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Assertiveness Workbook

How to express your ideas and stand up for yourself at work and in relationships.

Randy Paterson

This self-directed program teaches readers to speak up and say what they mean at work and at home. Written supportively, it uses proven cognitive behavioral techniques to help individuals build self-confidence, set boundaries, and determine appropriate responses.

25x18cm  206 pages  $42.95  

Attitude in Action


The simple and effective step-by-step guide to achieving success - for people of any age. This book shows you how to plan for and create the life you want, instead of the one you don't want.

17x21cm  112 pages  $20.00  

Better Than You

Trudy Ludwig

Jake's bragging is really starting to get to his neighbor Tyler. Tyler can't show Jake a basketball move, a school assignment, or a new toy without Jake saying he can do better. With the help of his uncle Kevin, Tyler begins to understand that Jake's bragging has nothing to do with Tyler's own abilities.

26x21cm  32 pages  $31.00  

Boy Who Wouldn't Share

Mike Reiss, illus David Catrow

Edward has oodles of toys but doesn't share any of them with his little sister, Claire. She cannot ride his rocking horse, hug his teddy bear, or even think about touching his Slinky.
"They're mine!" he says. That is, until one day when Edward finds himself stuck under his enormous pile of toys and can't move! With a little help from an unlikely ally, he learns that if he can share with others, they'll share right back with him

26x26cm  32 pages  $28.00  

Building Happiness, Resilience and Motivation in Adolescents

A Positive Psychology Curriculum for Well-Being

Ruth MacConville, Rae Tina

This resource is a fully-formed positive psychology programme designed to promote happiness, resilience and motivation in young people aged 11–18. It introduces the theory and research behind positive psychology, and includes a guidance section for facilitators on how to deliver the programme.
The programme itself is made up of 24 chapters which reflect each of the 24 'character strengths' identified by Martin Seligman, the founder of positive psychology. These strengths include creative thinking, kindness, fairness, leadership, forgiveness, and teamwork. Activities teach students how to develop these strengths and skills in order to initiate positive change in their lives.
This resource provides teachers, counsellors, psychologists, social workers and others working with young people with a complete programme to promote well-being in young people and help them flourish in their lives

28x22cm  256 pages  $67.00  

Collaborating with Parents for Early School Success

The Achieving-Behaving-Caring Program (Guilford Practical Intervention in the Schools )

Stephanie McConaughy

The Achieving-Behaving-Caring (ABC) Program is an evidence-based approach to addressing the needs of elementary students at risk for emotional and behavioral difficulties and promoting successful home-school collaboration. This practical guide demonstrates how classroom teachers and parents can work together to boost individual children's strengths, reduce problems that interfere with learning, and provide classwide social skills training. The use of trained parent liaisons is a special feature of the program. Detailed, step-by-step instructions for implementing ABC are accompanied by many useful case illustrations and tips. The book includes more than two dozen reproducible handouts and forms, in a convenient large-size format with lay-flat binding.

27x21cm  226 pages  $47.95  

Communication Skills For Teens

How to listen, express & connect for success
Instant Help Series

Michelle Skeen and others

In an age of social media, texting, and ever-evolving technology, it’s easy to forget how to engage in real, face-to-face communication, a critical skill for your future success! As you become more connected to your smartphone and the internet, your ability to connect in person may diminish. But technology doesn’t replace the need for effective communication skills. In fact, successful personal and professional relationships are dependent upon connecting with people face-to-face. Communication Skills for Teens provides the guidance you need to become a better communicator and succeed in all areas of life. You’ll also learn tons of essential life skills, including active listening, assertiveness, clarifying language, the art of an apology, compassion, interviewing skills, family communication, and more. Each chapter focuses on one key aspect of communication, offers a real teen’s perspective, and includes practical exercises to help you apply what you’ve learned in the real world—away from your computer and smartphone screens. By following the practical, skills-based tips in each chapter of this book, you'll learn powerful communication techniques to last a lifetime.

20x15cm  193 pages  $33.95  

Conversation Train

A Visual approach to conversation for children on the Autism Spectrum

Joel Shaul

This inventive picture book uses the metaphor of a train to clearly explain basic conventions of conversation to children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). As well as attractive colour photographs of trains, the book also contains engaging photocopiable worksheets and train-themed colouring pages to help promote skill generalization. This highly visual approach to conversation is ideally suited to children with ASDs aged approximately 5-13. (not a picture story book)

22x28cm  72 pages  $30.00  

Express Yourself

A Teen Girl's Guide to Speaking Up and Being Who You Are
Instant Help Series

Emily Roberts

Being a teen girl isn’t easy—so learning skills to feel confident is key! This book teaches you how to communicate effectively and feel assertive in any situation. Whether it’s online or at school, with friends, parents, bullies, cliques or crushes—any tricky situation life throws yours way.
Many teen girls feel pressured to be nice, rather than assert their opinions. They may fear being called bossy or pushy when speaking their mind or offering a different point of view. Your thoughts and feelings matter just as much as everyone else’s—you just need to find your voice.
Express Yourself offers skills based in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you create positive interactions with others and deal with difficult emotions that can arise from bullying or dealing with mean girls. The book also provides easy-to-use strategies that will boost your self-esteem and confidence, and you’ll discover tons of assertive communication skills you can use every day, including how to speak up when you are upset, asking for what you want in a clear assertive manner, and coping when intense emotions threaten to take over and sabotage your relationships.
In our modern world of social media and texting, strong communication skills are needed more than ever. This book will not only give you the tools needed to speak up in everyday or difficult situations, but it will also provide powerful advice for effectively communicating in the digital world.

20x15cm  211 pages  $33.95  

Friendship and Other Weapons

Group Activities to Help Young Girls Aged 5-11 to Cope with Bullying

Signe Whitson

Based on thought-provoking discussions, engaging games, strength-discovering exercises, and confidence-boosting fun, the hands-on activities in Friendship and Other Weapons build critical knowledge and friendship survival skills.

192 pages  $55.00  

Getting on With Others

How to teach your child essential social skills

John Cooper

School teachers know one thing to be true: that cooperative children do better at school and in life. Such children learn how to make friends, manage their emotions and solve problems with others.
In Getting on with Others, clinical psychologist John Cooper identifies three skills as being essential building blocks for children: developing cooperative behaviour, acquiring basic social skills and solving social problems. He shows how parents can teach these skills and help children learn about feelings. In addition, he presents methods to assist children to develop assertiveness, reduce anxiety and handle situations involving conflict. The techniques described are clinically proven and research shows they are effective in changing children's behaviour.
According to the author: 'Interactions with other people are possibly the most difficult area of life for many children. Research shows that the most effective time to help children learn to regulate their emotions is between the ages of three and seven. In Getting on with Others, parents can learn what causes problem behaviour and social difficulties.'

14x22cm  224 pages  $26.95  

Green Zone Conversation Book

Finding common ground in conversation for children on the Autism Spectrum

Joel Shaul

This book provides a simple visual model to help children experience more success in finding common ground in conversation. The "Green Zone" is a visual representation of finding common ground between one person (blue) and another person (yellow) to create a "green zone" that represents the pair's shared interests. The book, illustrated with dozens of photographs representing the range of other people's interests, clearly explains what the "Green Zone" is and how to find it, and contains many photocopiable conversation practice activities and reinforcement worksheets based on this simple visual.
Ideal for use in classroom settings or at home, this attractive, full colour book is suitable for children on the autism spectrum aged 7 and up.

22x28cm  103 pages  $35.00  

Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness

Three Rules for a Happier Life

Carol McCloud

Carol McCloud is taking the bucket filling message to the next level. Not only does she talk about new levels of bucket filling and bucket dipping, but this book goes into depth about how to put a lid on your bucket. There are examples of how important situations in life need a lid to protect our buckets from being empty.

23x15cm  80 pages  $18.00  

Helping Children to Improve their Communication Skills

Therapeutic Activities for Teachers, Parents and Therapists

Deborah M. Plummer

For many children, the act of communication which most of us take for granted can be a struggle, and communicating with others can become something to fear rather than enjoy.
This creative book is full of fun and imaginative ideas to help children aged 4—11 with a speech or language delay or disorder to develop their communication skills. It is packed with activities and games specifically tailored to help develop skills such as articulation, vocabulary development, breath control, conversation skills and non-verbal communication.A comprehensive theory section supports the ideas presented, and practical advice on working with groups and individuals and in different settings is also given.
This activity book will be an invaluable resource not only for speech and language therapists and students, but also for parents, teachers, carers and other support staff who are looking for creative ways to promote language development.

28x22cm  174 pages  $45.00  

Hot Stones & Funny Bones

Teens Helping Teens Cope with Stress & Anger

Brian Luke Seaward

This book is a unique combination of original teen contributions and effective stress- and anger-management techniques from a mental-health professional. Most important, it was designed expressly for teens.

"Hot Stones and Funny Bones" is divided in three sections. "Telling It Like It Is" highlights problems and issues that nearly every teen faces in the middle- and high-school years, expressed in their own voices. The second section, "The Best Way to Cope with Stress," offers a host of coping skills and relaxation techniques for teens to utilize, ranging from ways to boost self-esteem and effective anger-management skills, to meditation and creative expression. The third section, "Final Comments From Teens," reveals opinions, lessons learned and advice to parents and teenagers about the struggles and triumphs of teen years. In addition, every chapter includes "Thoughts, Reflections and Action Plans," where teens can process what they've learned, using the information to make healthy behavioral changes.

14x21cm  300 pages  $42.00  

How to Be A Superhero called Self-Control

Super Powers to Help Younger Children to Regulate Their Emotions and Senses

Lauren Brukner

Narrated by a superhero called Self-Control, this illustrated book provides a variety of super power strategies to help children with emotional and sensory regulation difficulties, aged approximately 4 to 7 years, to master self-control. Teaches how to calm themselves using self-massage, deep pressure, breathing exercises, and activities such as making an imaginary list and finding their own peaceful place ... Also features an appendix with photocopiable super power charts, reinforcers, and reminder tools to ensure that parents, teachers, and other professionals can support children in upholding superhero strategies even after the book has been read.

25x18cm  111 pages  $29.00  

Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Listen

Howard Binkow, Susan Cornelison

After repeatedly getting into trouble for his failure to pay attention to others, Howard finally realizes the importance of listening.

32 pages  $27.00  

Incorporating Social Goals in the Classroom

A Guide for Teachers and Parents of Children with High-Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Rebecca A Moyes

This book provides practical, hands-on strategies to teach social skills to children with high-functioning autism and Asperger Syndrome. It includes a detailed description of the social deficits of these children as they appear in the classroom difficulties with such things as understanding idioms, taking turns in conversation, understanding and using tone of voice and body language and ways to address them. Instruction is included in the book to enhance the development of appropriate, measureable, and meaningful individualized education plans (IEPs) to incorporate social goals. Lesson plans are included to facilitate the ability to 'teach' these social goals. Parents will find this text an excellent training tool to help develop social education curriculums for their children, and teachers will find it particularly helpful as an easy-to-read manual containing many 'nuts and bolts' strategies to utilize in the classroom.

25x17cm  192 pages  $29.95  

Kid's Guide to Staying Awesome and In Control

Simple Stuff to Help Children Regulate Their Emotions and Senses

Lauren Brukner

Packed with simple ideas to regulate the emotions and senses, this book will help children tackle difficult feelings head-on and feel awesome and in control! From breathing exercises, pressure holds and finger pulls, to fidgets, noise-reducing headphones and gum, the book is brimming with fun stuff to help kids feel cool, calm and collected. They will learn how to label difficult feelings, choose the perfect strategies and tools to tackle them, and use these correctly whether at home or at school. The strategies and tools are accompanied by cartoon-style illustrations, and the author includes useful tips for parents as well as handy visual charts and checklists to track learning and progress. Armed with this book, kids will be well on their way to managing difficult emotions and feeling just right in whatever situation life throws at them! It is suitable for children with emotional and sensory processing difficulties aged approximately 7 to 14 years.

25x18cm  112 pages  $29.00  

King of the Playground

Phyllis Reynolds Naylor and Nola L Malone

Kevin’s playtime is no fun anymore. Every time he goes to the playground, Sammy comes over and starts bullying him. With his dad’s help, Kevin overcomes his fear of the “King of the Playground”.

25x20cm  249 pages  $14.00  


The Communication Skills Book

Matthew McKay, Martha Davis, Patrick Fanning

Now in its third edition, this comprehensive and endlessly practical guide includes a new chapter on couples communication and new information on using validation strategies during conflicts. Other topics include active listening, reading body language, and public speaking.

23x16cm  358 pages  $29.95  

No One to Play With

Social problems of LD and ADD children

Betty Osman

In the backyard at home or the playground at school, LD/ADD youngsters are often cruelly snubbed in informal play groups. To see a child socially isolated or rejected hurts caring adults, partly, perhaps, because memories of their own painful childhood experiences are stirred up. While it is neither possible nor even desirable to alleviate all the pain inherent in growing up, obviously we can't merely sit back and watch the child suffer. The right kind of intervention can have an impact. Children's "social quotients" can be raised just as intelligence quotients can be improved when the learning environment changes for the better. Social skills, like academic subjects, must be learned and can be taught. This compassionate, practical, readable guide describes everyday social problems and situations and offers invaluable advice on how to deal with them effectively. Among topics covered are: getting along with other kids; handling the social aspects of school; group techniques; and adolescent difficulties.

23x15cm  208 pages  $59.95  

Personal Space Camp

Teaching children the concepts of personal space

Julia Cook

When Louis, the world's self-proclaimed space expert, is invited to Personal Space Camp by the school principal, he soon learns that personal space really isn't about lunar landings, Saturn's rings and space ice cream.

20x23cm  32 pages  $19.95  

Personal Space Camp Activity and Idea Book

Julia Cook

An activity book to go along with Personal Space Camp, by Julia Cook. Use as a supplementary teacher's guide with the storybook. Full of discussion questions and exercises to share with students.

27x21cm  24 pages  $18.00  

Promoting Emotional and Social Development in Schools

A Practical Guide

Simon Blake

Written in an accessible style for busy practitioners, Promoting Social and Emotional Development in Schools presents guidelines for creating an emotionally and socially healthy school. The book: Demonstrates the importance of supporting emotional and social development Includes practical ideas and activities for teachers in primary and secondary schools Offers a range of case studies to illustrate the impact of good practice on improving behavior and promoting inclusion Includes INSET/personal review materials and audit tools

29x21cm  134 pages  $46.95  

Safe Places to Learn

21 Lessons to Help Students Promote a Caring School Climate with CDROM

Paul Kelly

The 21 lessons in this resource for teachers and counselors help make school a place where all students feel supported and accepted so they can focus on classes, friendship, and fun activities. Over the course of the lessons, the leader introduces the concept of Developmental Assets(R), teaches students how to build these assets for themselves and others, and gives them the tools to spread messages of kindness, caring, boundaries, and acceptance to other students and adults. Role-playing and other activities will help students learn to effectively stop meanness with a respectful, caring demeanor toward both victim and antagonist. Ultimately, school becomes a warmer place where both teachers and students thrive.

27x21cm  49 pages  $49.95  

Self-Control to the Rescue!

Super Powers to Help Kids Through the Tough Stuff in Everyday Life

Lauren Brukner

The self-control super hero is back, this time prepared with simple strategies to tackle the difficult emotions and challenges of everyday life. From the morning routine to making friends at recess, paying attention in class, and getting a good night's sleep, this guide will help children stay on track and save the day! Focusing on specific times of the day that present particular challenges, this book includes breathing exercises, stretching, and visualization techniques to help children aged 4-7 keep calm and in control, with additional resources for parents and educators.

25x18cm  112 pages  $29.00  

Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook for Teens

CBT and ACT Skills to Help You Build Social Confidence
Instant Help Series

Jennifer Shannon, Christine Padesky, Doug Shannon

"The Shyness and Social Anxiety Workbook for Teens" offers worksheets and comic-style illustrated scenarios that help teen readers identify their values and practice evidence-based skills from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) for overcoming shyness and social anxiety.

26x20cm  136 pages  $36.00  

Social Skills Activities for Secondary Students with Special Needs (2ND ed.)

Darlene Mannix

A flexible, ready-to-use activities program to help special students in grades 6-12 The updated new edition of this valuable resource offers an exciting collection of 200 ready-to-use worksheets to help adolescents build the social skills they need to interact effectively with others and learn how to apply these skills to various real-life settings, situations, and problems. The book provides 20 complete teaching units focusing on 20 basic social skills, such as being a good listener, "reading" other people, and using common sense. Darlene Mannix, MA (La Porte, IN), has 26 years of experience as a classroom teacher and is the bestselling author of numerous books for special educators, including Social Skills Activities for Special Children (978-0-87628-868-9), Life Skills Activities for Special Children (978-0-87628-547-3), Writing Skills Activities for Special Children (978-0-7879-7884-6), and Character Building Activities for Kids (978-0-13-042585-0).

27x21cm  368 pages  $49.95  

Social Skills Activities for Special Children


20x29cm  $49.95  

Social Skills Games For Children

Deborah M Plummer

Featuring a wealth of familiar and easy-to-learn games, this practical handbook is designed to foster successful social strategies for children aged 5-12, and will help adults to understand and reflect constructively on children's social skills. The book covers the theory behind the games in accessible language, and includes a broad range of enjoyable activities: active and passive, verbal and non-verbal, and for different sized groups.

24x17cm  174 pages  $41.95  

Social Skills Picture Book

Teaching Communication, Play and Emotion

Jed Baker

A dynamic teaching tool for children with autism or Asperger's Syndrome, "The Social Skills Picture Book" offers pictures of the right and wrong ways to handle nearly 30 social skills, such as conversation, play, emotion, management, and empathy.

21x28cm  197 pages  $80.00  


Trudy Ludwig

Jack's friend Sam seems to know how to get away with just about anything. Adults always back down when you say you're sorry, but does an apology count if you don't really mean it?

32 pages  $35.00  

Sorry, I Forgot to Ask!

My Story about Asking Permission and Making an Apology!

Julia Cook

TRARJ is making a lot of trips to his time-out chair! Without telling anyone, he and his best friend Sam decide to walk home from school instead of riding the bus. Later the two of them are caught trying to use Dads computer to get onto the Internet. After their piano lesson, RJ and his sister Blanche snack on Moms triple-layer double-chocolate cake and spoil Grandmas birthday surprise.

22x22cm  32 pages  $19.95  

Sorry, I Forgot to Ask! Activity Guide for Teachers

Julia Cook

Activities and games in this book help K-6 students learn and use steps to the SORRY, I Forgot to Ask! skills of asking for permission and making an apology. Julia Cook gives teachers creative ideas using paper snowball fights, school litter hunts, role plays, and poster making so students work and think hard while having fun. Reproducible activity sheets and praise coupons (in full color!) are included on a CD-ROM.

27x21cm  32 pages  $35.95  

Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon

Patty Lovell

When Molly Lou has to start in a new school, Ronald Durkin makes fun of her height and her buck teeth. But Molly has learned a lot from her grandma and knows just how to put him in place--in a very satisfying way.

32 pages  $32.00  

Stay Cool and in Control with the Keep-Calm Guru

Wise Ways for Children to Regulate Their Emotions and Senses

Lauren Brukner

Meet the Keep-Calm Guru, our expert guide to the art of staying cool, calm, and in control in the face of overpowering feelings! Helps children to recognize and cope with anxiety, anger, frustration, and other difficult feelings and emotions. Using everything from yoga poses and pressure holds to deep breathing and relaxing colouring activities, this illustrated guide provides children and adolescents, from around 7-14 years, with wisdom from the Keep-Calm Guru to help them stay in control.

25x18cm  136 pages  $29.00  

Super Skills

Activities for Teaching Social Interaction Skills to Students with Autism Spectrum and Other Social Cognitive Deficits

Judith Coucouvanis

The title says it all! Super Skills: A Social Skills Group Program for Children with Asperger Syndrome, High-Functioning Autism and Related Challenges is SUPER at many levels. Based on a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the unique characteristics of individuals with ASD, Judy Coucouvanis presents 30 lessons grouped under four types of skills necessary for social success: fundamental skills, social initiation skills, getting along with others, and social response skills. Each lesson is highly structured and organized, making it easy for even inexperienced teachers and other group leaders to follow and implement successfully. A series of practical checklists and other instruments provide a solid foundation for assessing students? social skills levels and subsequent planning.

27x21cm  351 pages  $85.00  

Teen Girl's Survival Guide

Ten Tips for Making Friends, Avoiding Drama, and Coping with Social Stress
Instant Help Series

Lucie Hemmen

As a teen girl, having good, healthy relationships with friends you can count on makes all the difference. This book offers ten tips to guide you toward creating and maintaining the social life you want. Even better, the real experts that make this guide special are older teen girls who have recently been where you are now—and have plenty to say about it.
As you move through this fun and engaging guide, you will get a sense of who you are as a friend, appreciate authentic qualities you can share with others, and get moving toward expanding the quality and quantity of your social connections. Before you know it, small steps will lead to big changes and you will find yourself more confident, connected, and happy.
Grounded in evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the ten tips guide you in developing yourself in both simple and significant ways. You will engage in thought-provoking exercises and take fun quizzes spaced between tips to get you thinking more deeply about yourself and others. If you’re ready to get going on your social life, this book will show you the way.

20x15cm  187 pages  $33.95  

Trouble Talk

Trudy Ludwig

This book deals with the damaging consequences of talking to others about someone else's troubles in order to establish connection and gain attention. This storybook includes resources for kids, parents, and teachers.

32 pages  $35.00  

Understanding Myself

A kid's guide to intense emotions and strong feelings

Mary Lamia

Strong feelings and intense emotions are part of every pre-teens life. So why does something so common feel so overwhelming or embarrassing? Understanding Myself is written especially for kids with intense emotions Chock-full of current and relevant psychological research on emotions as well as real-life stories, useful quizzes and fun-fact boxes, Understanding Myself will encourage kids to notice just what their emotions are telling them about themselves, their friends and family. This informative and practical guide will help kids know what do when their emotions get to be too much!

23x18cm  111 pages  $20.00  

Visualize Confidence

How to use guided imagery to overcome self-doubt

Kirwan Rockefeller

To achieve, you have to believe. It's that simple. This book offers you proven-effective skills for developing the confidence you need to turn your dreams into reality through the use of guided imagery.

190 pages  $28.00  

What Does It Mean To Be Kind?

Rana DiOrio, illus Stephane Jorisch

Spreading a little kindness can make a big difference for everyone. But what does it mean to be kind? A girl in a red hat finds the courage to be kind to the new student in class. Her kindness spreads little by little until her whole community experiences the magical shift that happens when everyone understands — and acts on — what it means to be kind. Perfect for anyone interested in fostering empathy and enlightening the world. '...a beautiful book with a beautiful message...the book shows young children how easy it is to be kind through small acts and in simple ways

21x28cm  32 pages  $0.00  

What Were You Thinking?

A Story about learning to control your impulses

Bryan Smith

Third grader Braden loves to be the center of attention. His comic genius, as he sees it, causes his friends to look at him in awe. But some poor decision-making, such as a few ill-timed jokes in class and an impulsive reaction during gym class that leads to a classmate on the floor in tears, results in his teachers and mother teaching him all about impulse control. Will the tips provided by the adults in his life help him see a better way to manage his impulses? Find out in this hilarious story

23x23cm  32 pages  $22.00  

Why Do I Have To?

A Book for Children Who Find Themselves Frustrated by Everyday Rules

Laurie Leventhal-Belfer

Why do I have to? looks at a set of everyday situations that provide challenges for children at home, with their friends and at school. Empathizes with children's wish to do things their way, explaining clearly why their way does not work and provides a list of practical suggestions for how to cope with these challenges and avoid feelings of frustration. This is the ideal book for children who have difficulty coping with the expectations of daily living, as well as for their parents and the professionals who work with them.

25x17cm  78 pages  $17.00  

Working with Young Men

Activities for Exploring Personal, Social and Emotional Issues (2ND ed.)

Vanessa Rogers

Packed with fun sessions and practical group activities this book offers a wealth of positive activities to engage, motivate and meet the needs of young men.

27x21cm  173 pages  $40.00  

Working with Young Women

Activities for Exploring Personal, Social and Emotional Issues (2ND ed.)

Vanessa Rogers

Packed with fun sessions and practical group activities, this book presents a multitude of opportunities for young women to build self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness.

28x21cm  175 pages  $40.00