17.00  

Buddha's Way of Happiness

Healing Sorrow, Transforming Negative Emotion & Finding Well-Being in the Present Moment

Thomas Bien

With this book as your guide, you'll identify the barriers to happiness you create in your own life and use the eightfold path of Buddhist psychology to improve your ability to appreciate the small, joyful moments that happen every day. These exercises, meditations, and concrete approaches to practicing happiness and well-being are drawn from mindfulness, "no self", and other ancient Buddhist insights, many of which have been proven effective by today's psychologists and researchers. With the knowledge that happiness is a habit you can adopt like any other, take the first step down this deeply fulfilling path on your life's journey.

23x15cm  228 pages  $32.95  

Captain Grumpy

Russell Deal

Captain Grumpy didn't want to be a pirate, he wanted to be an artist. But a pirate he became--and he was good at it because he was good at being grumpy. But grumpiness soon became the boss of Captain Grumpy. Use this book to explore what happens when grumpiness pushes us around, and how we can keep our most important inner treasures safe.

32 pages  $24.50  

Children and Babies with Mood Swings

New Insights for Parents and Professionals

Stanley Greenspan

Addressing the challenges of living with a child whose moods are extreme and unpredictable, this book transcends traditional tendencies and diagnoses by discussing mood swings in terms of how they develop, instead of presenting the reader with the usual list of symptoms and treatments. The complex interplay between children's emotional states and the various developmental milestones that lie along the pathway to adulthood are described, offering hope to parents by giving them a whole new way of looking at an old problem that paradoxically seems to be increasing in modern times.

21x15cm  150 pages  $40.00  

David and the Worry Beast

Helping Children Cope with Anxiety

Anne Marie Guanci, Caroline Attia, llus

Learning to deal with anxiety is an important step in a child's healthy emotional growth. Conquering fears, and not avoiding them, is the lesson imparted in this story. David could not stop thinking about the basket he had missed at the end of the big game. He was worried that he might do it again. He was worried that his team mates would be angry with him. He was worried that his parents would not be proud of him. He was also worried about an upcoming math test. In fact, David was worried a lot. "Should I quit the team?" he asked himself. "Should I be sick tomorrow and miss the math test?" Luckily, David finally confided in his parents and school nurse, both of whom gave him support and techniques for controlling the "worry beast" within him.

20x18cm  48 pages  $18.00  

Dealing with Feeling - ANGRY

Isabel Thomas

There are two series that deal with a range of feelings and both are fairly similar in content and the particular feelings they deal with. They are the Feelings - series and this one, Dealing with Feeling... They are almost interchangeable. Each double page spread deals with a question, such as What is Anger? How Can I Deal with Shyness? Will I Always Feel Worried? What Does Being Caring Mean? What If I Have Nothing to Feel Proud About? etc.
these books help young readers discover and understand their feelings and the significance of each in their lives.

22x19cm  24 pages  $14.00  

Dealing with Feeling - CARING

Isabel Thomas

There are two series that deal with a range of feelings and both are fairly similar in content and the particular feelings they deal with. They are the Feelings - series and this one, Dealing with Feeling... They are almost interchangeable. Each double page spread deals with a question, such as What is Anger? How Can I Deal with Shyness? Will I Always Feel Worried? What Does Being Caring Mean? What If I Have Nothing to Feel Proud About? etc.
these books help young readers discover and understand their feelings and the significance of each in their lives.

22x19cm  24 pages  $14.00  

Dealing with Feeling - PROUD

Isabel Thomas

There are two series that deal with a range of feelings and both are fairly similar in content and the particular feelings they deal with. They are the Feelings - series and this one, Dealing with Feeling... They are almost interchangeable. Each double page spread deals with a question, such as What is Anger? How Can I Deal with Shyness? Will I Always Feel Worried? What Does Being Caring Mean? What If I Have Nothing to Feel Proud About? etc.
these books help young readers discover and understand their feelings and the significance of each in their lives.

22x19cm  24 pages  $14.00  

Dealing with Feeling - SAD

Isabel Thomas

There are two series that deal with a range of feelings and both are fairly similar in content and the particular feelings they deal with. They are the Feelings - series and this one, Dealing with Feeling... They are almost interchangeable. Each double page spread deals with a question, such as What is Anger? How Can I Deal with Shyness? Will I Always Feel Worried? What Does Being Caring Mean? What If I Have Nothing to Feel Proud About? etc.
these books help young readers discover and understand their feelings and the significance of each in their lives.

22x19cm  24 pages  $14.00  

Dealing with Feeling - SHY

Isabel Thomas

There are two series that deal with a range of feelings and both are fairly similar in content and the particular feelings they deal with. They are the Feelings - series and this one, Dealing with Feeling... They are almost interchangeable. Each double page spread deals with a question, such as What is Anger? How Can I Deal with Shyness? Will I Always Feel Worried? What Does Being Caring Mean? What If I Have Nothing to Feel Proud About? etc.
these books help young readers discover and understand their feelings and the significance of each in their lives.

22x19cm  24 pages  $14.00  

Dealing with Feeling - WORRIED

Isabel Thomas

There are two series that deal with a range of feelings and both are fairly similar in content and the particular feelings they deal with. They are the Feelings - series and this one, Dealing with Feeling... They are almost interchangeable. Each double page spread deals with a question, such as What is Anger? How Can I Deal with Shyness? Will I Always Feel Worried? What Does Being Caring Mean? What If I Have Nothing to Feel Proud About? etc.
these books help young readers discover and understand their feelings and the significance of each in their lives.

22x19cm  24 pages  $14.00  

Disappointment Dragon

Learning to Cope With Disappointment (For All Children and Dragon Tamers, Including Those with Asperger Syndrome)

K I Al-Ghani

When things don't go our way, the Disappointment Dragon can come to visit and take us down to his home in the Valley of Despair...
The Disappointment Dragon sometimes comes to see us all and, if we let him, he can make us feel sad or angry. He visits Bobby when he is not picked for the school football team, he also finds Lucinda when she has to miss an exciting school trip because she has the Chicken Pox. He even tries to take the whole of Class Three down to the Valley of Despair when their favourite teacher moves away. Will the Dragon of Hope be able to chase away the Disappointment Dragon and help them see things more positively?
The fun characters in this charming, fully illustrated storybook will help children to cope with, and discuss openly, their feelings of disappointment. There are many creative suggestions on how to banish the Disappointment Dragon and an introduction for adults explaining disappointment in children and how they can help.

22x29cm  64 pages  $26.95  

Don't Worry, Douglas!

David Melling

Douglas the big, brown, lovable bear is back! His dad gives him a special gift, a new woolly hat! But then something terrible happens. Douglas's hat gets caught on a tree and turns into one long string of spaghetti! How will he ever tell his dad? Douglas learns that it takes a BIG bear to tell the truth in this heartwarming and hilarious follow-up to "Hugless Douglas"!

27x26cm  22 pages  $25.00  

Double-Dip Feelings

Stories to Help Children Understand Emotions (2ND ed.)

Barbara Cain, Anne Patterson

A delightful and engaging book that helps children understand that it's possible to experience two contrasting feelings at the same time, such as feeling both proud and scared on the first day of school. Questions are raised throughout the book to help them cope with the tugs and pulls of emotions that simultaneous and dissimilar feelings can produce. End notes for parents and chidren.

26x20cm  32 pages  $19.95  


Making Sense of Your Feelings

Mary Lamia

Emotions affect motivation, self-awareness, social relationships, decision-making, self-control, and your ability to achieve goals. Yet many young adults have little understanding about how emotions actually manifest in daily life. In this book, clinical psychologist Mary Lamia breaks down individual emotions such as shame, anger, hope, and happiness and shows teens where each emotion originates, how it makes you feel physically and mentally, and what you can do about it if it feels too big or out of control. This is an invaluable book for any teen struggling with strong emotions or anyone who wants to understand more about themselves and their emotion-fueled life.

22x14cm  146 pages  $34.95  

Everybody Feels ... SCARED

Jane Bingham

Are you scared of the dark? Did you feel scared on your first day at school? Have you ever been lost? Ho did you feel?
read about Ben, Maya and Jack to see what they did when they felt scared.

27x25cm  32 pages  $14.00  

Facial Expressions

A Visual Reference for Artists

Mark Simon

We're often asked for resources that show human faces expressing human emotions. This book has more than 3000 photographs of the faces of 50 males and females expressing an extensive range of moods and emotions - shown from multiple angles - in a series of sequential-expression photos.
While the intention of this book is as a reference for artists, we hope it might be useful when teaching children - especially those on the on the Autism Spectrum - about faces and emotions.

27x23cm  256 pages  $33.00  

Feel Good Book

Todd Parr

Here are lots of things that make you feel good. What others can you think of. Great introduction for young children to positive thinking.

23x23cm  32 pages  $15.00  



Children often have difficulty articulating emotion. That fact is the underpinning for Aliki's catalog of feelings, be they happy, sad, or somewhere in between

25x20cm  32 pages  $14.00  

Feelings Book

Todd Parr

The Feelings Book vibrantly illustrates the wide range of moods we all experience. Kids and adults will appreciate Todd Parr's quirky intelligence as he pays special attention to the ever-changing, sometimes nonsensical emotions that we all feel. Targeted to young children first beginning to read, this book will inspire kids to discuss their multitude of feelings in a kid-friendly, accessible format, told through Parr's trademark bold, bright colors and silly scenes.

25x25cm  20 pages  $14.00  

Fill a Bucket

A Guide to daily happiness for young children

Carol McCloud, Katherine Martin, illus David Messing

Perfect for preschoolers to understand that when children have their buckets filled and learn how they can fill other people's buckets too, they understand how special, valuable, and capable they are.

18x18cm  32 pages  $16.00  

Frankie's Foibles

A Story about a boy who worries

Kath Grimshaw

Frankie has a lot of worries. He's worried about stepping on cracks in the pavement and about what will happen if he brushes his teeth for two minutes, rather than three. This brightly illustrated story for children aged 7+ with OCD or anxiety, reveals how Frankie learns to ignore his foibles - those pesky creatures that whisper worries in his ear!

24x16cm  32 pages  $21.95  

Games and Activities for Exploring Feelings with Children

Giving children the confidence to navigate emotions and friendships

Vanessa Rogers

This is a fun, imaginative and creative resource designed to help children aged 7–13 get thinking and talking about their feelings and the issues that affect their lives.
It is packed full with games and activities that help children explore their emotions and express themselves positively. Activities surrounding issues such as peer relationships and friendships, bullying, offending, participation and citizenship are designed to build self-esteem, raise aspirations and increase motivation. They will also enhance emotional well-being and develop protective behaviours, encouraging children to speak out rather than act out, and helping to keep them safe and happy.
This is an ideal resource for all those working with children and looking for new and exciting ideas for games and activities, including teachers, youth workers, social workers and counsellors.

24x17cm  125 pages  $39.95  

Go away Mr Worrythoughts!

Nicky Johnston

Bayden is an intelligen, confident and courageous boy. Yet he is often overwhelmed by his worry thoughts. His anxiety makes his life quite unbearable at times.
See how Bayden discovers his superpowers, takes control and is able to live free and happy!30

23x23cm  30 pages  $16.95  

Great Big Book of Feelings

Mary Hoffman, illus Ros Asquith

How are you feeling today? Happy? Sad? Excited? Scared? We all experience lots of different emotions, sometimes angry or silly, sometimes jealous or upset;sometimes lonely or worried. However you feel, sharing and talking about your feelings will make you feel better. This fresh, optimistic look at all the feelings we experience explores feelings in family life, at school and everywhere with warmth, wit and sensitivity. Featuring lots of different children in various situations, brief text captions and questions and plenty of humour, this is the go to book to learn about feelings.

31x23cm  40 pages  $27.95  


Debbie Wagenbach, Steve Mack

Want can you do when the grouchies take hold? Do you grouch and grump at everyone you meet throughout the day? Does that help you get your way? Through engaging rhyme and colorful illustrations, this fun, easy-to-read story shows kids how to chase away their grumpy mood. Children will learn how to recognise and understand the affect negativity can have on others - including their family and friends - and how to change grumpy behavior and what outcomes might just result from positive thinking. A "Note to Parents" is included.

20x25cm  32 pages  $19.95  

Happythoughts are everywhere

Nicky Johnston

These day, Bayden is a happy and confident boy. There was a time, not long ago when Bayden worried about everything, all of the time. That was, until he discovered the power of Happythoughts!
This clever story has been written to help children learn that by changing their thoughts, they can change their feelings. A simple strategy to help children take control of their anxiety.

30 pages  $16.95  

Have Courage!

A Book about being brave (Being the best me!)

Cheri Meiners

Help children develop the attitudes and skills of courage and assertiveness in order to make wise choices and work through challenges. Children learn to do what they think is right and be brave, even if its hard. They learn to distinguish between expectations set by trusted adults and hurtful, wrong, or dangerous things adults or children might pressure them to do. The book also highlights trying new things, taking reasonable risks, and speaking up.

24x29cm  35 pages  $19.95  

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids

Carol McCloud, David Messing

Through sweet, simple prose and vivid illustrations, this heart-warming book encourages positive behavior as children see how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation, and love on a daily basis. Publisher Marketing: Through sweet, simple prose and vivid illustrations, this heart-warming book encourages positive behavior as children see how easy and rewarding it is to express kindness, appreciation, and love on a daily basis.

20x27cm  32 pages  $18.00  

Helping Children to Cope with Change, Stress and Anxiety

A Photocopiable Activities Book

Deborah Plummer

This book is primarily designed for use with individuals and groups of children aged 7-11. An invaluable resource for teachers, therapists, social workers, parents and anyone lookinf for ways of helping children to cope with change, stress and anxiety.

27x21cm  142 pages  $48.95  

How Are You Peeling?

Foods with Moods

Freyman & Elffers

Brief text and colour photographs of carvings made from vegetables introduce the world of emotions by presenting leading questions such as "Are you feeling angry?" Paperback ed.

28x25cm  32 pages  $14.00  

How to Be A Superhero called Self-Control

Super Powers to Help Younger Children to Regulate Their Emotions and Senses

Lauren Brukner

Narrated by a superhero called Self-Control, this illustrated book provides a variety of super power strategies to help children with emotional and sensory regulation difficulties, aged approximately 4 to 7 years, to master self-control. Teaches how to calm themselves using self-massage, deep pressure, breathing exercises, and activities such as making an imaginary list and finding their own peaceful place ... Also features an appendix with photocopiable super power charts, reinforcers, and reminder tools to ensure that parents, teachers, and other professionals can support children in upholding superhero strategies even after the book has been read.

25x18cm  111 pages  $29.95  

Howard B. Wigglebottom and the Monkey on His Back

A Tale about Telling the Truth

Howard Binkow, Susan Cornelison

Howard find the burden of all the lies he has been telling to be too much.

21x26cm  32 pages  $27.00  

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns about Mud and Rainbows

Howard Binkow

Howard B. Wigglebottom took pride in being able to fix things and situations until he learned there was nothing he could do to help his friend Ali. Upset and frustrated and seeks help from his Mom. A simple, basic approach to the "Serenity Prayer," this book, the fourth in the Howard B. Wigglebottom series, teaches children ages four to eight how to indentify situations that can not be changed and make the best of it by looking for the positive side of things.

26x21cm  32 pages  $27.00  

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns about Sportsmanship

Howard Binkow, Susan Cornelison

This book introduces concepts to 4-8 year old children like respect, camaraderie, teamwork and the pleasure of playing sports and games for the fun of it. Tips/Lessons included.

32 pages  $27.00  

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns It's Ok to Back Away

Howard Binkow, Susan Cornelison

Howard B. Wigglebottom learns a valuable lesson about anger and how to deal with it after being put in time-out during school for reacting negatively after not getting his way.

32 pages  $27.00  

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns Too Much of a Good Thing Is Bad

Howard Binkow

Howard over does and over eats. He learns that through discipline and moderation, he can have a sense of personal power.

21x26cm  32 pages  $27.00  

I feel Angry (Your Emotions)

Brian Moses

One of four in the series that deals with being frightened, jealous, sad and angry, these are suitable to early primary years. This one tells of situations when this character feels angry, and what can be done to soothe it. Notes for adults.

20x18cm  32 pages  $20.00  

I Just Don't Like the Sound of No!

My Story about Accepting 'No' for an Answer and Disagreeing...the Right Way! ( Best Me I Can Be )

Julia Cook

NO is RJs least favorite word . . . and he tries his best to convince his dad, his mom, and his teacher to turn No into Maybe or Well see or Later or Ill think about it.

32 pages  $19.95  

I Just Don't Like the Sound of No!: Activity Guide for Teachers

[With CDROM]

Julia Cook

In this companion guide to her children's book, "I Just Don't Like the Sound of NO!," author Julia Cook has created activities for K-6 classrooms that teach kids the important social skills of how to accept "No" for an answer and how to disagree appropriately. Included in the Activity Guide for Teachers are games, worksheets, reflection questions, coloring pages, and suggestions on how to incorporate skill learning into classroom lessons as well as homework assignments. Teachers can learn how to run their own "Say YES to NO" clubs for students, and the guide offers "praise coupons" to use when recognizing children who use either of the skills correctly.

27x21cm  32 pages  $34.95  

I Like Me!

Nancy Carlson

"Little ones in need of positive reinforcement will find it here. An exuberant pig proclaims 'I like me!' She likes the way she looks, and (all her) activities . . . when she makes a mistake she picks herself up and tries again".

23x18cm  32 pages  $12.00  

I'm Not Scared Book

Todd Parr

With his signature blend of playfulness and sensitivity, Parr explores the subject of all things scary and assures readers that all of us are afraid sometimes.

23x23cm  32 pages  $19.95  

I'm worried (Your feelings)

Brian Moses

Young children experience many confusing emotions in their early years. This book examines worries - what it feels like when you're worried, what sorts of things can cause worries, and what to do when you get worried. Great for early years and junior primary.

20x18cm  32 pages  $21.00  

In My Heart

A Book of Feelings

Jo Witek

Unlike other feelings books that tend to oversimplify, In My Heart lyrically explains what an emotion feels like, physically, inside. For example: “When I get really angry, my heart feels like it’s going to explode! Don’t come near me! My heart is yelling, hot and loud. This is when my heart is mad.” Toddlers will be empowered by this new vocabulary and able to practice articulating and identifying their own emotions. On the cover and the right side of each spread, a die-cut heart decreases in size, creating a multi-coloured heart the depth of the entire book. A beautiful book!

27x26cm  32 pages  $22.00  

Is a Worry Worrying You?

Feriday Wolff, Harriet M Savitz, illus Marie Le Tourneau

Addresses common childhood worries with humor and imagination, as hilarious scenarios teach kids the use of perspective and the art of creative problem-solving.

19x25cm  32 pages  $15.00  

It's Okay to Be Different

Todd Parr

It's Okay to Be Different cleverly delivers the important messages of acceptance, understanding, and confidence in an accessible, child-friendly format featuring Todd Parr's trademark bold, bright colors and silly scenes. Targeted to young children first beginning to read, this book will inspire kids to celebrate their individuality through acceptance of others and self-confidence.

25x24cm  32 pages  $14.00  

Jack's Worry

Sam Zuppardi

Jack is looking forward to playing in his first ever concert. But on the big day, Jack finds he has a Worry. His Worry follows him, and it grows ... bigger and bigger.What do you do when your Worry just won't go away?

28x24cm  32 pages  $25.00  

Kid's Guide to Staying Awesome and In Control

Simple Stuff to Help Children Regulate Their Emotions and Senses

Lauren Brukner

Packed with simple ideas to regulate the emotions and senses, this book will help children tackle difficult feelings head-on and feel awesome and in control! From breathing exercises, pressure holds and finger pulls, to fidgets, noise-reducing headphones and gum, the book is brimming with fun stuff to help kids feel cool, calm and collected. They will learn how to label difficult feelings, choose the perfect strategies and tools to tackle them, and use these correctly whether at home or at school. The strategies and tools are accompanied by cartoon-style illustrations, and the author includes useful tips for parents as well as handy visual charts and checklists to track learning and progress. Armed with this book, kids will be well on their way to managing difficult emotions and feeling just right in whatever situation life throws at them! It is suitable for children with emotional and sensory processing difficulties aged approximately 7 to 14 years.

25x18cm  112 pages  $29.95  

Learning to Be Kind and Understand Differences

Empathy Skills for Kids with AD/HD

Judith Glasser, Jill Kushner, Charles Beyl, illus

Everyday you are learning all kinds of new skills and one that helps you get along better with other people is empathy - understanding how other people think and feel. Having empathy lets you see different points of view, understand that everyone shows their feelings differently. This book also helps you to pay attention to your feelings and learn the connection between thoughts and feelings.
This book is meant to be used by kids with parents or other caring adults. It includes a note and additional resources that adults might find especially helpful.

23x15cm  96 pages  $28.95  

Learning to Listen, Learning to Care

A Workbook to Help Kids Learn Self-Control & Empathy Instant Help Series

Lawrence Shapiro

A collection of fun activities and exercises designed to teach children behavioral skills like empathy, compliance, and more. This program will help kids develop self-control and understand the importance of being cooperative.

25x20cm  136 pages  $33.95  

Loving Touches

A Book for Children about Positive, Caring Kinds of Touching

Lory Freeman

Describes various types of loving or positive touches, including hugs, kisses, and sitting on laps, and how to ask for and enjoy them.

21x17cm  32 pages  $18.95  

Magic Beads

Susin Nielsen-Fernlund

It's seven-year-old Lillian's first day at a new school, and she's got butterflies in her tummy, but those butterflies turn into grasshoppers when she learns she has to bring something for Show and Tell at the end of the week! Lillian and her mother have just moved away from Lillian's abusive father and into a family shelter, leaving behind all of their possessions. Every day that Lillian anxiously watches her classmates bring toys with which she has nothing to compare, the creatures in her stomach change and grow, until finally, she realizes that imagination can make anything magical, even an ordinary string of beads.

26x22cm  32 pages  $18.00  

My Book Full of Feelings

How to Control and React to the Size of Your Emotions

Amy Jaffe

My Book Full of Emotions: How to Control and React to the SIZE of Your Emotions This book will help teach children to identify, access the intensity of and respond appropriately to their emotions. This book is fully interactive and uses a dry-erase marker so that unique situations and solutions can be added and changed with a wipe of a paper towel, as the child masters a skill and grows. Also included is a Communication Pad for tracking and sharing information between home and school

23x21cm  70 pages  $45.00  

My Many Coloured Days

Dr. Suess

Using a spectrum of colors and a menagerie of animals, Dr. Seuss presents a completely new and different kind of book about feelings and moods.

27x22cm  32 pages  $21.00  

OK Book

In this clever and literal play on words, OK is turned on its side, upside down, and right side up to show that being OK can really be quite great, encouraging children to discover their own individual strengths and personalities.

23x24cm  40 pages  $24.00  


Managing Anxiety in Children Including Those with Asperger Syndrome

K I Al-Ghani

Have you ever felt a sense of dread and worry creeping over you? That might be the Panicosaurus coming out to play…
Sometimes the Panicosaurus tricks Mabel's brain into panicking about certain challenges, such as walking past a big dog on the street or when her favourite teacher is not at school. With the help of Smartosaurus, who lets her know there is really nothing to be afraid of, Mabel discovers different ways to manage Panicosaurus, and defeat the challenges he creates for her.
This fun, easy-to-read and fully illustrated storybook will inspire children who experience anxiety, and encourage them to banish their own Panicosauruses with help from Mabel's strategies. Parents and carers will like the helpful introduction, explaining anxiety in children, and the list of techniques for lessening anxiety at the end of the book.

29x23cm  56 pages  $28.00  

Parenting for a Peaceful World

Robin Grille

"Parenting for a Peaceful World" is a fascinating look at how child-rearing customs have shaped societies and major world events. It reveals how children adapt to and are influenced by different parenting styles and how safeguarding their emotional development is the key to creating a more peaceful, harmonious, and sustainable world. Practical advice for raising a well-adjusted child includes tips on: Supporting your child's developing emotional intelligenceUnderstanding how your childhood has influenced your own emotional make-upHelping you achieve your full parenting potential "Parenting for a Peaceful World" is for parents, child health professionals, teachers, and adults seeking to heal and grow. Robin Grille is an internationally renowned author, speaker, educator, psychologist, and psychotherapist specializing in child development, parenting issues, and family relationships

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Perfectly You

Julia Taylor

Through a wonderful story and colorful illustrations, Perfectly You will teach young readers (and listeners) to accept themselves; treat one another with compassion; and embrace their uniqueness. It provides children with the message that character comes from within while focusing on the importance of self-acceptance, tolerance, and leading an overall healthy lifestyle. Paperback ed.

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Psychology of Babies

How relationships support development from birth to two

Lynne Murray

The first two years are critical in a child's development, influencing what happens in later childhood and even adulthood. Yet how best to support that early development is not always easy to grasp. Now help is at hand with this expert guide on the care of children through these essential years.
Based on the latest research, with its wealth of picture sequences and clear explanations, this book shows how the development of young children's social understanding, attachments, self-control and intelligence can be supported through their relationships.

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Recipe for Dreaming

Bryce Courtenay

This collection of thoughts and images from Bryce Courtenay will help you recapture the lost art of dreaming. His reflections on how essential it is to daydream, and to question provide a challenging and inspiring personal vision.

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Red Beast

Controlling Anger in Children with Asperger's Syndrome


Deep inside everyone, a red beast lies sleeping. When it is asleep, the red beast is quite small, but when it wakes up, it begins to grow and grow. This is the story of a red beast that was awakened. Rufus is in the school playground when his friend John kicks a ball that hit him in the stomach, and wakes up the sleeping red beast: `I hate you - I'm gonna sort you out!'. The red beast doesn't hear the teacher asking if he's okay. It doesn't see that John is sorry - how can Rufus tame the red beast? This vibrant fully illustrated children's storybook is written for children aged 5+, and is an accessible, fun way to talk about anger, with useful tips about how to 'tame the red beast' and guidance for parents on how anger affects children with Asperger's Syndrome

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Red Tree

Shaun Tan

Sometimes the day begins with nothing to look forward to ...
This stunningly illustrated, multi-award winning book opens a window to our inexplicable emotions and tells a story about the power of hope, renewal and inspiration.
A great way to begin discussions about emotions and feeling disillusioned and downcast.

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Relationship Skills 101 for Teens

Your guide to dealing with daily drama, stress & difficult emotions using dbt
Instant Help Series

Sheri Van Dijk

Do you ever feel as though you can't manage your emotions? If you're like many other teens you might need a little extra help dealing with family disagreements, peer pressure, dating, bullying, and gossip.
This book is a good start as it offers powerful tools to help you manage your emotins and build better relationships. You'll discover how mindfulness can help you face each day with awareness and acceptance, and find effective ways of communicating with others. Finally, you'll learn to work through your emotions so you don't take things out of the people you care about.

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Samantha Jane’s Missing Smile

A Story About Coping with the Loss of a Parent

Donna Pincus

Since Samantha Jane’s dad died, she has been sad and quiet, keeping to herself. One day, her neighbor Mrs Cooper gently asks her about her missing smile, and Sammy Jane begins to open up about her grief, her worries, and her confusion. Sammy Jane’s mother joins her daughter in Mrs Cooper’s garden, and helps her further with accepting and responding to her profound loss.
This book deals with the full range of emotions, questions, and worries that children have when a parent has died, including: Will people think I didn’t love my dad if I seem happy? If I let myself cry, will I ever be able to stop? Can my sadness just go away if I ignore it? If I talk to my mom about it, I’m worried I’ll make her even more sad. It also offers ways to remember and honor the lost parent, encourages the open sharing of feelings, and helps children understand that their parents want them to be happy and live their lives fully. For ages 4-8 years old.

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Self-Control to the Rescue!

Super Powers to Help Kids Through the Tough Stuff in Everyday Life

Lauren Brukner

The self-control super hero is back, this time prepared with simple strategies to tackle the difficult emotions and challenges of everyday life. From the morning routine to making friends at recess, paying attention in class, and getting a good night's sleep, this guide will help children stay on track and save the day! Focusing on specific times of the day that present particular challenges, this book includes breathing exercises, stretching, and visualization techniques to help children aged 4-7 keep calm and in control, with additional resources for parents and educators.

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Sheila Rae, The Brave

Kevin Henkes

When brave Sheila Rae, who usually looks out for her sister, Louise, becomes lost and scared one day, Louise comes to the rescue.

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Short and Incredibly Happy Life of Riley

Colin Thompson, Amy Lissiat

While humans fuss over their appearance, food, possessions, free time and love lives, worrying about being happier than everyone else, Riley just enjoys the little time he has in the world.

25x23cm  32 pages  $16.95  

Shy Spaghetti and Excited Eggs

A Kid's Menu of Feelings

Marc Nemiroff, Jane Annunziata, ilus Christine Battuz

Do you ever feel like shy spaghetti or excited eggs? What about happy hot dogs or confused cupcakes? Understanding what your own emotions and feelings are telling you is very useful, even for kids! How do you know what you're feeling and how to deal with it? Take a peek inside, and you'll find out.
A Note to Parents explains the importance of feelings education and shows parents ways to help kids understand what they feel, why they experience an emotion, and what they can do when feelings get too big or hard.

25x20cm  32 pages  $19.95  

Smile! Starring Sunny McCloud

Leigh Hodgkinson

Smiles have a funny habit of disappearing. Sunny's is no exception. She tells that Mum says that most lost things in our house can be found: under the sofa, in my pockets, in Mr Honeycomb's basket. I don't know about that, but I do know I NEED my smile back where it belongs ... on MY face.

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Soda Pop Head

Julia Cook

His real name is Lester, but everyone calls him "Soda Pop Head." Most of the time he's pretty happy, but when things seem to be unfair his ears gets hot, his face turns red and he blows his top! Lester's dad comes to his rescue by teaching him a few techniques to "loosen the top" and cool down before his fizz takes control. "Soda Pop Head" will help your child control his/her anger while helping them manage stress. It's a must for the home or classroom.

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Sometimes I'm Scared

Jane Annunziata, Marc Nemiroff

Fire! Spiders! Thunder! Clowns! Monsters!

Kids can be afraid of lots of things It's normal. But these fears can seem really big!!

Well, have no fear; Sometimes I'm Scared is here. This book outlines easy steps kids can use to overcome their everyday fears.!

An extensive Note to Parents gives parents additional information on why fears naturally develop and how to help their kids understand and deal with common fears.

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Stay Cool and in Control with the Keep-Calm Guru

Wise Ways for Children to Regulate Their Emotions and Senses

Lauren Brukner

Meet the Keep-Calm Guru, our expert guide to the art of staying cool, calm, and in control in the face of overpowering feelings! Helps children to recognize and cope with anxiety, anger, frustration, and other difficult feelings and emotions. Using everything from yoga poses and pressure holds to deep breathing and relaxing colouring activities, this illustrated guide provides children and adolescents, from around 7-14 years, with wisdom from the Keep-Calm Guru to help them stay in control.

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Karen Andrews

Hamish, Alice, Meg and Thomas are four very different children with one thing in common - they love surprises! And you'll love yours at the end of the story.

32 pages  $15.95  

Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods that Make My Day

Curtis & Cornell

Silly, cranky, excited, or sad - everyone has moods that can change each day. Curtis' zany and touching verse and Cornell's whimsical illustrations help kids explore, identify, and even have fun with their ever-changing moods.

27x23cm  $32.00  

Understanding Myself

A kid's guide to intense emotions and strong feelings

Mary Lamia

Strong feelings and intense emotions are part of every pre-teens life. So why does something so common feel so overwhelming or embarrassing? Understanding Myself is written especially for kids with intense emotions Chock-full of current and relevant psychological research on emotions as well as real-life stories, useful quizzes and fun-fact boxes, Understanding Myself will encourage kids to notice just what their emotions are telling them about themselves, their friends and family. This informative and practical guide will help kids know what do when their emotions get to be too much!

23x18cm  111 pages  $22.95  

Voices in the Park

Anthony Browne

The four seasons in a city park are represented by apes in human clothing: a rich, uptight woman in the fall; a sad, unemployed man in the winter; the woman's lonely boy in the spring; the man's joyful daughter in the summer. Each one sees the place and the others differently, yet together the voices tell a story.

32 pages  $19.95  

Walking in Other Shoes

Empathy and deep understanding for middle and senior primary students

Bob Bellhouse and others

In four sections this book is an excellent exploration of empathy. Section one includes a short survey to provide an indication of the readiness of the class to engage in exploring their emotions. Circle time activities are suggested to foster this. Section two encourages children to explore similarities between themselves and others, particularly their class mates. In section three children examine their own values and how these influence their responses to events, considering these from the perspective of others, and discussing how values and responses differ among people. Finally, in section four children are encouraged to think about local heroes, and he ways in which they can be heroes themselves.

30x21cm  55 pages  $33.00  

Way I Act

Steve Metzger

A discussion of what it may be like to behave in certain ways and the possible consequences of one's actions.

26x23cm  32 pages  $32.00  

Way I Feel

Janan Cain

This full color book is filled with vivid, expressive illustrations that help children ages 2 to 8 describe their emotions and understand that feelings are a normal part of life.

26x23cm  32 pages  $32.00  

What to Do When it s Not Fair

A Kid's Guide to Handling Envy and Jealousy
What-to-Do Guides for Kids series

Jacqueline Toner, Claire Freeland, and David Thompson, illus

Have you ever noticed how pirates use a spyglass to focus in on other ships or land in the distance? While they focus in on small things in the distance, they miss seeing other things around them. Sometimes they miss having fun. Sometimes they miss the beautiful treasure they already have!
Just like a pirate using a spyglass, kids may focus in on one thing that they want, and not notice all the good things they already have. If you're a kid who thinks "it's not fair," this book is for you!
What to Do When It's Not Fair guides children and their parents through the difficult emotions of envy and jealousy using strategies and techniques based on cognitive–behavioral principles. This interactive self-help book is the complete resource for educating, motivating, and empowering children to cope with envy — so they can sail the high seas with pleasure!

28x21cm  96 pages  $32.95  

When Fuzzy was Afraid of Big and Loud Things

Inger Maier, Jennifer Candon, illus

uzzy the Little Sheep is back again, in this charming third addition to the series about dealing with common fears. In this tale, Fuzzy is afraid of loud sounds such as thunder and lightning, and the large animals on the farm making big noises! Fuzzy's father helps him desensitize to these big and loud noises using a number of behavioral practices. Each time Fuzzy is afraid, his father gently encourages and reassures him, helping him imaginatively practice exposure to the loud sounds so he can get used to them, and also acquainting Fuzzy with the sources of his fears so they seem less frightening. For ages 3-7 years

20x20cm  32 pages  $19.95  

When Fuzzy Was Afraid of Losing His Mother

Inger M Maier

While Fuzzy the Little Sheep is out playing with his friends, he falls and skins his knee. He searches for his mother, can?t find her, and feels scared and alone. He soon finds her, but thereafter he is afraid to let her out of his sight. She has several ideas to help him cope with being away from her, which he practices, and eventually he is able to play comfortably with his friends and not be near her. When Fuzzy Was Afraid of Losing His Mother is designed to help young children develop constructive alternatives to unnecessary worry thoughts. Fuzzy is afraid to let his mother out of sight, and worry scripts have become his reality. His mother gently encourages and reassures him, while giving him practice in simple imagery, coping scripts, and step-by-step behavioral changes.

20x21cm  32 pages  $19.95  

When Someone You Love Has Cancer

A Guide to Help Kids Cope

Alaric Lewis

This book will help kids cope with the presence of cancer in their lives.

17x16cm  32 pages  $14.00  

Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge

Mem Fox , Julie Vivas

Wilfred is a small boy who lives next door to an old people's home. He likes all the people who live there, but his favourite person of all is Miss Nancy Alison Delacourt Cooper, because she has four names just as he does. So when Wilfrid discovers that Miss Nancy has lost her memory, it is only natural that he should set off to help her find it.

26x26cm  32 pages  $16.00  

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine

Julia Cook

Everyone feels fear, worry and apprehension from time to time, but when these feelings prevent a person from doing what he/she wants and/or needs to do, anxiety becomes a disability. This fun and humorous book addresses the problem of anxiety in a way that relates to children of all ages. It offers creative strategies for parents and teachers to use that can lessen the severity of anxiety.The goal of the book is to give children the tools needed to feel more in control of their anxiety. For those worries that are not in anyone's control (i.e. the weather, ) a worry hat is introduced. A fun read for Wilmas of all ages!

22x20cm  32 pages  $18.00  

Worries are Like Clouds

Big Hug Book

Shona Innes, Irisz Agocs

Comparing worries to the weather, this book acknowledges that some days are wonderful, filled with golden sunlight that calls us outside to run and jump and play with fresh air on our faces. But some days are not so wonderful and can be a bit tough. Some days are so wonderful we wish we could just bottle them, but other days we don’t feel like getting out of bed. Worries are like clouds that float in and take the shine out of the day.
Moving worries away can make even the toughest day feel better….
This is another book in the BIG HUG series, an Australian series, written by a clinical and forensic psychologist.

24x24cm  32 pages  $14.95  


Pamela Duncan Edwards

Wombat wants Weasel and Woodchuck to wander the world with her, but they are overwhelmed with worries. What if they walk into a swarm of waiting wasps? The popular author-artist duo team up again to deliver a wildly silly alliterative tale with wonderful use of the letter "W".

22x26cm  32 pages  $15.00